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Ohio And Iowa Have New Games Laws/Proposed Legislation That All Of Us Need To Be Aware Of

Ohio – It is time for me as President/CEO of Alpha-Omega Amusements (Operator) and Alpha-Omega Sales (Distributor) and anyone who is in the amusement industry in Ohio that operates, distributes, and manufacturers games to learn all about the new laws and start the application process to the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC). Everything is done online so I am thinking this may take me a several tries to get it right!

Dates to Remember:  Applications start date was April 23.  The application window ends on July 22—that is a 90-day window.  August 21, 2018 – Deadline to apply for Licensure. The OCCC has been giving educational seminars around the State and several of our company members have attended.


Copies of the slide decks used during the recent presentations on skill-based amusement machines can be accessed using the links below. Please note that the document titled “CLE SBAM Presentation” was used in the morning sessions geared toward attorneys and law enforcement. The second document, “SBAM Industry Presentation” is from the afternoon sessions targeted to members of the industry.

CLE SBAM Presentation
SBAM Industry Presentation

As always, should you have questions please contact the Skill Games Division at [email protected].

Thank you.

The Commission is re-evaluating whether skill-based amusement machine key employee applicants need to be fingerprinted.  While the evaluation is taking place, applications can still be submitted beginning next week.  Regardless of the determination on fingerprinting, the Commission will conduct a thorough background check, including criminal history, of each applicant.

The Commission will provide more guidance on this matter in the near future.

The mailing address is:
Ohio Casino Control Commission

100 East Broad Street 20th Floor

Columbus, OH  43215


Face Place

Here is an initial report from one of the top industry experts who attended the first meeting: 
The most glaring new development was the importance of compliance to the $10 limit regarding individual games payouts. 

Subject: Ohio Skill Based Amusement Machines (SBAMs) Recap


In 2015, the General Assembly tasked the Ohio Casino Control Commission with the development of new regulations concerning skill-based amusement machines.

The new rules go into effect April 23, 2018.

There are three types of machines.

  • Type A – Video games and any other game that doesn’t dispense tickets or merchandise.
  • Type B – Merchandisers – Player may win a prize directly from the SBAM.
  • Type C – Redemption style games.

The licenses we need to apply for are Vendor & Key Employee License:

Vendor License:

$6,000 Application & Licensing Fee

3-year period

Has a Key Employee Application Process

Can distribute Type B or Type C SBAMs

Key Employee License:

  • Owns 25% or more of any SBAM licensee or
  • Has Executive Decision-Making Authority
  • 5-year License Period
  • $500 Application & Licensing Fee

Key dates:

  • April 23, 2018  – New rules go into effect
  • July 22, 2018 – Registration deadline – *Vendors that register and apply with the commission may continue SBAM business until licensing decision is made
  • August 21, 2018 – Deadline to apply for Licensure

All registration and licensing is done online at www.elicense.ohio.gov




Game Approval:

Vendors must submit games to the commission for approval or go through a certified testing laboratory (No labs are yet to be certified)

  • Each version of the game must be approved
  • No stickers or certificates will be issued
  • Approved games will be listed on the website
  • Game manuals can be sent to the commission for approval of a game
  • There is no fee for game approvals unless vendor uses a certified testing laboratory


The commission only has 4 employees total. The estimated initial budget for OCCC is $300,000.00.

The licensing and game approval process are going to take a long time

The prize- value limit for a single play of any SBAM is $10 or 1000 tickets or points

[Editor’s Note:  I do not understand yet how or why the OCCC has fallen for the industry myth that a ticket or point is worth a penny or 1 cent. The redemption ticket value is only determined by the actual prize cost mark up formula, that a games operator or owner independently determines. Each games operator or owner can have their own independent formula.  Nothing else determines a location’s ticket value.]

All should register and apply for licenses as soon as we can – Starting date is April 23, 2018

All licensed vendors, operators, and locations will be listed on the website




New Redemption Bill Considered in Iowa

March 26, 2018
by Dan Snook

Legislation aimed at bringing Dave and Buster’s FEC chain to the US state of Iowa is set to go before the Governor for consideration.

