Tickets and ticket bundles make the best prizes for cranes and rotary merchandisers. Going ticketless can cost you a lot of potential game revenue.

Tower of tickets vs ticketlessKnock It Off Rotary 4 Pl (Elaut) with ticket rolls as prizes priced at 50 cents/play shattered its all-time revenue record with a one-week collection of $7426.00 with a ticket win of 30.69% for WE 1-1-16 and again ranked #3 overall and the #1 merchandise by a wide margin. The story is even more amazing because 1 of the 4 player positions was down for the entire week.  Had that player position been working, the KIO might have earned over $10,000!  KIO awarded more than 300,000 redemption tickets for the week.

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Another reason why KIO isn’t making a lot more money is that there are now 8 other merchandise dispensing games at the Test Location that award bundles or bricks of tickets. The KIO is now almost 20 years old.  I personally helped design and name KIO in conjunction with Elaut Belgium, incorporating 42 new innovations over the former Elaut 4 player rotary. This year I again had the opportunity to consult with Elaut on the design of their Tower of Tickets 4 player rotary.  Tower of Tickets is now being manufactured in the U.S. by Bay-Tek for Elaut.Candy Ticket Crane vs Ticketless

Ticket Candy Crane again made the Top 10 Combined List ranking #7 overall and #3 in the merchandiser category, earning $3732.00 (it has done better) with a ticket win of 26.43% for WE 1-1-16. Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales has been working closely with Coast to Coast/Elaut testing two updated version prototype ticket candy cranes over the past few months.  In each case, the Ticket Candy Crane was the #1 merchandiser at each location.

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The Return on Investment (ROI) of these merchandisrs is through the roof and therefore are our best profit centers. The ROI of our Ticket Candy Crane for 2015 was 5000% ($50,000 Net Rev/$1000).  The ROI of our Knock It Off Rotary for 2015 was 3333% ($100,000 Net Rev/$3000). Both ROI’s are actually much higher, perhaps even double. I used $1000 as the value of the Ticket Candy Crane and it is much closer to $500 as it is a very old Smart Candy Crane that we made some adjustments to.  I used $3000 as the value of our 10+-year-old Knock It Off Rotary and that value is more likely $1000 or less, but be assured that I have no intentions of ever selling it. Both games should go to the Amusement Game Hall of Fame!

Coast to Coast/Elaut and Alpha-Omega Sales will go into production with ‘Tickets-Tickets-Tickets’ that will be sold exclusively through Alpha-Omega Sales under the ‘Frank the Crank Approved’ label.  Tickets-Tickets-Tickets will be available for sale in June 2016 at the very reasonable price of $1895 FOB East Brunswick, NJ.

Based on testing two Tickets-Tickets-Tickets for 4 months in B+ ranked locations and the Ticket Candy Crane for 2 years in an A+ location, the 3 cranes have averaged approximately $1000/week gross with a ticket win% of 30%.  The ROI on Tickets-Tickets-Tickets is estimated to be a net of 1650% (after prize costs have been deducted) or 17.5 times its purchase price (including shipping & sales tax). Not too bad of an investment! Even if you place Tickets-Tickets-Tickets in B locations and average $500/week gross, that is an ROI of 825%.  If you are a revenue-share operator with a 50/50 split, then your ROI would only be 412%.BaytekCoast to Coast

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Below is the marquee header of ‘Tickets-Tickets-Tickets’.Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! the New Ticket Crane Designed by Frank 'the Crank' marquee