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Secret Test of Connect4Hoops Mini Prototype

The AEM/Alpha Team had the privilege of conducting a SECRET Test for Bay Tek Entertainment at one of our undisclosed Locations with their NEW Connect4Hoops MINI.  The smaller footprint model was an instant hit as you can see by the collection reports below. For the month of February 2019, the MINI ranked #2 out of 37 redemption games, only to be beaten out by the DC Superheroes 4 Pl and only by less than $75. Working closely with Baytek, we decided to have the winner receive 80 tickets and the loser gets 20 tickets, to encourage more 2-player games.  We also wanted to make sure that we honed in on achieving a 20% payout (went slightly higher with great results) so we were in line with all of the other basketball games at this location.  As you can see, we did pretty good and learned a lot from this test.

Installed 1/25/19
Week Ending Date Gross Income Payout % Ranking # of Redem. Games
02/05/19 $562.50 23.22% 1 37 * full week
02/12/19 $790.50 22.87% 3 37
02/19/19 $1,461.00 23.49% 3 37
02/26/19 $864.00 22.74% 2 37

Top 10 Redemption Games WE 2-26-19 in Secret Test Location

Note that this is just an average location.  The big model Connect4Hoops grossed just under $5000 and DC Superheroes 4 Pl grossed $6,416 at Test Location #1 this same week (See Test Game Spreadsheets)

1 DC Superheroes 4 Pl $938.00
2 Connect 4 Hoops Mini $864.00
3 Ticket Time Crane $816.00
4 Fish Bowl Frenzy $724.00
5 Ticket Monster $656.00
6 Big Bass Wheel Dlx. $612.00
7 Monster Drop Extreme $528.00
8 Lane Master $465.00
9 Ice Man 2pl $405.00
10 Ring Toss $352.00

What this could mean? The big model of Connect4Hoops has been a Top 10 game since we installed the original prototype.  There are thousands of locations where a mini version would fit and we thank Baytek for making a smaller height/footprint version.  The MINI will sell for about $2000 less ($21,500) than the big high version ($23,500), but shipping will about 40% less as the Mini is shipped with 2 pallets and the big model needs 3 pallets.  Also, the Mini takes a lot less time and people to set up.  Thank you Baytek for making a smaller version that can earn the big revenues we all need to survive!!!

Frank ‘the Crank’ Launches Daily News with Free Linked Banners & Videos

7 weeks ago, saw the launch of Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News (FCDN).  Each day Monday-Friday there will be a current short news story regarding our industry. When I feel that a personal note should be added, it will be at the end in red font:  What this could mean? Please check it out.  The Daily News stays on the frank-thecrank.com Blog indefinitely. So far there are 40 FCDN published. To receive FCDN on a daily basis please subscribe to our social media (Facebook and Twitter) located at the top of the Blog. Here is the link https://frank-thecrank.com/frank-the-cranks-daily-news/

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Funovation Uses Click Bait for Industry to Learn Who Their Newest Customer for Lazer Maze is?

Please welcome our newest customer!

Hello Funovators and Friends, Please join me in welcoming Alpha-Omega Amusements (Country Folks Superstore) to the Funovation family!

  • Who: Alpha-Omega Amusements (Vendor) & Country Folks Superstore (Location)
  • What: Laser Maze Challenge
  • Where: Cumming, GA.
  • When:  April 2019
  • How: Chase from Country Folks Superstore was at Foundations in October of 2018 but we were not able to speak.  He and the team came by the booth at IAAPA and spoke to JB.  I reached out after IAAPA and they mentioned they were interested in the Laser Maze Challenge and I sent a proposal.  I was then contacted by Danny Roper who is a Co-Owner and I was working with Danny for a while.

Then Frank Seninsky contacted me from Alpha-Omega Amusements.  Frank is the one who owns Foundations University and put on the fantastic events.  Frank and I had discussions over layout and design and it turns out Frank is buying the attraction as part of his overall design of the space.  We received the contract last week and the deposit today.  This is our first project with Frank & Alpha-Omega Amusements and AEM and I hope it is the first of many.