The Iowa Senate recently gave the measure final approval despite warnings by opponents who predicted it represents an expansion of gambling. Critics suggested the bill could cause a repeat of a controversy that ended in 2006 after Iowa lawmakers banned thousands of TouchPlay gambling machines installed in taverns, convenience stores and grocery stores.

Iowa law currently limits “amusement concession” prizes to US$100 or less, a provision discovered by attorneys for Dave and Buster’s as the company explored opening restaurants in Iowa. The current law regulates the traditional operation of redemption machines and the prizes redeemed. Dave and Buster’s, however, offers prizes like tablets or gaming consoles with a value exceeding the current limit. The new proposed legislation raises the limit to US$950.

Iowa State Senator Dan Dawson, who was the bill’s floor manager, strongly disagreed with the idea that the legislation will represent an expansion of gambling. He said there is no comparison between a Dave and Buster’s restaurant adjacent to his legislative district in Omaha and Iowa casinos that operate in the Council Bluffs area.

“For everyone who is worried about a slippery slope, this is not the bill,” Dawson said.

What this could mean?  Dave and Busters is doing a good job of getting amusement redemption games approved in states that have legalized gaming. I have not yet read the full Iowa bill but I do hope it is similar to Georgia, that I believe so far has the best redemption state law.  Having vague and ambiguous state and local laws regulating our industry just leads to mis interpretations and confusion.  The only group that benefits from vague and poorly written laws are lawyers!!!!


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Three Weeks Until Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Session in Minneapolis MN at the Big Thrill Factory

Big Thrill Factory was the Winner of ‘Best FEC in North America 2017’ (IAAPA Brass Ring Award)

2018 will be the 16th consecutive year for Foundations Entertainment University (FEU), the industry’s #1 Ranked Educational Seminar Program. With more than 1410 graduates and more than 275 Family Entertainment Center’s (FEC’s) that got their start with Foundations, the NEW Foundations University 2.0 is for newbies, FEC industry veterans, and service providers who want to learn how to be a part of the #3 growth industry in the U.S.

The new 2.0 Foundations added several new topics that were well received in addition to the popular standards:

  • Testing Market Feasibility & Developing Your Business Case – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • What is an Experience Destination & How Do I Get There? – Frank Price – BU
  • Taking the Guesswork Out of Project Financing – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • The Design Process – Doug Wilkerson – Dynamic Designs
  • 7 Keys to Great FEC Design – Doug Wilkerson – Dynamic Designs
  • Contractor Selection – Peter Olesen – Entertainment Concepts
  • Modern Audience Trends – Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality – Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd
  • How to Market Your FEC – Frank Seninsky – AEM
  • Building Your Perfect Team – Frank Price – Birthday University
  • Mastering Food Service Operations One Meal at A Time – Jerry Merola – AEM
  • Early Bird Registration to May 31, 2018: $395
  • Regular Registration after May 31, 2018: $495
  • 2 or more people from the same company: 1st person at the regular rate; 50% discount for each additional person
Frank ‘the Crank’ has several FREE Scholarships available.
Email: [email protected], call: 732 616 5345 if interested.

Also, ask Frank about free scholarships for the Birthday University Workshop

June 13 – 14, 2018, Raleigh, NC

Doug McMurrain, El Passeo Colorado – ‘Invested two days and will make and save millions!!  Great people and great course!  Thank you.  PS  Food was really good!’

Brittany Critchfield, Lehi UT – ‘We got more actionable knowledge here in 8 hours than we did in the entire time we spent at other conferences.’

Mark Scheff, Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex – ‘If this was easy anyone could do it.  FEU is the best collection of FEC authorities in the world.  Follow their lead and you will exceed your wildest expectations!’

Sandy Gregson, Moonwalkers Play Planet, Oliver, BC Canada – ‘Invaluable information that I would never have known otherwise. Great, fun & approachable speakers.  Super networking opportunities.’

Ben Rodriguez, El Paseo Colorado – ‘Thorough step by step course that explains the true foundations of the FEC business.’

