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Frank ‘the Crank & Yaroslav Sobko Complete 35 YouTube Videos at IAAPA

The video compilation plus 34 interview videos are completed and approved. It took a full 5 days of work to schedule them all when the exhibitors were not swamped with attendees plus 1 full month of editing and proofing.  In total, 42 new games and attractions were covered.  There is a lot of great information in these videos.

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Here is a link to all of the IAAPA 2018 YouTube Videos:

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Below is a list of the Companies with their new games and attractions

  • Virtuix
    • Omni VR Arena 4 Pl
  • LAI Games
    • Virtual Rabbids: The Ride
  • BayTek Entertainment
    • Willy Crash
    • Piano Keys 1 Pl
    • Trolls 4 Pl
  • Raw Thrills/Betson
    • HALO Fireteam Raven 2 Pl
    • Super Bikes 3
    • (New Test Game – See Report)
  • Roller
    • Kiosk
  • Elaut USA
    • Quarry Quest Flintstones 6 Pl
    • Cosmic XL Crane
  • Coast to Coast
    • Hero of Steel
    • Robot Storm
  • Smart Industries
    • Ticket Time RX – Reload Extreme
    • Ticket Time Prize World
    • Ticket King
    • Magic Coin
    • Ticket Ring (Rank #1 in the Industry for past 4 months)
    • Candy House Crane 2
  • Coastal Amusements
    • Dragon Hunter
    • Minion Soccer
  • Sacoa Debit Card Systems
    • All-in-One Card Readers
  • The Really Big Machine Corp.
    • Find A Key
    • The Really Big Machine Crane
    • Buzz & Win Crane
  • Semnox Debit Card Systems
    • Redemption Check Out Kiosk
  • American Changer
    • Payment Kiosk
  • Team Play
    • Spins Ahoy 3 Pl
  • TouchMagix
    • Mystery Island
    • Dicey Jump
    • Hop ‘n’ Stack
  • Andamiro
    • WWE Superstar Rumble 2 Pl
    • Redeem Machine Kiosk
    • Monster Catcher
  • SEGA
    • House of Dead Scarlet Dawn
    • Pixel Chase
    • Ball Runner
  • Bob’s Space Racers
    • Hang Time
    • Water Gun Fun Pixel Play 2 Pl
  • UNIS
    • Treasure Cove 2 Pl
    • Coconut Bash 2 Pl
    • Atari Pong
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Zone Laser Tag
    • Gen 8
    • New Vest Charging Station
  • Adrenaline Amusements
    • Blox Breaker
    • Tomb Raider Rabbids Hollywood 65”
  • Creative Works
    • Voxel
    • Hologate

Top 10 Games for December 2018

Check out the Top 75 Games and lots more…

Ticket Ring Jumbo 45″
Connect 4 Basketball
Monster Drop Extreme
Knock it Off Rotary 4 Pl w/Ticket Rolls
DC Superheroes 4 Pl
Virtual Rabbids 2 Pl
E-Claw 900 2 Pl
Wizard of Oz 6 Pl
Mega Stacker
Ticket Monster
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A & A Global Banner

Next Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 – EAG Expo ExCel Center London – January 17, 2019


  • Early Bird Registration to December 31, 2018: £199 
  • Regular Registration after December 31, 2018: £249
  • 2 or more people from the same company: 1st person at regular rate; 50% discount for each additional person.

Tuition includes lunch and USB drive with all presentations.

Contact Frank ‘the Crank’ to learn if FREE Scholarships available.
Email: [email protected], call: 732 616 5345
EAG International Expo Agenda


