VRstudios, creator of turn-key multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has announced a new exclusive experience for Dave & Buster’s proprietary multiplayer virtual reality simulator – “Star Trek: Dark Remnant”– an interactive intergalactic experience that is now available to play nationwide, thrusting players into a perilous rescue mission alongside the Enterprise at the edge of Klingon space. – Global Amusement & Play

”Star Trek: Dark Remnant” is now one of the three titles playing in Dave & Buster’s proprietary multiplayer Virtual Reality simulators nationwide.  Known as the VRcade Attraction Management Platform (AMP), this is the latest development of the partnership between VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s that started in June 2018. Currently there are 137 AMP VR simulators in Dave & Buster’s in North America.

As reported in Global Amusements & Play, “Star Trek: Dark Remnant puts you in control of the U.S.S. Galileo, Starfleet’s latest and most advanced stellar research vessel, accompanying the U.S.S. Enterprise on a routine mission to evacuate a stellar observatory located in the middle of the Klingon Neutral Zone and learn more about the decaying neutron star it orbits. When the neutron star collapses prematurely it leaves the Enterprise incapacitated. It’s now up to you to protect her from stellar debris – and the unwelcome arrival of a Klingon ship out for vengeance.

With several completely different endings combined with other elements of variability, including subtle differences in gameplay, randomized player characters, and dialogue that responds real-time to your performance, Star Trek: Dark Remnant is never the same experience twice. You might even observe the fate of a poor redshirt ensign!

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VRstudios and development partner Strange Reptile (veterans of The VOID, Disney, EA and Ubisoft) have brought the iconic world of Star Trek to life in a very rich and unique way. Players will encounter awe-inspiring vistas from their stations on a special research-observatory style bridge and will have a front row seat for dynamic and thrilling flybys of both the Enterprise and a Klingon Battlecruiser. The action will be controlled through a sleek and special virtual interaction device that enables players to control the Galileo’s phasers, deflector shields, and sensors. Star Trek: Dark Remnant leverages both VRstudios’ and Strange Reptile’s years of work in Location-Based Virtual Reality, including VRstudios’ deep understanding of the Dave & Buster’s simulator.

“Players get a perspective of the Star Trek universe in a different way than they have experienced before – coming face-to-face with the Enterprise in all its beauty and splendor,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ Vice President of Creative Development. “Working together with Strange Reptile on this title has enabled us both to use our complementary strengths to delight players with this unique Star Trek adventure. We have combined all the well-established frameworks of Star Trek with some all-new story elements and characters, while also delivering multiple different endings to keep players coming back for more!”

What this could mean? Dave & Buster’s is taking specific and well-planned steps to be the location that the general public will seek out to see and experience some of the newest games and attractions and that is great for the industry.  Yes, I really mean that because D&B promotes their latest and greatest and it raises the bar for our entire industry.  In this case, however, I believe that the VRcade AMP is exclusive to D&B and they may or may not license it to the industry.  Even so, I for one, am thrilled to be able to get several new games a year that have been only at D&B for their first 90-120 days of existence with almost everyone in the U.S. knowing about them.  Of course, many will have already played them by the time my locations receive them, but there are still millions more that each FEC can let know when a game is on-site.  Other customers will see that game and immediately recognize it. So, thank you D&B for all of the advertising you do that benefits us all!


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