According to Chain Store Age, As reported in Chain Store Age and also by RePlay, “The new design will fit markets with a population of 100,000 to 500,000” [These markets are considered Small and Mid-Size]

Topgolf COO Craig Kessler’s recent quote, “With this new concept, we will leverage over 19 years of operating experience and industry-leading Toptracer technology, while creatively designing and programming the space to bring an unforgettable entertainment experience to many more communities, reaching millions more guests than we ever could previously. We are actively looking for sites and we will announce more details in the coming months.”

What this could mean? A few weeks ago on Feb. 25th, FCDN reported, “Topgolf Partners with PointsBet for Sports Betting in New Jersey”. Topgolf currently operates 53 locations in the U.S. and 4 Internationally.  That is quite an impressive portfolio. Topgolf will now expand further, into what we in the industry call B and C markets and go up against the likes of Dave & Busters and other national chains. This means even more competition to FEC’s in those B & C markets, as the bar keeps being raised.

Topgolf, in order to be competitive with FEC’s will need to raise their own bar and integrate a full-scale redemption game operation.  To date they have tested this concept and reported that the results were less than expected. My take on that is that their ‘test’ was most likely not executed properly.

Sports Betting in New Jersey

About Topgolf: Topgolf is a global sports entertainment community with a worldwide fan base of nearly 100 million. Topgolf prides itself on its special blend of technology, entertainment, food and beverage and the inherent good that can be accomplished when a community of all walks of life comes together. These multi-level complexes feature high-tech golf balls and gaming, climate-controlled hitting bays, renowned menu, hand-crafted cocktails, events, music and more. The nearly 48 U.S. [Editor – now 53] venues along with four international venues entertain more than 17 million guests annually.

Beyond the venues, Topgolf brands include Topgolf Swing Suite, a luxury simulator experience; Toptracer, real-time tracking as seen on TV; Toptracer Range, bringing the tracing technology to driving ranges around the world; and WGT, the world’s largest digital golf audience. As a growing lifestyle brand, Topgolf is discovering new ways to engage and delight our Guests through original content series, pop up social experiences like Topgolf Crush, and even through building music venues like The Cowan in Nashville. To learn more, follow @Topgolf or visit

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