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Ropes Courses, Inc. Joins our Family of Advertisers

TRR-FEC welcomes Ropes Courses, Inc. For many years AEM has been recommending Ropes Courses, Inc. to our Clients. We are honored to have them join our special family of advertisers.

Top 10 Games for June 2019 – ‘Treasure Dome’ 4 Pl (UNIS) is Big Surprise! – Willy Wonka 2 Pl shows it has legs – Connect4 Hoops earns ‘Workhorse’ status

Check out the Top 75 Games and lots more…

Rank # Top 10 Games
1 Ticket Ring Jumbo 45″
2 Wizard of Oz 6 Pl
3 Treasure Dome
4 Connect 4 Hoops 2 Pl Basketball
5 Virtual Rabbids 2 Pl
6 Willy Wonka 2 PL
7 E-Claw 900 2 Pl
8 Knock it Off Rotary 4 Pl w/Ticket Rolls
9 Monster Drop Extreme
10 Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl

New Games to Watch that were Shown at AEI & Bowl Expo 2019

  • Basketball Pro 2 Pl (Andamiro) – TRR will be testing
  • Redzone 4 Pl (Namco) – TRR will be testing
  • Centipede Chaos 3 Pl (ICE) – See test results in Spreadsheets
  • Spins Ahoy! (Team Play) – Started testing 6-12-19
  • Dicey Jump (TouchMagix) – TRR will be testing
  • Cyclotron 3 Pl (Family Fun) – TRR will be testing
  • Hoop It Up (ICE) – TRR will be testing
  • Power Roll (Sega) – TRR will be testing
  • Zombie Land (Coastal) – TRR will be testing


Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News Launched 6 Months Ago Exceeds All Expectations

Frank 'the Crank’s Daily News Two Week SummaryNot everyone thought I would get up an hour earlier and crank out now 125 FCDN’s like clockwork. Actually, it is quite enjoyable, sipping coffee and keeping track of where our industry is heading.
Six months ago, saw the launch of “Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News” (FCDN).  Each day Monday-Friday has a current short news story regarding our industry and a personal comment at the end in red font: What this could mean?

It was my intent to email once every month a link to that month’s FCDN’s but Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media outlets have discovered FCDN and this has become unnecessary. In fact, the suppliers mentioned in the FCDN’s are getting them out to their contacts and including some on their websites. Each day 1500-2000 followers actually view these little blurbs.

Read more  Amusement Expo is March 9-11

Please check it out.  Each FCDN stays on the frank-thecrank.com Blog indefinitely and there is a complete list.

Frank the Crank’s Daily News

Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Unveils $50,000+ ‘Buyers Power’ Purchase Program just in time for Seminar #49 Chicago June 16-18

The next Foundations University takes place June 16-18 Chicago – Registration is on website

2 Special Speakers & New Round Table Session


Foundations Entertainment University Offers New Graduates Over $50,000 in Buying Power Exclusive Discounts from Our Elite Sponsors

Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) is the longest running, stand-alone educational program for the out-of-home family entertainment center entertainment industry. Now in its 17th year, FEU continues to find new ways to assist anyone in developing and opening a new center or significantly expanding or renovating an existing location-based entertainment facility.

Class #49 Attendees completing the upcoming 2.5-day event being held July 16-18 in Chicago, IL, will be provided exclusive discounts, products and promotions currently valued at over $50,000 through our ‘Buyers Power’ Purchase Program – a program that will continue to grow in value as more sponsors submit their promotion ideas over the next several weeks.


“Foundations is the #1, longest-running educational program for the out-of-home entertainment industry. Future FEU graduates will receive a coupon booklet with over $50,000 in real exclusive discounts from an elite group of industry suppliers, that can immediately be used in their businesses or included in their business plan financials,” notes Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky.

“If you are considering opening an entertainment facility or expanding an existing one and you still have not signed up for Foundations University, you should label yourself as a ‘Primo/Prima Procrastinator’. It’s a No-Brainer!”

