As reported by LAI Games,  “Virtual Rabbids -The Big Ride will have 3 new experiences in its [software] lineup in 2019, making it even more flexible for operators to keep the game at the top earning capacity. You can also expect more great marketing materials and support from the LAI Games team! Make sure you’re signed up to the LAI Games INSIDER to stay up to date as we release updates!”

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As reported in The Redemption & FEC Report October 2018:

  • “Virtual Rabbids Virtual Reality Sit Down 2 Pl (LAI) continues to be rank in the Top 4 [of 75 Games] and spectators continue to enjoy watching others play while they await their turn. Ranking at #4 overall for its initial 30 weeks is just amazing for a new game!  When you consider that Rabbids is the first ‘unattended virtual reality game’, that it doesn’t have any cost of sales, and it is an attraction grabber, Virtual Rabbids is the focal point of the game zone.  In our real world, that would rank it as the #2 or #3 Game. LAI has just announced that 3 new Virtual Rabbids software games are scheduled for release in 2019. That is great news for our industry!!!!!”
  • “OK. With that said I feel that I should also let you know the other side. Yes, this game is very pricey (like $50,000). Yes, it has a very low throughput per hour.  But when you look at its revenues and the people that are waiting in line to play at $5 a pop, the high price tag should not be a concern to the FEC’s that have the game space and traffic to support this game.  LAI also has a smaller height model available at a lower cost.  More great news!!!”
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“Virtual Rabbids has a Little Brother!

LAI has answered the industry’s call for a shorter version of Virtual Rabbids (99.9” H) so facilities/locations with lower ceilings can have this great first attendant-free earning VR game.  The smaller version is 36 inches shorter than the standard version (136” H), with the only difference being a smaller video screen and the absence of the top marquee header and the side headers.”


Step into the wacky world of Virtual Rabbids with the industry’s first attendant-free VR attraction for arcades and FECs. Developed from the ground up by LAI Games to operate like any other coin-op amusement game, The Big Ride was created in partnership with leading game developer Ubisoft. The attractive and practical cabinet design reflects LAI Games’ time-honored experience in arcade game design, with high quality and exciting all-ages VR experience that provides entertainment for both first-time users and experienced enthusiasts.

Players can choose from three unique experiences, full of twists, turns, thrills, and spills, for an all-ages VR attraction that lives up to the hype! Offering true 360 ̊ views with action in every direction, riders are immersed in a unique experience every time.
The Big Ride includes premium HTC VIVE headsets, accurate motion base by D-BOX and dynamic wind simulation. Each seat is monetized for maximum revenue potential, and the unique audience-facing cabinet generates crowds and builds anticipation.