ICE/Sega Super Kixx Pro Bubble Soccer, with new features, promises hours of fun for the family as well as competitive play. It is modeled after the original ICE Super Chexx hockey game – a hit now for over 35 years.

As reported by Global Amusements & Play, “Developed by ICE and distributed by SEGA, Super Kixx’s audio has been carefully crafted to sync with the game, which allows players to pass, shoot and score just as though they were actually playing themselves. Additionally, the game features an LCD scoreboard with animated videos, a lighting fast elevator to bring the ball into play at kick-off and after goals, and more than ten customizable national anthems.

ICE Arcade, Amusement and Redemption Games

78 Nation Choices – Animated Scoreboard with video and sound. H 54” – W 36” – L 70” Custom graphics and hand-painted players are available

What this could mean? This new model is a remake of ICE’s Super Kixx Soccer (1990’s) and the original Kixx Bubble Dome Soccer (1985). Now is a perfect time to start the cycle with new technology updates. BTW, the smooth playfield without the green turf is welcomed. There is also a great opportunity for women’s teams/clubs to get women players made. Humm??? Could that mean that many locations would need two Super Kixx Pro games?

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