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TRR-FEC Welcomes Two New Advertisers Bob Pacanovsky and ARVI VR to our Special Family

Bob Pacanovsky – Hospitality industry expert Bob Pacanovsky ( is all about changing your company culture to give your customers a great experience.  He will teach your staff how to create an impression that LASTS to attract and retain more customers, also resulting in you attracting and retaining your Staff.

Key take-a-ways from Bob’s seminar at Bowl Expo ‘Converting the Big Four Customer Experience” (from Buzz Boyz, Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine):

  • Replace the ‘just good enough’ mindset with a company culture that builds trust & loyalty among employees
  • 51% of Employees are ‘disengaged’ from their job
  • 33% of Employees are ‘actively disengaged’ from their job
  • #1 Reason People Leave their Job is ‘lack of appreciation’
  • You must appreciate your employees in public & hold them accountable in private.
  • ‘Fine’ customer service just doesn’t cut it.
  • We are really in the people business [our industry is all about repeat customers].
  • Must anticipate the needs of your customers and be proactive about it
  • “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Discover how to deliver the Black Tie Experience to attract and retain more customers and employees!

Who is Bob Pacanovsky?

ARVI VR is an IT company headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine that specializes in VR content development. Their prime product is VR escape rooms and currently, have 4 titles. TRR-FEC will have more details on ARVI VR in the October edition.

ARVI VR multi-subject experiences will satisfy all types of end-users: demanding pro in escape room and fan of incredible feeling. Full immersion is guaranteed in every of VR realities: realistic “The Prison” and fairytale “Christmas Story”, military “Mission Sigma” and futuristic “Cyberpunk”. 5 coming soon titles will tickle nerves and impress with scale.

Sales of VR escape rooms to B2B clients were started in Mar 2019. 50+ B2B contracts in 14 countries were signed already (incl. USA – 15 locations, Canada – 4 locations).


Top 20 Games for August 2019 – ‘Treasure Dome’ 4 Pl (UNIS) and Power Roll (SEGA) are the Big Surprises! – Both new games making the Top 10

Check out the Top 75 Games and lots more…

Rank # Top 75 Combined  ALL Games
1 Ticket Ring Jumbo 45″
2 Treasure Dome
3 E-Claw 900 2 Pl
4 Virtual Rabbids 2 Pl
5 Monster Drop Extreme
6 DC Superheroes 4 Pl
7 Connect 4 Basketball
8 Power Roll
9 Mega Stacker
10 Wizard of Oz 6 Pl
11 SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade 2 Pl
12 Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl
13 Ticket Monster
14 Knock it Off Rotary 4 Pl w/Ticket Rolls
15 Whack N Win
16 All In
18 Mega Triple Crane-1 Bay Ticket Bundles
19 Big Bass Wheel #2 Linked
20 Space Invader Frenzy 2 Pl
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The Best of Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News (FCDN) for July/August

Bowl Expo Wraps Up Another Successful Event – The Future of Bowling is Secure

Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.


US Teen Wins $3 M at video game tournament Fortnite World Cup at Arthur Ashe Stadium NYC

Chuck E Cheese’s Parent Company CEC Entertainment’s $2 Billion Dollar Merger Deal Collapses

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

Each FCDN stays on the Blog indefinitely and there is a complete list of the current 165 daily news.

Frank 'the Crank’s Daily News Two Week Summary


Foundations Entertainment University Dallas TX Oct. 15-17 – New Speakers! New Sessions! $50,000+ in Buyers Power Purchasing Discounts!

LOCATION:  Dallas, Texas

October 15 – 17, 2019


What is Foundations 2.0?

Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 is a comprehensive 3-day educational seminar program covering all aspects of market & financial feasibility, planning, design, financing, development, marketing and managing a location-based entertainment business for long-term success.

Spend three days with some of the industry’s top professionals. There will be classroom presentations, round table and one-on-one sessions, networking events, and a whole lot of fun throughout the presentations.

FEU = Hundreds of Thousands of $$$$ Saved

(By learning what to do right the first time from those who

have seen it done wrong – and the results of those mistakes!)

Visit Our Website

Where is it being held?

Courtyard by Marriott DFW Airport North Grapevine

2200 Bass Pro Court, Grapevine, TX 76051


A limited block of hotel rooms has been reserved until September 20, 2019 at the rate of $179 per night (single/double rate) plus taxes. Room availability and this room rate are only guaranteed through September 20, 2019. Call to make your reservation or click on the link below.

Click Here to Reserve Your Room

The attendees will have an opportunity to visit a Dallas premier entertainment destination, PINSTACK in Las Colinas, where they will enjoy dinner, bowling, unlimited attractions, including High Ropes Course, Two-Level Laser Tag, Rock Climbing Wall and more!

