The Riddle Within, an Escape Rooms team with years of experience staging immersive events, has teamed up with one of London’s largest clubs, Studio 338, and the crew behind Brighton’s successful Bewilder Box, to create two experiences set to take the escape room industry to the next level.

As reported by Global Amusements & Play, “As well as the world’s first escape room on an actual plane (taking flight from November 2019), The Riddle Within is also launching Chernobyl: 10 seconds to midnight, based on the HBO drama which will take place from Jan 2020.

“Both Escape Rooms by The Riddle Within are in London for 3 months only before they move to their next location around the UK.


Set in the grounds of Greenwich venue Studio 338, a real decommissioned jet plane has been shipped in and offers a thrilling experience perfect for families, team bonding and fun with friends. The immersive storyline will start with participants donning prisoner garments and handcuffs, before boarding the plane.

“After years on the straight and narrow, your past has finally come back to haunt you.

Once one of the most feared gangs in the USA, responsible for some of the most audacious and daring robberies in the country’s history, the time has mellowed your crew and retirement has been pretty uneventful.

That is until a shadowy figure from your ‘less law-abiding days’ reappears to take revenge

You have been framed, found guilty, sentenced and given your shady past that sentence is a tough one. Life to be exact. Life in one of the world’s highest security prisons.

So now you find yourselves thrust back together with the old faces. Faces you last saw obscured by balaclavas and in the midst of a high-speed pursuit many years ago….faces that bring back memories of the old ways. Old ways you will need more than ever if you are to escape into the sunset and finally disappear

You are being readied for transportation on board prisoner shipping plane: Flight 338, but there is one member of the gang they didn’t find. He has caused a disruption at the airstrip and left some things on board which you might just find useful, but is everything quite as it seems?

The Riddle within brings you the world’s first-ever escape room which takes place on a real-life plane!

Find the clues, solve the puzzles, overcome obstacles and work together with your loyal crew to make good your getaway, there isn’t much time.”


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Inspired by the highly successful HBO drama Chernobyl Set in April 1986, Groups will be presented with a unique set of intense puzzles to be solved. The Chernobyl nuclear reactor is on the brink of meltdown, and the control room is under lockdown. You’ll have to work together to decipher codes, uncover conspiracies, access the core and work against a 60-minute clock to prevent a meltdown.

“At 1:23 am on 26 April 1986 something occurred in Chernobyl which had never happened on this planet before. The No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR malfunctioned and an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction was set in place with devastating consequences. The resulting radiation spread across Europe and contaminated a large area of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of people had to be evacuated and are still not allowed back to their homes over 30 years later. Now the subject of a critically acclaimed TV series, Chernobyl is still a dark and fascinating chapter of human history

Inside the reactor, a team of engineers worked frantically to stop the disaster but to no avail, this time it is your turn to test your nerves in the midst of the worst nuclear disaster in history

In Chernobyl: 10 Seconds to Midnight, we put you and your team into the control room on that fateful night. Solve a series of problems and tests, as the clock ticks down towards the critical moments and try to avert the explosion, can you stand the pressure as the core destabilizes and tips towards the point of no return? Will you escape a hero or is history destined to repeat itself?

You and five friends are trapped in the control room of the Chernobyl power plant. Things have gone mental and the place is gonna blow! Do you have what it takes to bring the reactors back online and save the world?”

What this could mean? From the photos, I am sure you realize that this is a real plane (no wings to keep the size reasonable) that has been purchased, retrofitted for escape room attributes, and then will be towed to Studio 338 for its November debut. The cost to do this may be less than one would think for a high throughput escape room experience. The concept of moving this real plane from venue to venue is a great idea.

If revenues hold steady, Riddle Within could license this concept to several high-trafficked locations in the US and around the globe, as their theme is something that even I would love to experience.

A great location would be at an airport terminal gate so passengers whose flights have been delayed or canceled could kill time and divert their frustration by giving this escape room a try!