SpongeBob Pineapple AndamiroAndamiro has come through once again! SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade, one of the best overall revenue generating games over the past 3 years, is getting a brand-new stock of collectible cards (Series 2-9 cards). This will help SpongeBob soak up even more money, as players use their skills to win the cards needed to complete the new set and redeem those points for the prizes they desire.

The Series 2 card set will include the same characters that are featured in the first set but with new colors, new poses, and catchy biographical snippets on the back side of each card.

According to the Andamiro Press Release: “The cards are distributed around the playfield where the player attempts to knock them into the drop chute. A player can trade cards for tickets/[points], or hold them [or trade them] until all nine have been collected.”

“When releasing a new game, you always hope for the best, and SpongeBob has been a very successful coin-op license, so I thought we had a good shot,” recalled Andamiro USA sales president Drew Maniscalco. “We’re so pleased it’s become such a BIG hit!”

Andamiro USA began shipping the new SpongeBob card series in January 2019, available through authorized distributors. They come in 150-ct. boxes. Series 1 and Series 2 cards can be commingled, but the original Series 1 will only be available while supplies last.

What this could mean? Operators of SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade should make sure they offer enough points so that all players are incentivized to turn in single cards won if they are not frequent visitors and have the opportunity to play SpongeBob many many times and also to offer a huge bonus when they redeem a full set.  The point here is to make sure that each operator gets as many of the Series 1 and Series 2 cards back so they can keep the Series 1 sets in stock.  SpongeBob 2 Pl has the uncanny ability to once in a while (certain weeks) to be the #1 Ranked Game, sometimes beating out 6-player games. I still have not figured out why this happens.   If only I could predict this.  Final Word – I do not see anyone trading in a SpongeBob so go out and buy this game or buy more of this game as it does not get any better.  Thank you Andamiro!!!  Frank ‘the Crank’

Source RePlay Magazine

SpongeBob Pineapple


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