Early Bird Registration – Ends October 1, 2019

  • Early Bird Registration: $395
  • Regular Registration after Oct 1: $495
  • 2 or more people from the same company: 1st person at regular rate; 50% discount for each additional person.
  • Registration ends: October 15, 2019

Click Here to Register Now

Foundations Entertainment University Offers New Graduates Over $50,000 in Buying Power Exclusive Discounts from Our Elite Sponsors

Class #50 Attendees completing the upcoming 3-day event being held in Dallas, TX, will be provided exclusive discounts, products and promotions currently valued at over $50,000 through our ‘Buyers Power’ Purchase Program

These are real $$ discounts on products and services that can immediately be used to save on purchases for your business or considered when developing your business plan financials.

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Rhode Island Novelty Latest Items July/August

Mixed Reality – This 4 Minute Video Shows Off This New Technology

Watch Julia White (Azure AI) use her hologram image to give a speech in a different language in a city far away from where she really is…

Ask Frank ‘the Crank’ Technical Tips

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade – Making Sure Both of the 2 Hoppers Always Have Enough Tokens

(Ray Dachik, Regional Manager/Technician, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

In preparation for the 4th of July, I took 1 step backward in my many attempts to ensure that tokens are sent to the hopper that needs more tokens. There are two hoppers, front hopper, and rear hopper. When the game first arrived, tokens would routinely jam in a section of the metal chute that required the poor silver medallion chutes to have the tokens make 6 changes of direction in a 16” span. I replaced that whole section with some 2” PVC and one 45-degree elbow.

To review this first hopper chute modifications I wrote about a year ago click link below.

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade – Solving 3 Error Codes

That PVC replacement chute reduced the number of token jams for that section of the chute to zero and it remains to this date still at zero.

The second problem was the tilt bridge which directs the coin either to the front or rear hopper. The bridge was supported by very thin metal pin spot-welded to an even thinner backing plate. Because of the thinness of the pin and backing plate, the bridge assembly would list by about 20 degrees to one side and eventually snapped off completely.

I ended up replacing the pin on each player side with a much beefier threaded steel rod which I bent into a j-hook and attached with nuts to the backing plate. That solved the problem completely.

The third problem was that the game is programmed to send most coins, about 80% of them, to the front hopper and 20% of the coins to the rear hopper. I am not sure why the designers programmed it that way.  Initially, when I called Andamiro about this, the technician said that it was programmed that way because the game needs more coins in the front hopper.

When I pointed out that 21 of the 24 wins on the roulette wheel spit out silver coins, 1 to 15 coins, all of which come from the rear hopper, he suggested speeding up the revolving prize hole wheel so that the customer hits less and misses more.

I thought then and still do, that this did not make any sense so I thought about some solution.

I soon discovered that I could re-route the coins by swapping the leads to the cherry switches beneath the tilt bridges so that when the game’s main board thought it was sending coins to the front hopper, it would actually be sending them to the rear hopper…….and it worked. Problem solved!!………or maybe not…….definitely not!

Now, most of the coins were going to the rear hopper but they weren’t all going into the hopper. The chute to the front hopper (which is 2” long) sends the coins into the hopper from the top, which is the best way. The chute to the rear hopper (which is 16” long) with 2 unnecessary bends, delivers the coins into the side and about 2” from the bottom of the hopper.

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When the coins in the rear hopper reach the 2” high mark, they block the slide of coins coming down the chute, which causes the coins to back up upon each other all the way up the chute where they eventually block the tilt bridge from making contact with the cherry switch.

When that happens, and it doesn’t take that long, the game shuts down with an error message.

I and the floor attendants have been living with that situation until this past Saturday when I re-swapped the switches so the coins mostly now go to the front hopper. Now we are back to removing excess coins by hand from the front hopper to the rear hopper just as we were doing on day 1 with this game.

Unwilling to admit complete defeat I installed a wide white vinyl gutter above the front hopper on each player side, to simplify the manual transfer of the coins. Ideally, it would be wonderful if Andamiro could redesign SpongeBob so that the rear hopper is also served by a short chute that sends the coins into the rear hopper from the top.


Industry Events September-December 2019

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
9-13 AAMA Annual Meeting & Gala Lombard, IL
16-19 IAAPA Expo Europe / EAS 2019  Paris, France  
23-25 IATP 7th Annual USA Conference and Trade Show New Orleans, LA
15-17 Foundations Entertainment University

Dallas, TX

➡  💡
25-27 AMOA On the Road Rosemont, IL
18-21 IAAPA Expo 2019 Orlando, FL ➡  💡

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