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Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Wraps up the 17th Season in Dallas, Texas – Program prepares attendees to “move forward” with their projects and expansions!

Foundations Entertainment University (FEU), held October 15-17 in Dallas, TX, provided three days of intense educational programming for the graduates of Class #50. Individuals from across the States joined our panel of eight speakers and were provided a ‘soup-to-nuts’ learning experience that covered everything from ‘Market Feasibility’ and ‘Project Financing’ to ‘The Design Process’ and ‘Building a Team with Personality’.

“I am impressed how much information was passed on in a short period of time,” said Nayla Sasuaf, GaNiCa! LLC. “I feel much more prepared to continue moving forward with my project. Big thanks to all!”

Following the first full day of programming, attendees enjoyed visiting local Dallas entertainment complexes, Urban Air Southlake and Pinstack Las Colinas, to network with sponsors and presenters and to take a look behind the scenes at these popular venues.

Day two was no less intensive with presentations starting at 8:30 am and the day concluding with a networking dinner where attendees could talk one-on-one with the sponsors and presenters.

Paul Fontanelli of Boulder Adventure Park commented, “Foundations was a terrific use of time. I learned so much from all of the experience in the room, and the network of people I was able to meet will be very helpful going forward.”

Wrapping up its 17th year, Foundation’s continues to represent every facet of the industry including: Family and Children’s Entertainment Centers (indoor and outdoor), Inflatable Parks, Bowling, Waterparks, Amusement Parks, Movie Theaters, Sports Parks, Laser Tag, Trampoline Parks, Skating, Vending and Street Operators, and more. Although Foundations is a must for anyone entering or thinking about entering the family and location-based entertainment industry, existing facilities have found the program to be invaluable as they reassess their current business plans and look to make significant changes for the future, not just struggle to survive in the changing marketplace.

“Thank you so much Foundations Entertainment University, for providing me with the necessary information & connections for global FEC expansion,” say Christina Spell, Dreamnation EFX Studios, Inc.

2019 FEU panel of presenters included, Frank Seninsky, CEO, and Jerry Merola, CFO of Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM); Frank Price, President of FL Price, Doug Wilkerson, Principal of Dynamic Designs and Studio 41B, Peter F. Olesen, P.E., President of Entertainment Concepts, Inc., Kevin Williams, CEO of KWP, and Sherry Howell, Brand Engagement Director for CenterEdge Software, plus special guest speakers throughout the year.

Special thanks to all the sponsors, industry trade magazines and entertainment trade associations for supporting and promoting the Foundations program again this year. Without their support, Foundations would not be able to provide this high-quality educational programming.

Funovation Launches New Theme for Laser Maze Challenge®

We are excited to be the first to announce that Funovation will be launching their new theme for the Laser Maze Challenge® at IAAPA this year. The first sneak peek photo of “The LMC Bank” reveals a suave, sandstone exterior with 3D embellishments throughout.

Funovation is also releasing a new gameplay for their game chamber, RAID®! ‘Memory Master’ challenges players’ musical memory, coordination, and teamwork. These exclusive pictures hint at a sequence players complete to level up.

Visit Funovation at IAAPA Booth #2686 to learn more.


Semnox Launches Parafait Achievements 2.0

Semnox has announced the launch of Parafait Achievement 2.0, aimed at driving engagement, encouraging repeat play and repeat visits through game playing and gamification. The technology leverages the concepts of point scoring, competition, and rules of play. The solution involves the use of Parafait Tap-to-play hardware and software integrated with traditional Arcade Games, eSports, and Virtual Reality attractions.

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The Parafait Achievements modules allows operators to setup Simulator games, Leagues, and Team events. Teams can be configured along with team leader and team members associated with RFID tags. Through the use of achievement class, the scoring logic and scoring conditions are configured. The scores from plays and activities can then be converted to alternate forms of digital entitlements and virtual medals. Players are motivated to attain the rewards by use of leader boards.

For more information, email [email protected] or call +1 610-400-8901 (US Enquiry) / +91 8088SEMNOX (Global Enquiry)

Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.

Ropes Courses Inc. (RCI) Rebrands – Now RCI Adventure Products

Ropes Courses Incorporated (RCI) debuts their new moniker complete with a refreshed brand identity. Progress in recent years has elevated the company beyond its strictly ‘ropes courses’ persona and the expanded portfolio prompted the decision to move forward with the name.

RCI is also launching new products including the Destination series. The series consists of 3 individual large-scale entertainment models that contain multiple tried-and-true RCI adventure products like Sky Trail®, Sky Rail™, Clip’n Climb® and Sky Tykes® as well as new components to the RCI portfolio like slides and unharnessed netplay, known as Adventure Trail.

