A $1000 per day average for 30 straight days in a family entertainment center for a reasonably priced small footprint 4 player VR attraction certainly gets our industry’s attention. Virtuix and partner Funovation reports that its VR Arena eSports system achieved revenues of over $30,000 in its first month from 2,200 plays, enjoying a repeat play rate of 15%

The world’s first VR Arena was installed on March 7 at Pinballz, a family entertainment center in Austin, Texas, US.

Do the Math. As reported by Intergame, “Since [March 7], more than 1,800 guests have played the attraction [2,200 plays], paying $15 per play or $12 per play as part of a combo package [for an average of $14 per play]. The throughput is averaging 20 players per hour on the busy Saturday’s. Players range in age from 5 to 65, with an average age of 26.”

“VR Arena has exceeded our expectations,” said Darren Spohn, owner of Pinballz. “Guests are loving the experience, and we see strong repeat play. Thanks to the eSports prizes, competitions we’re able to attract a new audience of gamers and entice guests to play again and again.”

VR Arena includes weekly and monthly eSports tournaments, organized by Virtuix and sponsored by HP and HTC, with an annual prize pool of more than $50,000, currently being offered with weekend tournaments with $2000 in prizes per week.

“The big draw of the attraction is the ability to walk and run around inside a video game,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “Such a unique experience cannot be had at home. We’ve seen some customers drive for more than an hour to come play.”

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VR Arena is a high-energy, four-player eSports attraction that features four Omni motion platforms for walking and running inside virtual reality. The attraction can be operated by one attendant at a steady throughput of 20 players per hour. Pinballz staffs the attraction with one attendant, even on busy weekends.

“Operating VR Arena by myself is intense but doable,” said Taylor Blomgren, a VR Arena attendant at Pinballz. “The attraction has a steady rhythm to it, so I just follow the cadence and stay focused on working my way through the queue that’s displayed on the operator screen.”

More information about the companies are available at www.virtuix.comwww.funovation.com and www.pinballzarcade.com.

What this could mean? FCDN has previously reported that the VR Arena had averaged $7,000 a week in revenues for its first 2 weeks. Now we see that this same average of $1000 per day has continued with zero drop off for another 2 weeks.  This is good news for the VR sector as previously several VR competitor small footprint products have only been averaging $2000 per week over the past 5 months but without the eSports tournament element. It would appear that eSports is an important part of the VR experience for some of the players.  I will certainly be tracking and learning more about this.

There is more good news for FEC’s – Pinballz has maintained an average per capita of $14 per play which is an important factor and they are drawing new customers and widening their target market range. It was reported that some players drove an hour so putting that into a Texas driving speed average of 50 mpg that is just amazing [maybe they drive even faster?].  I can’t wait to see what happens as Virtuix gets dozens more VR Arena’s into the marketplace.

Virtuix’s 1st Omni VR Arena Earns $10,000+ In 10 Days

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