9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Welcome & Orientation Frank Seninsky
Speaker & Attendee Introductions Frank Seninsky
Sponsor Introductions Frank Seninsky
Overview of Foundations Entertainment University Frank Seninsky
10:00 AM – 10:15 AM I Don’t Give a Hoot Frank Price
10:15 AM – 10:30 AM Indoor/Outdoor Attractions Frank Seninsky
10:30 AM – 10:45 AM BREAK
10:45 AM – 11:25 AM Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Kevin Williams
11:25 AM – 12:00 PM Building a Team with Personality – Part 1 Frank Price
12:00 PM – 12:15 PM Q & A ALL
12:15 PM – 12:45 PM LUNCH
12:45 PM – 1:20 PM Building a Team with Personality – Part 2 Frank Price
1:20 PM – 2:05 PM Games & Redemption/Redemption Prize Center Design Frank Seninsky
2:05 PM – 2:30 PM Electronic Payment Methodologies Kevin Williams
2:30 PM – 2:45 PM Marketing Your FEC using VIP Programs & Debit Card Systems Frank Seninsky
2:45 PM – 3:00 PM BREAK
3:00 PM – 3:45 PM Design and Layout Process to Maximize Revenues Frank Seninsky
3:45 PM – 4:45 PM Remarkable Parties and Groups Frank Price
4:45 PM – 5:15 PM How to Read an FEC P&L and Understand the Big Picture Frank Seninsky
5:15 PM – 5:30 PM Q & A ALL


For more information contact Frank Seninsky directly at [email protected] or Cell:  732 616 5345.

Foundations University goes to Las Vegas NV Prior to Amusement Expo – March 24-25 – 1.5 Day Program

2019 is the 17th consecutive year for Foundations Entertainment University, the industry’s #1 Ranked Educational Seminar Program. With more than 1450 graduates and more than 280 Family Entertainment Center’s (FEC’s) that got their start with Foundations, the NEW Foundations University 2.0 is for newbies, FEC industry veterans, and service providers who want to learn how to be a part of the #3 growth industry in the U.S.

The new 2.0 Foundations added several new topics that were well received in addition to the popular standards:

  • Testing Market Feasibility & Developing Your Business Case – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • What is an Experience Destination & How Do I Get There? – Frank Price – BU
  • Taking the Guesswork Out of Project Financing – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • The Design Process – Doug Wilkerson – Dynamic Designs
  • 7 Keys to Great FEC Design – Doug Wilkerson – Dynamic Designs
  • Contractor Selection – Peter Olesen – Entertainment Concepts
  • Modern Audience Trends – Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality – Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd
  • How to Market Your FEC – Frank Seninsky – AEM
  • Building Your Perfect Team – Frank Price – Birthday University
  • Mastering Food Service Operations One Meal at A Time – Jerry Merola – AEM


  • Early Bird Registration to March 1, 2019: $395 
  • Regular Registration after March 1, 2019: $495
  • 2 or more people from the same company: 1st person at regular rate; 50% discount for each additional person
Frank ‘the Crank’ has several FREE Scholarships available.
Email: [email protected], call: 732 616 5345 if interested.

Birthday University – Jan 23-24 – Orlando FL

Hilton Garden Inn Orlando
5877 American Way
Orlando, FL 32819

Birthday University Agenda:

  • Pre-party staging activity
  • Introductions/overview/games
  • What’s Working / What’s Not & Why
  • Birthday Memories, Birthday Parties Pure Emotion
  • Eliminating Frustrations
  • Choosing a Concept
  • Building & Recruiting Awesome Party Teams
  • Party Team Try Out, Tryout Demo, Party Team Training
  • Party Packaging for Profit, Party Selling – Booking
  • Party Marketing
  • Party Rooms
  • “Planned Personalization”
  • Personalizing The Party
  • Party Flow
  • Party Room Tools That Wow, Party Demo
  • Bonus Workshop: Maximize Profits Through Operational Excellence

Get your Professional birthday master’s degree scholarship from Birthday University.

Frank the Crank still has a few full scholarships remaining so contact Frank at [email protected]


IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 Roundup

(Summary from ‘Buzz Boyz’ – Tourist Attractions & Parks Nov/Dec 2018)

“IAAPA – ‘I-Double A-P-A’ is the five-letter acronym that monopolizes everything good about our industry in the 4th Quarter 2018 and this year’s IAAPA exceeded everyone’s expectations! More attendees, more exhibitors, more new products/services, more new technologies, more networking—a year of ‘heaven on earth’ packed into 6 days.  Here are some of our ‘Buzz’ take-a-ways:”

  • Virtual Reality (VR) is here to stay. There have been and will continue to be many ‘false starts’ but the concept is ‘dug in’.  We counted and visited 61 VR exhibitors.  Few will survive but the good news is that each one has a different angle and the product keeps getting better.  To some degree, our industry will be a leader because we embrace new technology and know how to use it to attract and keep our guests excited. The general public now expects our FECs and venues to offer a VR experience. However, the big money in other industries will benefit more from VR than our industry.  So, having a piece of it is not a bad thing.

