Dave & Buster’s is the first nationwide Location-Based Entertainment operator to debut VRstudios’ VRcade PowerPlay, with the experiences being offered first for a limited time at the Dave & Buster’s location in Tampa, Florida.

As reported by Global Amusements & Play, “The announcement, made by VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s, confirmed the immediate availability of the VR sport of the future,” VRcade PowerPlay”, and “Barking Irons Gunslinger”.

“Dave & Buster’s guests now have the choice of multiple types of VR attractions, both on Dave & Buster’s popular proprietary multiplayer simulator, and now in a free-roaming environment. In this new experience, players can explore without wires and become completely immersed in virtual world experiences and action-packed competition.

“VRcade PowerPlay is the only truly athletic e-Sport in VR, a game in which players compete through a series of matches and move naturally as if they were on a real-world playing field: running, ducking, and jumping to defeat their friends. Best described as a combination of Laser Tag and Dodge Ball. VRcade PowerPlay is highly competitive, re-playable and fun for all skill levels.

“Players may also elect to play a second title, ‘Barking Irons Gunslinger’, where they will step into a Wild West town and face off against their friends in the ultimate VR showdown. Players can compete in three different game modes to see who has the fastest hands in the West, including a “High Noon” quick draw duel, a fast-paced search and destroy engagement and an exciting skeet shoot.

“These new VRcade Arena attractions expand on a longstanding and successful relationship between VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s, providing market-leading commercial VR products and attractions. VRstudios focuses exclusively on the commercial LBE market and offers the most robust catalog of systems and attractions purpose-built for LBE operators, all marketed under the VRcade brand and all centrally managed by their enterprise-class Attraction Management Platform software: AMP.

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Dave & Buster’s has integrated VRstudios’ AMP system into their popular VR simulator attraction and VRstudios also continues to develop multiple high-profile exclusive attraction experiences for the Dave & Buster’s simulator, including most recently ‘Dragonfrost, Star Trek: Dark Remnant’, and ‘Men in Black: Galactic Gateway’.

What this could mean? FCDN recently covered the rollout of ‘Dragonfrost, Star Trek: Dark Remnant’ and ‘Men in Black: Galactic Gateway’. Now, here is the new free-roaming experiences from VRstudios/D&B partnership. All of this is great for VR. The more people see commercial VR and experience the latest technologies, the more the ‘buzz’ travels throughout the planet. VR is good for the Out-of-Home leisure entertainment industry. We will all benefit from what D&B is doing. That is for sure!!!! [Virtuix VR Arena has shown us the way].