Kevin Johnson, owner of Rev’d Up Fun, wanted to open a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) to get kids out of the house. When asked what his goal was for opening Rev’d Up Fun, Kevin’s answer was simple, “I want to get them away from their TV, game consoles, and cell phones and get them back to enjoying time with their family”.

And family is just what Kevin understands, employing 7 family members to various full-time positions.

Rev’d Up Fun did not want to be a cookie-cutter FEC. Kevin wanted a unique theme and when he started envisioning his dream it was an easy choice, automobiles.  Upon passing, Kevin’s father left him and his son a 1957 Ford Retractable, which is now the centerpiece in their main 50’ x 100’ entrance corridor.  But Kevin did not stop there. With project management assistance from Jerry Merola of Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM) and creative vision from Natasha Whittaker of Dynamic Designs, the team was able to create an FEC unlike any other.  With steering wheel and trouble light chandeliers, authentic stop lights, and tailgate benches, Rev’d Up Fun brings you into a world of car authenticity.  To credit Kevin and his family’s ingenuity, most of the props on display were handmade by the Johnson’s, helping them cut thousands of dollars off their expenses.

But it wasn’t all fun and games for Rev’d Up Fun. The project took more than a year and a half.  When asked what the toughest hurdles were, Kevin states, “Dealing with the general contractor and construction material delays was the hardest part.  The carpet and carpet installers alone delayed us nearly a month and a half”.

But through it all, Kevin was grateful to have Alpha-Omega Amusements in his corner. “They’re great, the arcade looks great, the product is exceptional, and their service after opening has been top-notch.  Anytime I have a game problem, Fred (Alpha-Omega Master Technician) is there to help and knows his stuff.  I would highly recommend them to anyone opening or operating an FEC”.

Another aspect of Rev’d Up Fun that goes unnoticed is the amount that they give back to the community.  Kevin boasts, “one (of many) charitable items that we participate in is fundraising for local charities, schools, etc.  For every dollar spent at our Guest Services, the group receives 25%”.

Rev’d Up Fun is always looking to stay ahead of the curve. In the last six months, they hosted two Fortnite E-Sport events, one of which brought in One_Shot_Gurl ( who has close to 2 million followers on her LiveGaming account.

Rev’d Up Fun is in Woodhaven, Michigan and was recently awarded 2nd place in IAAPA’s 2019 FEC of the World Competition.

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