RYAN BORTON CEO 410 S. Sunset St. Unit B Longmont, CO 80501 (o) 303 996-0294 x 707 (m) 619 861-7013


Top 10 Frank Seninsky YouTube Videos


  1. Amusement Expo 2016 Elaut – Eric Verstraeten – 2,803 views
  2. Virtual Reality Park Miami – 2,249 views
  3. Quik n Crispy – IATP Palm Springs 2017 – 1,778 views
  4. Amusement Expo 2016 Quik n’ Crispy – 1,549 views
  5. Lil’ Orbits – IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 – 1,307 views
  6. Amusement Expo 2016 Triotech – 1,121 views
  7. Gerry Molina, Toy Factory – Bowl Expo 2017 – 1,049 views
  8. Amusement Expo 2016 Laserforce – 1,015 views
  9. VR Arcade in Laser Tag of Baton Rouge – 975 views
  10. IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 – 973 views

Top 10 Games for February 2019

Check out the Top 75 Games and lots more…

1 Ticket Ring Jumbo 45″
2 Wizard of Oz 6 Pl
3 DC Superheroes 4 Pl
4 Monster Drop Extreme
5 E-Claw 900 2 Pl
6 Virtual Rabbids 2 Pl
7 Connect 4 Basketball 2 Pl
8 SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade 2 Pl
9 Knock it Off Rotary 4 Pl w/Ticket Rolls
10 Mega Triple Crane-1 Bay Ticket Bundles


Foundations University goes to Las Vegas NV Prior to Amusement Expo – March 24-25 – 1.5 Day Program

2019 is the 17th consecutive year for Foundations Entertainment University, the industry’s #1 Ranked Educational Seminar Program. With more than 1450 graduates and more than 280 Family Entertainment Center’s (FEC’s) that got their start with Foundations, the NEW Foundations University 2.0 is for newbies, FEC industry veterans, and service providers who want to learn how to be a part of the #3 growth industry in the U.S.

The new 2.0 Foundations added several new topics that were well received in addition to the popular standards:

  • Testing Market Feasibility & Developing Your Business Case – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • What is an Experience Destination & How Do I Get There? – Frank Price – BU
  • Taking the Guesswork Out of Project Financing – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • The Design Process – Doug Wilkerson – Dynamic Designs
  • 7 Keys to Great FEC Design – Doug Wilkerson – Dynamic Designs
  • Contractor Selection – Peter Olesen – Entertainment Concepts
  • Modern Audience Trends – Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality – Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd
  • How to Market Your FEC – Frank Seninsky – AEM
  • Building Your Perfect Team – Frank Price – Birthday University
  • Mastering Food Service Operations One Meal at A Time – Jerry Merola – AEM

TRR Laser-Blast Button Logo + Text in another document 1-23-16

laser blast text


  • Regular Registration after March 1, 2019: $495
  • 2 or more people from the same company: 1st person at a regular rate; 50% discount for each additional person
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Frank ‘the Crank’ has several FREE Scholarships available. Email: [email protected], call: 732 616 5345 if interested.



Rocket Amusements – Crazy Claw (1 Player, 2 Player, & 3 Player Models) is Back at Amusement Expo + with 2 New Video Redemption Games – ICEBOX Video Crane & King of the Rings Concept – Booth #1009

Crazy Claw is Now manufactured in the U.S. by Sureway Tool & Engineering Chicago IL
Booth #1009 at Amusement Expo 

Rocket Amusements has been crazy busy over the past several months updating Crazy Claw to the new Emojis program, testing the revenue at Peter Piper Pizza and Game Works, and getting the new factory set up in the U.S (more on that later). Collection Report – WE 2-25-19:  Crazy Claw 3 Pl Ranked #5 out of 66 Games. Big Bass Wheel Dlx Ranked #4. Ticket Monster Ranked #7. Crazy Claw earned twice as much as Jurassic Park. Check out new Crazy Claw 3player Emojis Brochure Here is the link to the new video for Crazy Claw – The Emojis

What the IAAPA FEC Benchmark Report 2018 Really Tells Us About the FEC Industry?

Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky has carefully read through the IAAPA FEC Benchmark Report and will be presenting a FREE webinar on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time that will cover the most important trends (both positive and negative) that directly affect your FEC business. “After dealing with more than 1000 FEC financials over the past 30 years, I can offer you my opinions how to best interpret the data collected in the IAAPA FEC Benchmark Report,” shares Frank. “In this webinar, I will provide you with the tried and true AEM FEC financial benchmarks.” IAAPA members can download for free the IAAPA FEC Benchmark Report 2018. This report has the overall results from 133 FECs that completed the survey for 2018. Non-members can buy this Report for $499. To join our FREE webinar just fill in the form. Frank will be discussing each aspect of the Report and responding to individual questions during the webinar. If you don’t have the IAAPA Report, please join our webinar anyway. It will be worth your time.