A good example is the new Virtuix Omniverse VR Arena with esports competitions.  There were lines of attendees waiting to play and experience this 4-station attraction.  Check out the Virtuix-Funovation IAAPA YouTube Interview by Frank with Jan Goetgeluk (CEO Virtuix) and Ryan Borton (CEO Funovation) –

The new Virtuix Omniverse VR Arena was a hit at IAAPA.  (l-r) Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky, Jan Goetgeluk (CEO Virtuix) and Ryan Borton (CEO Funovation).  Virtuix and Funovation announced their ‘partnership’ at IAAPA.  Note that both are exclusive sponsors of Foundations Entertainment University.

  • Increased lighting and sound technologies continue to go up a notch.
  • More new games were shown than in previous years. The good news is that there were also games for the street – smaller footprints at smaller prices.
  • Debit card companies wrote hundreds of new orders.
  • More companies working together to expand into new markets. Example, LAI/SEGA, Funovation/Omniverse VR…
  • Retail exhibitors did well. In the past, retail was important to IAAPA, but there has been a void in this category for several years. The Buzz Boyz would like to see IAAPA have a section dedicated to ‘retail’ as we believe it would be a great opportunity for buyers.
  • Apple Breakfast is an annual ‘must attend’ – Allen Weisberg (CEO) kept us entertained and fed as he went through three Apple announcements: 1) the new Apple Photo Studio Prism that is half the size of the FEC model with all of the same features; 2) the new Apple licensing deal with Marvel for all of the Marvel characters; and 3) the new Photo Budi picture printer

The new Apple Photo Studio Prism is half the size of the FEC model with all of the same features.  Apple CEO Allen Weisberg can be seen through the booth on the right.

  • Seminars – There had to be more than 100 seminars but we only got to attend a few of them on Monday. Our to favorites that day were:
    • ‘FEC Arcades:  Fast Forward to Fun’ with speakers Steven Paris (Chief Operation Officer Elaut USA), Jim Bennington (Lucky Strike Entertainment), Patrick Michael (Sega), and Kyle Berger (Betson)
    • ‘Redemption Rally’ with Mike Abecassis (CEO Game Time), Joseph Camarota III (Director of Operations Alpha-Omega Amusements), Michael Nowak (Rhode Island Novelty), and Tony Tallarico (QubicaAMF)


Top 10 Frank Seninsky YouTube Channel Videos – 400+ Videos with 70,000 Views

  1. Amusement Expo 2016 Elaut – Eric Verstraeten – 2,717 views
  2. Virtual Reality Park Miami – 1,499 views
  3. Quik n Crispy – IATP Palm Springs 2017 – 1,478 views
  4. Amusement Expo 2016 Quik n’ Crispy – 1,434 views
  5. Lil’ Orbits – IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 – 1,159 views
  6. Amusement Expo 2016 Triotech – 1,083 views
  7. Amusement Expo 2016 Laserforce – 994 views
  8. IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 – 935 views
  9. Gerry Molina, Toy Factory – Bowl Expo 2017 – 927 views
  10. VR Arcade in Laser Tag of Baton Rouge – 836 views

Elaut Top Quality Entertaining The World AMUSEMENT & GAMING





Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.

ITC_WEB AD_Horizontal_2016-01 (1)

GDP Graph Video in $Billions – This is the Real Big Picture of how several countries have increased their GDP over the past 60 years.

Watch China come from way off the list as it passes dozens of countries.  A must see!!!!!

Are You in the Top 1% Financially?  What does this really mean about income inequality globally and in the U.S.?  The real data is eye-opening!!!