Robyn Warner, UT – ‘Foundations gave me a great set of skills, tips, and networks to successfully get my FEC running.  I feel like I have eliminated potential mistakes I would make if I hadn’t attended.’

Mica Segui, Segui Enterprises, Tampa FL – ‘FEU has been an invaluable experience.  The topics are contemporary and have the potential to be game changing for both rookies as well as experienced operators.  Best education series attended to date.  Thank you!’

 A & A Global Banner

VR to be worth $809m by 2022

by Ian Donegan

The location-based virtual reality market will be worth $809m by 2022 according to a report by Futuresource Consulting, a research specialist in media and technology.

Companies including FoxNext, Zero Latency and Disney’s ILMxLab with Star Wars are demonstrating that VR is a viable business for investment. Futuresource believes this is demonstrated by the sector’s high levels of growth and consumer spend.

“Q1 2018 saw significant growth and rising consumer spend; this is expected to lead to full year spend of $299m in 2018 across the four types of location-based VR categorized as arcades, multiplayer experiences, VR cinemas and VR theme parks,” said Carl Hibbert, associate director, consumer media and technology.

“Of all four categories, VR arcades have seen the fastest take off. The category was estimated at $79m consumer spend in 2017, accounting for 40 per cent of all location-based VR revenues.”

The VR arcade category has the highest number of locations, with an estimated 4,000 sites worldwide, of which those in China account for 75-80 per cent. However, the VR arcades, particularly those in China, offer low-cost and consequently limited quality experiences.

However, at the other end of the spectrum are high-end, free-roam and interactive multiplayer experiences. By 2022, multiplayer VR experiences will account for 41 per cent of the sector’s consumer spend worldwide, the report continued.

“Multiplayer VR allows players to roam free, untethered and with others in a VR environment. This category is expected to have the highest compound annual growth rate across the forecast period, despite a lower number of installations. This is due to consumer desire to pay for sociable experiences with friends, especially in more developed markets. Furthermore, the majority of multiplayer installations offer original content restricted to franchise partners, thus remaining exclusive and adding to the attractiveness,” added Hibbert.

Notable players in the market such as The Void and IMAX are banking on using well-known franchises to support their roll-out of VR and support consumers’ appeal of this new medium. But with the cost of popular franchises restrictive for many, start-ups including Zero Latency and Immotion are building their own content and experience portfolio.

The report concluded that the at-home market has seen slower than expected uptake whereas locations-based VR allows consumers to experience the format without the large investment costs involved in purchasing hardware and is likely to grow as a result.

ITC_WEB AD_Horizontal_2016-01 (1)

TRR Laser-Blast Button Logo + Text in another document 1-23-16

laser blast text



What this could mean?  First off, I (Frank) disagree about the potential size of the market.  I think it will expand across all platforms to close to $50 Billion in 15 years if you include Augmented Reality. The Alpha-Omega Group is currently putting together two test locations for our own VR system and starting a company to create content that we hopefully can license to the hundreds of VR companies out there that are looking for great content.  Several VR startups are approaching an average of $2000/week ($100,000/year projected) and I believe that the FEC market needs to average at least $4000/week or double that level before traction will take place.  Currently repeat play is the major problem as the content is not really that exciting.  Another drawback is that spectators watching people playing VR get bored quickly watching people move around making fools of themselves.  I am sure that many others are working on incorporating a technology (green screen – mixed reality) that will permit the spectators to see exactly what the players see!!!!




New Products & Technologies

Fire Department Trucks Scoot Thru Traffic Jams & Use Drones to Put Out Hi-Rise Fires – Amazing!

Editor’s Note – Although this is just a simulation, there are technological advances being made in increasing the horsepower/lb. ratio in the internal combustion engine that can be used to increase the weights that drones can lift.  So, in the near future, this Norway firetruck could become a reality!!!

Great Video – Snow Blower Removes Heavy Snow from Railway

Google – They Know What They Are Doing – Big Brother is Watching US


“Big brother” knows every step you take via your cell phone, everywhere you go and everything you check on in the Internet….