Achieving Excellence Together

Foundations brings together the most enterprising and successful pioneers of the amusement industry to provide attendees with a comprehensive learning experience that starts with planning and design and takes you all the way through managing your business for long-term success.

Read more  New Products & Technologies - The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report - April 2016

At the same time, our sponsors and speakers are committed to expanding the buying power of our attendees as they are making their purchasing decisions and are building their business plans for financial stability.

Below is a list of participating companies who are offering exclusive deals that every FEC could use. More are being added daily.

  • Adventure Sports HQ
  • American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA)
  • Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA)
  • Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM)
  • Amusement Resources (AmusemntRC)
  • Apple Industries/Face Place Photo
  • Appsolute Applications (AppsApps)
  • Betson Enterprises
  • Birthday University
  • CenterEdge Software
  • Deltronic Labs, Inc.
  • DFX Sound/Vision
  • Dynamic Design
  • Embed
  • Entertainment Concepts, Inc.
  • FetchRev
  • Funovation
  • Galaxy Multi Rides
  • International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP)
  • KWP Ltd.
  • Party Center Software
  • Perky’s Pizza
  • RePlay Magazine
  • SafePark USA
  • Studio 41B
  • Sureshot Redemption
  • The Redemption & FEC Report
  • Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine
  • US Bowling Corporation
  • United Play Systems
  • Virtuix
  • World Waterpark Association (WWA)
  • Zone Laser Tag

Register Now for FEU Chicago taking place July 16 – 18, 2019 at the
Four Points Sheraton Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Discounted hotel room rates and $100 off registration are available through July 1, 2019.


Visit www.foundationsuniversity.com to take your first step towards a successful future in the family entertainment center industry.

For questions, contact Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky at [email protected] or cell 732-616-5345.

Rhode Island Novelty Latest Items July/August



People vs Congress – Princeton Study shows the People only have a 30% effect on Laws Congress Passes


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Ask Frank ‘the Crank’ Technical Tips

New Technology – Fire Ball Fire Extinguisher is a simple way to protect your business from a fire

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

From Bay Tek Entertainment’s Tip of the Week


Did you know that you can change up the style of Willy’s helmet after so many plays?

As an incentive to keep players playing, Willy’s helmet will change into different and fun options! See it turn into a Viking helmet, a space helmet, or a colorful unicorn, among many others!

The frequency of change is programmable in the “Repeat Reward” settings.



Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.

Ticket Ring Crane (Smart Industries) Rack for Sorting & Counting Rings

(Ray Dachik, Regional Manager, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

Here is my recent creation/solution for handling the prize rings for Ticket Ring.

I made the ‘Rack’ using 3/4” PVC pipe and fittings. It has a small footprint – 25” L x 12” W x 32” H. Total cost under $50.  It will hold 120 rings, which is about half of the rings that typically come with the game.

Read more  Legislation Corner-Pending Virginia Bill

I put wheels on it so it could roll out to the Ticket Ring game when I restock the redeemed rings, rather than wearing out my weary body by carrying the many rings. I decided to color code both the tops and bottoms of the pipes – ever the optimist – in hopes that the Facility Staff will m the rings to the colors and make the counting and sorting easier for me. [I will let you know how that works out.]

The 4-way white furniture tees were only available online, but the rest of the materials are readily available at most building supply stores.

Industry Events July-October-May 2019

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
16-18 Foundations Entertainment University

Chicago, IL

 ➡  💡
12-14 Michigan Coin Machine Operators Association Annual Meeting Frankenmuth, MI  ➡  💡
21-22 Birthday University Atlanta, GA  
9-13 AAMA Annual Meeting & Gala Lombard, IL
16-19 IAAPA Expo Europe / EAS 2019  Paris, France  
23-25 IATP 7th Annual USA Conference and Trade Show New Orleans, LA  ➡  💡
15-17 Foundations Entertainment University

Dallas, TX

 ➡  💡



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