(Information from Daniel Kurt – Investopedia)

The gap between the haves and the have-nots has grown wider. According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2018, the Top 1% of adults currently account for more than 47% of household wealth globally.

Who exactly are the Top 1% worldwide? The surprising answer: If you’re an American, you don’t have to even be close to being super-rich to make the list.

Ranking by Income

According to the Global Rich List, an income of US$32,400 a year puts you in the Top 1%. (Note that this is 28,360 euros, 2.4 million Indian rupees, or 224,969 Chinese yuan)

It takes a much higher income to make the Top 1% of wage earners in just the United States. You’d need to earn $421,926 to make the cut.

Ranking by Wealth (Net Worth) is Different

To reach the Top 1% worldwide in terms of wealth – not just income but all you own – you’d have to possess $770,000 in net worth, which includes everything from the equity in your home to the current value of your investments.

When you break it down, Americans rank 4th worldwide in household wages but rank 25th in terms of median wealth. The primary reasons are:  1) U.S. consumers tend to rely on credit more than their counterparts in other countries; and 2) They purchase a whole lot of material things that have little real value. The typical American adult has $60,205 in debt.

The latest data reveal massive and growing income inequality in the United States: In a 2017 paper, economist Edward N. Wolff used Federal Reserve data to show that the Top 1% of U.S. households have more wealth than all the U.S. households in the bottom 90% combined.

Source: Washington Post chart

Pervasiveness of Poverty

The bar to enter the Top 1% wouldn’t be this low were it not for the extreme poverty that so much of the globe endures. For example, the average adult in India has $7,024 in total wealth, according to a report by Credit Suisse. The average wealth of adults in Africa is even lower, at just $4,138.

Compare that to the wealth of $403,974 for the average adult living in the United States and $144,903 for Europeans. Now, it’s true that the term “average wealth” can be misleading, especially for countries where assets are so skewed toward the ultra-rich, like the United States. But even the median U.S. wealth of $61,667 – that’s the amount where half of people have more and half have less – far outpaces other parts of the globe.

The Bottom Line

The term “Top 1%” of global income may sound like an exclusive club, but it’s one to which millions of Americans belong. It’s a reminder of just how prosperous developed countries are compared to the vast majority of other people who share our planet.


The Great Pizza Scam!!! The pizza scam you probably didn’t know about

(Summarized from New York Post)
By John Crudele – December 12, 2018

Should you buy pizza by the slice or by a whole pie?  As Shakespeare might say, ‘That is the Question.’

If you are from New York City or Philadelphia or many other cities throughout the U.S., it is very common for pizzerias to sell slices of pizza in addition to full pizza pies that are for ‘takeout’ or to eat in the restaurant section. A full-size pizza sells for $20.00 or $2.50 a slice. (8 x $2.50 = $20.00).  No problem.

But wait.  It ain’t that simple. The juicy little secret is that the pies that are on display for slices and to order in the restaurant section, are in fact ‘larger’ than the standard ‘takeout’ pies that are only 16” Diameter and sell for $15.  The larger pies are known in the industry as ‘house pies’ and have a 20” Diameter.  Go try to fit 8 slices of a house pie into the standard 16” pie box and it won’t fit!!

As an engineer, I just had to confirm the math here. Was my hometown pizzeria scamming me, or not on takeout orders? After all, the smaller pie does cost less.

The 16-inch pie is just under 201 square inches in size (A=PiRsquared – remember from high school math-[3.145 x (8×8) = 201]. The 20-inch pie is 314 square inches. So, one slice of the eight-piece, 16-inch pie is 25.12 square inches. And one slice of the 20-inch pie is 39.25 square inches.

Therefore, you are paying 7 cents per square inch for the 16-inch pie and 6 cents per square inch for the 20-inch pie. (Those are rounded just like the pies.)

So, it is a better bargain to order eight single slices of the house pie pizza rather than a full 16-inch pie. To be precise, you would be getting 56% more pizza for only 33% more cost.

Of course, there are other considerations other than differences in toppings’ choices. Does the staff use more cheese and sauce for the larger pie?  Is the dough portion the same for the larger and smaller pie, which makes the larger pie ‘thinner’?