Read more  The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report - June 2017 Section 2

OMGoodness: This this explains a lot. I thought I was being watched when everything I shop for online suddenly appears in ads my Facebook and on the screen as I am just perusing my own stuff…Apparently, it goes much further than that…

Shocking! – Real Parts Order from Australian Amusement Company Ordering Video Game Parts


Hope you are well.

I need to place a game parts order but we need you to remove the words FIRE ARM, PISTOL, GUN, or RIFLE, from any descriptions or any wording in the documents traveling with the goods as these will be confiscated and destroyed by the Crown. We have very strict gun laws in Australia and these are considered imitation firearms by law.

Imitation firearms are defined as a copy or reproduction of a firearm, or an article that has the appearance of a firearm that could reasonably be taken to be a firearm. This can include goods such as ornaments and arcade or video game controllers & spare parts.

Please modify any Description of FIRE ARM, PISTOL, GUN, or RIFLE in all orders from now on.


What this could mean? Wow!! Can we still have a firetruck kiddie ride? After all, the word ‘fire’ is in the name. What about an armature or even an arm for a broken Barbie Doll or am armchair? What about an alarm-it has the word arm in it.  How about warm parts or food warmer?  Wait until the politically correct robots are fully programmed.  Business will be out of business!!!



Prize Arrow (SEGA) is ‘One Heck of a Small Inexpensive Merchandiser that is 100% Skill’.

Our Prize Arrow Test Game was installed on April 1 and did extremely well in its first full week (See Test Games Spreadsheet Southwest Seasonal Location), even though the Win% was only 15% and we are tweaking it to make it easier to get it up to 25%.

This is what my partner, Joe Camarota had to say about Prize Arrow.  Joe has been a key committee member at AAMA who has been working on the Fair Play Pledge (I took some liberties here to keep it light as Joe, the ultimate politician, loves to use big words that none of us street people really understand):

Good Morning SEGA,

In furtherance of the Fair Play Pledge (FPP), we (Alpha-Omega Amusements & Alpha-BET) will gladly propagate (I think that means make babies or sprinkle?) our new Prize Arrow with our special ticket bundle sets and maybe sprinkle in some hard-good prizes.

We also believe that the skilled merchandiser has a place in our Industry. As such, our company currently only endorses and operates one ‘new’ model- Andamiro’s Super Star S.  This remains an above standard income generator for us with either the utilization of tickets or electronic merchandise as its designated and displayed reward. [This means Super Star S makes a lot of money for us and it fully complies with the AAMA Fair Play Pledge].

After a cursory (I would delete this word) inspection, we felt that the Prize Arrow could potentially also be viewed in the same manner as the Super Star S.  Prize Arrow is a reasonably priced and skill-based merchandiser, with a great ROI, that can function successfully with either merchandise or tickets. The explosive advent (huge number) of the new ticket cranes, has dramatically reduced the need to procure (buy) machines for that sole (for those in the AMOA and Jukebox industry we never like to see the word ‘sole’ written unless it relates to shoes) purpose.  Conversely, it has created a dearth (lots) of skilled, well priced units with an excellent ROI that are for the most part maintenance free merchandisers.  From our perspective, this test is being conducted for the sole (man that word hurts) purpose to determine if the Prize Arrow can ‘fit that bill’.

As always,

Thank you, Joe

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.

Ask Frank ‘the Crank’ Technical Tips

SpongeBob Metal Coin Chute Replaced to Eliminate Coin Jams

(Ray Dachik, Regional Manager/Technician, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

Problem:  I was not overjoyed with my new SpongeBob game even though I had heard and read that this was a top earning game and I was excited when this game arrived. The coins going down each of the two-player position metal coin slide chutes had a tendency, especially with a good player getting more coins down the chute at a time, to jam up at the first 90 degree turn that is about 6” downstream from the moving target opening (coin chute sensor near the bonus win hole).  For me to unjam the coins, I had to move the game 2 feet forward to gain access to the back door. I would open the back, reach in and whack the chute with my open palm at the point in the picture attached that says “cut chute here’’.  You can imagine that each time I had to do this during the first two weeks of the game’s arrival, my frustration increased and my whacks got harder and harder.  And I am not a violent person!!!