Also new to the RCI product portfolio is a 3-challenge Clip ‘n Climb® configuration (pictured) that utilizes a triangular structure on top to stabilize the typically non-free standing activities. Ideal for any industry in need of outdoor entertainment that may also have limited space, this cost-effective climbing formation is constructed using water-resistant materials and is able to accommodate 7 participants at a time.


Virtuix and HP Double the Prize Pool to $100,000 for Omni Arena Esports

Virtuix, developer of the “Omni Arena” virtual reality esports attraction, announced a cash prize pool of $100,000 for the 2020 Omni Arena esports series, doubling the current prize pool of $50,000 and making the Omni Arena esports series the largest VR esports competition in the world. In addition to cash prizes, winning teams will receive an HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset.

Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix said, “More than 1,000 players in over a dozen countries participated in 2019. Given the success of the series, we are thrilled to double our prize pool for 2020. A $100,000 prize pool attracts gamers who play again and again. Our core players come back to compete every week.”



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Embed Brings the Mobile Wallet First-to-Market

Embed’s Mobile Wallet is a virtual game card that can be added to the Apple Wallet (on the IOS platform) and Google Pay (on the Android platform), and used to seamlessly play games. The wallet has the exact same functionality as the game card, but sits in the guest’s mobile wallet, enabling guests to tap and reload without leaving the game, while operators drive return visits and get to know customer behavior, usage and spending habits. The immediacy of reloading the virtual game card equals less manpower, fewer hardware costs, and greater profits.



SUMBA to Unveil Cutting-Edge Park Operation & Risk Management Platform at IAAPA Expo

SUMBA, a leading provider in the design, maintenance, and inspection of trampoline parks and family entertainment centers, has announced the launch of their new service management system that utilizes the latest technology for entertainment center maintenance and inspections.

The SUMBA platform is customizable to your operations and includes a comprehensive, digital inspection checklist, an automated solution for ordering failed or replacement parts, verifiable documentation of inspections, and the ability to achieve hassle-free compliance, which could also result in lower insurance premiums.

According to Mike Lump, COO, “Entertainment centers continue to raise the bar with their expanded attractions mix, which creates a need to inspect equipment daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The SUMBA platform has been ranked ‘Best in Class’ by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance for its ability to deliver a simple and effective solution to produce verifiable inspections with the real-time ability to confirm who is inspecting, what is being inspected, and to even upload photos to records as the work is completed.”

The SUMBA platform transcends the operations of the entertainment facility by creating a system of engagement that connects owners/operators with the manufacturers, insurers, franchisors and anyone involved in the day-to-day operations and safety of the park. For more information, contact Aeleen Stoner at [email protected] or visit their website (www.sumba.app) to schedule a demonstration.

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 “Amazing” Debut for LAI Games at IAAPA

Leading game manufacturer, LAI Games will debut a new mixed reality alley bowler called Amazing Alley at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando this November. The 2-lane redemption game features intuitive play augmented by colorful and explosive holographic feedback when balls are successfully sunk into holes. Players can win an accumulating bonus jackpot by collecting a star over each of the holes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. The carnival-themed cabinet makes for a clean, attractive piece that is perfect for midways and can be linked in multiples of two (4-lanes) with a bonus marquee.

Also debuting is a new target-shooting video game called Outnumbered. The competitive single or double player game is specifically engineered to drive traffic to the venue by rewarding people every time they play. Outnumbered players unlock new in-game content after each stage, which they can use to create and upgrade custom weapons in the game’s free companion app called Weapon Forge. Progress is saved, and by using the app to log in at the cabinet, players can pick up where they left off and use their new weapons in the game, creating a revolving door for repeat gameplay. Players can also use the app to find the closest game and track their career progress against live global leaderboards.

For more information, contact their sales team at +1 469-541-0555 or see the games for yourself at IAAPA booth 1034!


Andamiro Begins Shipping the Highly Anticipated ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Arcade Game in November

Andamiro’s new game takes its name from the fifth and most recent film, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” which opened in theaters in 2018. This is Andamiro’s second licensed title from Universal; the first was Despicable Me Jelly Lab, released in 2017 and still in production.

Gameplay is simple and addictively fun. The player presses the start button, a model toy truck rolls back to begin, and the player pushes the truck up the track, trying to align with the BIGWIN! marker to win the bonus. Tickets are won with every play, based on where the truck stops. When the player lands on the BIGWIN! marker, the bonus is won, and a victory song and light show are activated – “escape success!”