ITC_WEB AD_Horizontal_2016-01 (1)

Ask Frank ‘the Crank’ Technical Tips


Shoot n’ Hoops Basketball Modification Defaults after 14 Months – Calamity!

(Ray Dachik, Regional Manager, Alpha-Omega Amusements) 14 months after my modification to Baytek’s Shoot n’ Hoops backstop, which I named ‘Back at Ya Net’, to keep the basketballs from getting stuck in the net area several times per day, I had to retrieve for the FIRST time a ball stuck on top of the game. What a calamity! I sure hope that I don’t have to do this once every year!!!!! When I fix something, I expect it to stay fixed!

Look where the ball got stuck. Freaky!



How to Repair/Upgrade a Broken Plexiglass on a Bay-Tek Shoot n’ Hoops Basketball Game

Ray Dachik, Mid-West Regional Manager/Technician, Alpha-Omega Amusements The original modification appeared in TRR-FEC #45 December 2017 The plexiglass fractured on one of my two Shoot n’ Hoops basketball games the day before Thanksgiving.  Rather than ordering rather expensive replacement plexiglass that has to be perpetually cleaned, because it blurs the shooter’s vision with smudges, scratches, and crack lines, I decided to use a little creativity and come up with a better mousetrap.  In the process, I also wanted to find a way to stop the basketballs that get outside the shooting zone. I had some scrap metal pieces in the backyard:  a rod and garage door track –  and replaced the plexiglass on both sides with these metal pieces and constructed a net frame. Below is a detailed drawing of what I now refer to as ‘Back at Ya!’ and three pictures showing the finished upgrade.

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The total cost was $20 and it took me a few hours of labor on a very slow day.  I ended up saving my company some money and, even better yet, I save time each week not having to clean the plexiglasses and chase down basketballs that ended up behind the game.  And the paying customers like basketball games more now and show this by putting more money into them!!!!!  Note that this Upgrade can work on any model of basketballs and other industry games that have plexiglass and/or escaping balls over the top of the game.

Big Bass Wheel Puts Out 6 Tickets/Points No Matter What It Lands On?

Big Bass Wheel

Sometimes, like during a full moon, a Big Bass Wheel wants to take a break (just like employees) and doesn’t want to award hundreds or thousands of tickets but decides to give out just 6. You will know when this happens because the player will certainly complain. In this case, please believe the customer is correct and give Big Bass Wheel an opportunity to get back to work. Baytek says:  “Press and hold the menu button until a secondary menu comes up.  Select SHOW SETTING and turn off using the select button.  Be sure to exit all menus or it will not save the settings!’

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

New Upgraded Ticket Rolls Prizes Available for Tower of Tickets & Trolls (BayTek)

New Pucks Means More Bucks! Hey, these new ticket rolls (‘pucks’) look much better! – and will last longer.  They are made from injected molded plastic.  The original ticket rolls were adhered and painted, but they served their purpose anyway. ‘The Trolls prizes even have tufts of hair for added fun’. Baytek is always helping us stay ahead of the game.  Here are the order numbers:


Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.

Industry Events March-May 2019

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
13-15 RAAPA Expo Spring 2019 Moscow, Russia
13-15 ENADA Primavera Rimini Spring 2019 Rimini, Italy
25-27 DEAL 2019 Dubai, UAE
24-25 Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Prior to Amusement Expo Las Vegas, NV ➡   💡
26-28 Amusement Expo International 2019 Las Vegas, NV ➡   💡
26 Laser Tag Convention Seminars 2019 Las Vegas, NV ➡   💡
1-3 CAE 2019 | China Beijing Attractions Expo Beijing, China
1-4 CinemaCon 2019 / NATO Expo Las Vegas, NV
3-4 Birthday University Chicago, IL
21-23 Saudi Entertainment & Amusement (SEA) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
28-May 2 Roller Skating Association Show 2019 Las Vegas, NV
30-May 1 InterFun Expo Leeds, UK
9-11 Asia VR / AR Fair & Summit 2019 Guangzhou, China
9-11 AAE Expo 2019 Guangzhou, China


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