When I am not at the game zone and the coins jammed, the location game staff would just tag the game out-of-order and it would remain out-of-order until my next scheduled visit!!!. And we all know how much an out-of-order game makes – like ZERO – a bad reflection on my technical skills.

Solution:  To me, this problem was patently a mechanical design error by the manufacturer. The 3-foot long metal chute forces every token to go through 8 changes of direction before the token hits the hopper. My initial thought was to chop the length of the chute in half and replace it with a 16” straight piece of a plastic chute that cuts out 4 of the 8 direction changes.

I searched the Internet and found a 4’ piece of 2” square hollow PVC tube that sells for $31 that should handle both sides of the game. (link for PVC)  https://www.amazon.com/PVC-Hollow-Rectangular-Gray-NSF-61/dp/B003Y39WD6

Let TRR be clear – Editor – No part of the original equipment was cut or damaged and if the game is ever sold it can easily be brought back to the original design (Ray saved the original parts of the metal chutes)!  We would not want to jepordize the manufacturers warrantee.

I initially sought to replace the square hollow metal chute which costs about $90 with almost as expensive square hollow PVC which runs about $8 a foot.  I reconsidered (at Dave Lohr’s suggestion–thank you Dave.) and decided to use 2” round PVC –$5 for a 10’ piece. The round PVC is better suited to handle direction changes by a slight twist to the 45-degree couplers.  This rather simple almost straight shot path to the hopper consumed  16” of PVC pipe — less than a $1.00– and 2 elbows – 93cents each—so the whole project came in at about $3 total for parts (including sales tax).


Additional Detail Notes from Ray

There is a plastic chute for each side, so there are two plastic chutes now in my 2-player game.

The plastic PVC pipe is 2” diameter vs the metal chute which was 1.25” x 1.25” sq.  The plastic run for each side needs two: 2” diameter 45-degree couplers, a short (1.5”) piece of pipe to join the couplers and one 16” piece of pipe to run in a straight shot from the 2nd coupler to the hopper.

So, you are dealing with 4 pieces of plastic for each side. Simply assemble all 4 pieces with the opening of the first coupler (notched as described below) directly underneath the metal chute as shown in the top view picture.

Read more 

Twist the 2nd coupler and 16” piece of PVC pipe so that it is pointed at the hopper and rests on the top edge of the hopper. You don’t need to use PVC glue because the friction fit is quite tight enough for our purposes.

Vinyl strap the notched PVC pipe to the wood deck and you are done. It took me about 2 hours total to remove the metal chutes and install the plastic chutes for both sides. Total parts cost about $4 per side (vs. about $90 for the guaranteed-to-jam all metal chute).

Where the opening of the first plastic coupler meets the original metal chute, as shown in the picture, this was the point where most of the coin jams occurred. Since installing the plastic chute on 4-3-18 I have had zero coin jams in this run of pipe as opposed to almost daily or more jams with the all metal version.

Editor’s Note:  I do hope that Andamiro and other manufacturers will read this and hopefully make the improvements standard for the industry.  And even better yet, perhaps several manufacturers will provide their coin chute slide modification to all those who have purchased their game for FREE.  Many games have poorly constructed coin entry chutes/tubes where many coins never make it to the cash box or hopper, but splash all over the bottom of the game, sometimes landing on a circuit board and ‘OH NO!’. Nah, that is asking way too much! But we all like to dream, even in our capitalistic country. Lastly, let me state that I and our industry love Andamiro and I in particular love SpongeBob Pineapple!!!




Andamiro Service Tips


Here are some basic tips to keep your new Andamiro assets functioning properly

Any successful amusement machine operation almost always starts by determining what the customer wants. What’s most obvious? They want machines that are clean and working. Following appearances, they want value and quality gameplay. Here are a few maintenance and operating tips for four of Andamiro’s new games — SpongeBob Soccer Stars, Baseball Pro, Despicable Me Jelly Lab and Pump It Up 2017 Prime 2 — that’ll keep them working and earning, and your customers satisfied.