Like the genetic engineers portrayed in the movies, Andamiro’s designers set out to create a “bigger, badder and better” attraction. JWFK is one of the largest games built by Andamiro and will have a commanding presence in game rooms. Its setup dimensions are 55” W. by 118” D. (almost 10 ft.) by 85” H. (7 ft.) – similar in space to two 10-ft. skee-ball alleys. JWFK has two user positions, or tracks, that offer independent play.

The game’s objective is to “escape from the island.” The central components are two miniature off-road vehicle replicas that players push up the railed tracks. There are seven ticket-point zones along the tracks differentiated by colors and an “out” terminus on the backboard. Tickets are won when a truck stops at any of these positions; a low-ticket value can be awarded when a truck is pushed too hard and hits “out.” To keep things interesting, the position of the BIGWIN! bonus marker changes with every turn.

What makes Andamiro’s JWFK so much fun is that the player actually grips and pushes the truck without the intervention of a lever, plunger or other controller. Additionally, the playfield is mostly open. Acrylic side and front windows prevent people from reaching over to cheat. But if that doesn’t stop a cheating attempt, motion sensors inside the playfield area will detect abuse and disable the game in progress. Game over!

“When people ask me to describe JWFK’s gameplay, I say ‘it has the elements of a shuffleboard table and a skill stop game wrapped up in an exciting action movie,’” said Andamiro USA marketing manager Nick Montano. “As for how to play: don’t push too hard, or too soft … do your best to read the distance between the starting point and BIGWIN! marker to predict how much push power is required to stop at the marker.”

Andamiro’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom began testing in arcades in July 2019 and consistently ranked in the top 2%. It makes its official debut in late November at IAAPA Expo in Orlando, FL (booth # 1,300). For more information, email [email protected] or call (310) 767-5800.

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Sacoa CRM + Online Sales Module and Mobile APP

Sacoa’s online Customer Registration Management (CRM) module allows guests to register their demographic information and check their card balances online (either on the web or from their mobile phones) and, when tied with the online sales module, it allows customers to purchase online pre-set amounts of recharges on their cards.

This module also allows operators to manage their own custom-tailored marketing campaigns through a newsletter mailing engine which may use segments of the database generated according to various criteria, and can be integrated with the operator’s existing mailchimp/sendgrid/etc account for massive mailing.

With the Online Sales Application, guests will be able to instantly recharge credits on their playcards right from their mobile phones, downloading it from App/Play Store for iOS and Android versions.

Visit Sacoa at the IAAPA Expo November 19 -22, Booth #603.

For more information, visit Sacoa’s web site: www.sacoacard.com.


Wedges and Ledges Testing New High-Speed Dispenser

Wedges and Ledges is testing their new high-speed dispenser, Turbo Tickets (Patent pending) with several manufacturers. As redemption continues to move toward winning a larger amount of tickets or bonuses, it is not unusual to play games that have a 1000 to 5000 ticket bonus.

This is a great time for the 1st new design in ticket dispensers in 40 years. Although not all games will count tickets at the same speed, manufacturers can easily resolve this by a small program modification. In testing games like Big Bass Wheel and Treasure Quest, the games income increased 25 to 30%.  Visit the website https://turbo-tickets.com/ for more information.


Laserforce Completes Worldwide Study of Operating Laser Tag Systems and New Installations

Laserforce has completed a worldwide study of operating laser tag systems and new systems installations. They reported that in the period from January to September 2019, there have been a total of 84 laser tag system installations supplied by 6 laser tag system manufacturers. Laserforce indicated that they accounted for more than 27%, with the balance of installations being spread over the remaining competing systems with an average of 12% each.

Laserforce reported a 94% market share in Australian laser tag operations, stating more than 9 of every ten operating locations in Australia are operating with their system. Of most interest, they said, are the locations that have switched out from other providers to Laserforce.

Laserforce Gen8 Infinity was awarded the “Best New Product”, IAAPA Brass Ring Award for their Gen 8 laser tag system. Jeff Willy, Laserforce Chief of Global Operations said, “Since the release of our Gen 8 system, 1,291 Laserforce Gen8 suits have been shipped out and are in operation around the world”.

Laserforce will once again have a strong presence at IAAPA. Showcasing its Gen 8 system, which was the first laser tag system to utilize the Infinity lighting system. They provide equipment to both standalone locations and larger FEC’s as an attraction. Clients attending IAAPA this year are encouraged to book an appointment directly with Laserforce.

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