“UNIS is pushing immersive racing experience to its limits with their newest VR simulator on a motion platform. Ultra Moto VR lets the player take control of a motorcycle simulator and enjoy the thrill of realistic racing in a virtual environment. Integrating VR technology, bass vibration, wind effect and motion, Ultra Moto VR was made to impress!

Developed in collaboration with IGS, UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR takes fantasy motorbike racing to a whole new level with immersive gameplay, realistic graphics displayed on 43” LCD and numerous high-octane racetracks. Players can choose from 12 sets of stylish customizations and trick out a variety of incredible bikes as they race through stunning environments. In addition to drifting and overtaking, players can also slipstream another rider and perform signature stunts.

The bike rests on a pivot assembly allowing players to lean in and out of tricky curved tracks and fully experience the sensation of drifting. The added motion platform feature supplements a truly immersive VR experience.

“UNIS has had more than a decade of experience producing this type of motion platform,” says UNIS general manager, Steven Tan. “This technology is not new to us, but the integration of motion with VR is unique and will deliver to players a VR experience that is more real than ever!”

Adjustable VR headsets come included with the game, but to give operators more flexibility, the game can easily switch between VR mode and non-VR mode.

Ultra Moto VR is sold as a twin set and is linkable up to 4 units (8 bikes) for intense head-to-head racing. The game will be available end of October to early November and [was debuted] at IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris.  Don’t miss the chance to experience the VR drift!

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For more information on the game or contact details, visit the UNIS website https://www.unistechnology.com/

UNIS Bandit Express

What this could mean?  I have been closely been following UNIS for more than a decade and testing and reporting on many of their great games.  These include Treasure Dome (Currently Ranked #2 Overall for August 2019 in The Redemption & FEC Report), Lane Master, Coconut Bash, Pirates Hook, Treasure Cove, and Duo Drive. I also visited the new UNIS factory that opened in May 2015 that is 1,300,000 sq. ft. and the amazing Technology Center that will have more than 130 companies included.

I am looking forward to seeing the Ultra Moto VR and believe that the concept of giving a player the option of using the VR headset or just playing the sit-down driving simulator is a concept that our industry needs and we will see more of. Note that FCDN just reported on the Hologate Blitz VR Motion Platform.

We have all witnessed the great success of Virtual Rabbids, the 1st unattended VR motion similar game and there is certainly room for more VR games like Ultra Moto VR.  FCDN will have more info on this very interesting game.