Anyway, the windup of this is:  ‘I am going to order my pizza from now on by the slice and only get 6 slices. Does that make any cents at all!!!’

Frank the Crank’s November 2018 RePlay article, “Frank’s 16 Point Checklist for Evaluating the Top FEC Attractions” – What’s Hot…and What’s Not – Part Six

If you think you have the best attractions mix in your FEC or you are starting a new FEC, this article may help you better understand the criteria that goes into choosing the best attraction for your specific situation.  I have already received dozens of emails with very interesting questions from a wide range of FEC types around the world.

What’s Hot…And What’s Not –– Part Six

Ask Frank ‘the Crank’ Technical Tips

Clickjacking – What is It? How to Prevent It

(Summary from Venkatesh Sundar, Indusface)

Cyber-criminals know what ‘clickjacking’ is. They thrive on finding new ways to hack computers, introduce malicious attacks, SQL injections, phishing, and the list goes on.

What is ‘clickjacking’?

We know what hijacking a plane is about. Passengers board their flight to get to a chosen destination.  During the flight the attackers take over the flight to accomplish their objectives, the passengers as pawns. Clickjacking is similar to hijacking and is the easiest cyber-attack to accomplish. The flight is the ‘clicks’, the hijackers or hackers are the cyber-criminals. The goal is to hijack the click made on a specific web page by the unsuspecting victim (user) and transport the victim to another look-a-like web page in order to steal their credentials or finances or other such vital information. The user then clicks on links or buttons on the page and they are routed to a completely different website.

Example #1- A cyber-attacker has placed a free iPhone button on a webpage and layered a webpage you use on top of it. He has linked the free iPhone button to the fund transfer button in your bank account and when you click on this button, you are basically transferring funds to him without your knowledge.

Example #2 – Placing a button under the user’s cursor at all times by embedding a malicious webpage on the browser so that the user is forced to make the click.

Clickjacking attacks occur for 4 major reasons:

  • Getting users to download malware.
  • Gaining control over a computer or mobile device.
  • Gaining access to peripheral hardware.
  • Getting users to post/like/publish/follow pages, groups, etc. on social media platforms without their knowledge.

How to prevent clickjacking attacks

  • Choose an intelligent, round-the-clock, managed WAF like AppTrana that will act as your application’s wall of defense preventing malicious requests from accessing it through loopholes/vulnerabilities while also immediately patching vulnerabilities until a developer can fix them. AppTrana continuously monitors for threats, allows custom rules and assures zero false positives.
  • Include X-Frame-Options HTTP headers that will ensure that your web application or its resources are not being loaded in frames or iFrames on other pages or domains.
  • Read up on clickjacking and learn as much as you can. The above is just a starting point.

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

Make More Money with Fishbowl Frenzy

Get the Fishbowl Frenzy Progressive Bonus Upgrade Kit

Only $495 to Add Progressive Jackpot Bonus

Team Play has responded and answered the hundreds of requests from operators that only have space/budget for one Fishbowl Frenzy. Now the owners of a single Fishbowl Frenzy game can add the awesome Progressive Jackpot Bonus Feature that has previously been available only when you link multiple Fishbowl Frenzy games together!

The Progressive Jackpot is won by dropping your ball into the fishbowl that contains one of the letters to spell out the word FISHBOWL. This jackpot is completely adjustable with a minimum and maximum setting as well as a difficulty setting.


Key-Control Theft Lessons Learned by using Covert Cameras

(Summary of Mark Manney, Vending Times 12-24-18)

“From the very first installation of VendingCam in a vending machine in Lincoln, NE, exposing a theft with keys, to countless videos from cameras later installed all over the country in every type of vending machine and dollar bill changer and even in trucks (both in the back and one in the cab), I (Mark Manney) became the depository of countless covert videos. They were sent to me by clients and exposed who was stealing their missing cash and exactly how they were doing it — often with stolen or untracked keys. Management had no idea that the keys were missing or given out, or who now had them.