SpongeBob Soccer Stars is fast and addictive. The game’s mini soccer balls are propelled across the playfield in less than a second. Phase one of each game lasts 30 seconds, during which time some 25 shots can be fired; the bonus round adds another 15 seconds of ball activity. Missed goals are bounced back, while some shots hit the playfield before reaching the goal region. This constant high-speed contact will create residue buildup on various areas of the playfield, which includes the built-in LED bonus scoreboard.

#SoccerStarsTip » Use a nonabrasive adhesive remover to dissolve the playfield residue quickly, leaving it polished and professional. We experimented with a few wipe-on/wipe-off solutions and found the “3M Adhesive Remove” to be very effective. Starting at the back of the game, spray the solution evenly across and down the playfield, allow the solution to sit for two minutes, and then use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the entire field. The solution dissolves the residue, revealing a shiny and vibrant surface after wiping. “Cleanliness is next to managerless” — SpongeBob SquarePants



It’s baseball season and interest in Andamiro’s pitch-and-bat lineup is soaring. The line includes the original Baseball Pro, the smaller Baseball Pro Junior, and Baseball Pro Challenge; the latter is offered in the Junior cabinet and features alternate two-player competition that appeals to bar and tavern patrons.

#BaseballProTip » Restrict outs to “holes.” Here’s what we mean: The batter’s game is over when three outs are recorded. In Baseball Pro’s default setting, a foul ball, one that lands on the forward playfield, is registered as an out. Disable this setting to limit “outs” to the “out holes” in the game’s rear section, where runs are scored. This will lengthen gameplay and allow new players to become familiar with Baseball Pro (and fall in love with it).


Today’s high-tech quick-coin games work best with incremental crediting options. Take Andamiro’s Despicable Me Jelly Lab, for instance. Use these factory-recommended price settings for best results:

1 swipe/credit = 5 plays

2 swipe/credit = 11 plays

3 swipe/credit = 18 plays

4 swipe/credit = 24 plays

5 swipe/credit = 30 plays

#JellyLabTip » If an operator wants to increase the number of plays for one credit, then the subsequent crediting options must also increase accordingly. In other words, the number of plays for two separate single swipes should not be greater than the number of plays for two simultaneous swipes.


Andamiro’s iconic Pump It Up rhythm and dance video games are updated annually. Our current PIU LX in the 55″ display cabinet ships with 2017 Prime 2 software, which was introduced last year. However, numerous versions of 2018 Prime 2 have been released since January 1. The latest and ninth update — 2018 Prime2 V2.03.0 — will be available at the end of April.

#PumpItUpTip » Before updating your dance game, check with your Pump It Up customers. PIU fans can be dogmatic about a game’s songs and characters. If you do choose to update, the software is free and installs from a USB drive or directly over the Internet. Your equipment must be running 2017 Prime 2 to support the 2018 updates.

#GeneralTip » Always study and refer to the manual that comes with your game. If you have any questions or thoughts about these games or any other Andamiro machine models, please contact us by emailing or calling:

[email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x4

[email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x2

[email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x3

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Industry Events May-August 2018

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
 10 – 12  GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2018  Taipei, Taiwan
 13 – 17  Roller Skating Association Show 2018  Las Vegas, NV
 16 – 17  Future Of Immersive Leisure 2018  Las Vegas, NV
 20 – 22  IATP 2nd Annual  EU Conference & Trade Show  Amsterdam, Netherlands
 05 – 07  Foundations Entertainment University 2.0

 Big Thrill Factory  Minneapolis, MN

  ➡ &  💡
 05 – 08  Asian Attractions Expo 2018  Hong Kong, China
 13 – 14  Birthday University  Raleigh, NC   ➡ &  💡
 17 – 21  Bowl Expo 2018  Las Vegas, NV   
 11 – 13  BCA  / Billiard & Home Leisure Expo 2018  New Orleans, LA
 22 – 23  Birthday University  Atlanta, GA  ➡ &  💡