As reported by InterGame, “Semnox had a range of equipment at the DEAL show that hadn’t been seen in the region since [its debut] at IAAPA.”

Tushar Berge and Umesh Prabhu, Semnox Solutions

“We’ve got our outdoor readers, access card readers and of course the new features on our software solutions,” said director, Umesh Prabhu (pictured, right). “This market has been challenging of late but we’ve done well. We’ve rolled out our solutions in Chuck E Cheese’s stores in Saudi with installs pending. We still registered growth last year.”

“When challenges occur like they have here and budgets are spent more carefully, it offers an opportunity for us to offer our services and products that can help save operators money and that’s where we can better place ourselves and work with our clients so that end users see value for money and better services. It’s all about improving bottom lines,“ said Prabhu.

One of Semnox’s new products, the Redemption Kiosk, was featured in Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News on January 17, 2019:

Semnox Solutions Launches New Redemption Kiosk

by Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky | Jan 17, 2019 | Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News |

Semnox Solutions, leaders in debit card systems, recently introduced their Redemption Kiosk at IAAPA 2018. Redemption Kiosk is a new faster, easier, and much more efficient way for guests to redeem their prizes at family entertainment centers. The main purpose is to reduce queues at the redemption counter, reduce facility labor costs, and simplify the whole guest experience of choosing and redeeming prizes.

“In the life cycle of the redemption process we identified an opportunity to improve its efficiency. Semnox attempted to move [transfer] the involved and time-consuming process of choosing the prize from the redemption prize counter over to the Redemption Kiosk.”  – Bepin Jose, Semnox Solutions President

To choose their desired prize(s) a costumer just scans his/her debit card or ticket receipt at the Redemption Kiosk and picks one or more prizes from the system’s prize recommendations, which are based on the customer’s available ticket balance. One final click and the redemption prize(s) order request is internally submitted.  The Kiosk then issues two receipts – one for the costumer from the Kiosk and one for the redemption counter staff from the POS at the redemption prize center. When the order is filled, the customer’s number is announced over the facility speaker system.  The customer then goes to the redemption prize center and claims their prize(s).

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Frank ‘the Crank’ Comment

What This Could Mean?  In the near future, my guess is that we will see the Kiosk further designed to learn each customer’s preferences just like Netflix establishes a customer profile and ranks movie choices for each customer.  Just think of the marketing opportunities to notify the customer of new prizes and events scheduled at the family entertainment center to get them to visit more frequently.