”Our story starts in 2005 with a vending machine company’s consultant Mark Manney’s call to Mark Janco who owned a small CCTV company Total Loss Controls. The vending company was concerned with cash and product losses on their routes and wanted to stop or contain the bleeding.
The CCTV company was asked to design and build a covert camera that could be easily installed and hidden in a vending machine or a dollar bill changer, and was motion activated. Soon after that, VendingCam was born, hand-built by Mark Jancco in his shop.

Here is what was learned by hundreds of vending companies from installing VendingCam in 27 states — companies in urban, suburban and rural locations.

  • Most of the thieves were former or present employees who had keys no one in the company knew they had. In some cases, these were stolen; the employee took them along when he or she left the company. Or the keys were given to the dishonest employee and were not tracked or recorded, and no one remembered that they had them. Many were master keys. Sometimes there were entire rings of keys missing, and no one in management realized it. In some cases, the former employee knew the route well and simply continued to skim cash long after leaving the company, but the smart ones did not clean out the machines or changers. Like smart parasites, they didn’t want to kill their hosts…just bleed them like hidden leeches.
  • The former employee wanted their former employer to think it was the present routeman, technician, customer service manager, money room counter etc. who was skimming. I do not know how many routemen have been “managed out” because management was convinced they were stealing because of stolen or untracked keys being used by someone else, but I suspect it is a countless number, and it still goes on daily in the industry.
  • From former mangers to former technicians to former routemen to former route jumpers to friends and sometimes even relatives of former and present employees, stolen keys were used. I realized a common denominator across the industry was the complete and total lack of structured and disciplined key documentation and key control throughout the industry that was behind much to most of the cash losses.
  • I did not find even one client that had anything close to the simple, inexpensive, one-time cost, disciplined key-control program.

This example brings it home. Mark was involved in a case where he suspected a long-term vice-president of a large 38-route urban vending company of using keys to skim cash. He eventually convinced the surprised owner to take his keys off of his trusted vice-president. The vice-president said he used the keys for spot quality-control inspections all around the city, and he did. But immediately after his master keys were locked down out of his control, cash shortage in the company fell like the stock market after the bursting housing bubble in 2008…and stayed down.

The timing of both was not lost on the owner and others in the company who also had suspected the vice-president but were too scared to vocalize their suspicions to the owner, fearing reprisal from the vice-president. This was a vice-president with more than 20 years of service. Check your managers…no one should have keys unless they really need them.

Covert camera videos have proven in vending company after vending company that up to, and often well over 50% of their theft was caused by the complete and total lack of key control caused by former/present employees who became silent partners with stolen or untracked keys.

Do not underestimate the revealing power of a well-placed covert camera. Do not underestimate the cash theft-deterrence power of a low-cost, disciplined loss-prevention key control program. Proactive loss prevention eats reactive investigations for lunch.

[Frank’s Comment] And finally, everything you just read applies to the FEC industry and of course game operator’s routes.


Payment & Mobile App System (American Changer & Hoffman Mint – A Hit at IAAPA)

For a very low cost (Under $5000 with Base), this Payment & Mobile App System can positively impact any FEC or games lineup:

  • Increase revenue & guest satisfaction
  • Provide secure money transactions without a dedicated attendant
  • Kiosk – Charge & Recharge – Holds 250 cards
  • Audit/Redemption capabilities
  • Can be used as a marketing tool
  • Non-networked and easy to install payment system uses RFID Technology
  • Easy access to small bills, coins, tokens
  • Set your business apart with custom tokens from Hoffman Mint
  • Build your band


Industry Events January – March 2019

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
15-17 EAG International Expo 2019 London, UK ➡   💡
15-17 Visitor Attraction Expo 2019 London, UK ➡   💡
17 Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 London, UK ➡   💡
22-23 Birthday University Orlando, FL
27-29 IAAPA FEC Summit 2019 Austin, TX
AMOA State Council Meeting San Antonio, TX
13-15 RAAPA Expo Spring 2019 Moscow, Russia
25-27 DEAL 2019 Dubai, UAE
24-25 Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Prior to Amusement Expo Las Vegas, NV ➡   💡
26-28 Amusement Expo International 2019 Las Vegas, NV ➡   💡
26-28 Laser Tag Convention 2019 Las Vegas, NV ➡   💡

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