Sparks Forest Adventure Park, a newly opened adventure and recreation waterpark covering 12.5 acres in Sukabumi, Indonesia, is using Semnox Parafait for all of its Point of Sales stations and access points across the Park. The POS cover the entry points, lockers, 7 thematic pools, bird house dome, all F&B, Tree House, and campgrounds.

“On meeting with Semnox, we found that they specialize in this area and they have a good track record around the globe. Their Director, Kiran Karanki, has been quite accommodating which I think is extremely important especially in the service industry. We communicated with one of their clients and they gave a good recommendation and reference. Based on that, we chose Parafait,” says Felix Widjaja, owner, Sparks Forest Adventure Park, Indonesia.

“Visitors to Sparks Forest Adventure can now access the park with the help of RFID wristbands. Automated tripod turnstiles have been set up at entry points to facilitate easy and secure access by eliminating the need for long queues. The RFID wristbands also give guests access to attractions in the adventure section as well as the water park depending on the package chosen.

“Based on what we’ve been through so far, I’m very happy with Semnox. They have been helpful and very accommodating of all our needs. The process so far has been smooth. One of my concerns before was about communication because we need to communicate daily between Indonesia and India, particularly during the early days of the post-implementation period. However, time difference and location have proved to be a non-issue since they’ve been addressing all our enquiries promptly so far. I believe they’ve done really well and I would recommend their service to anyone,” adds Felix.

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The handheld POS lets guests load the attraction ticket on the wristband at the spot. These tickets can then be verified by handheld waterproof deducting agents near each adventure attraction.

“We have been able to conduct the successful implementation at Sparks Forest Adventure largely due to the wonderful rapport with owner Felix Widjaja and the team on ground. This implementation leverages the complete Parafait portfolio – entry ticketing, F&B, Merchandize, mobile ticketing, RFID lockers etc. We are extremely happy that the implementation of such a complex technology solution has gone smoothly.  Semnox is privileged to have been an integral part of Sparks’ foray into new technology,” says Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox Solutions.

“RFID cards have resulted in fully cashless transactions across Sparks Forest Adventure including the F&B area. The wireless, RFID-operated lockers do away with the need for keys and help visitors safeguard their belongings while they have a good time at the park. The rental process is again a cashless one, with the fee being deducted from the RFID wristbands. Sparks Forest Adventure has also opted for the centralized reporting system that enables the finance team to control financial operations by simplifying processes.

About Semnox

Semnox Solutions Private Limited ( provides technology and creative solutions for the entertainment and amusement industry. Semnox’s Parafait suite of products is operational at over 1,800 plus sites spread across 45 countries.

Phone: +91 82442 55888

Email : [email protected]

Semnox Uses Market Dip to Make a Big Splash at DEAL

What this could mean? Semnox is a well-known and world-wide established debit card system provider and innovator. Semnox is installed in all of the Chuck E Cheese locations in the U.S. and also cover the Amusement Park and Waterpark sectors with their efficient POS and wristband Systems.  I have recently had the pleasure of working directly with the Semnox Team during a FEC installation of 40 games and attractions. There was a lot of custom programming that my operations require and Semnox has worked diligently to make the adaptations, all at no charge, I might add.

In today’s world, relationships are critical in getting things done.  From the above quotes from Sparks Forest Adventure, it is obvious that Semnox cherishes their relationships.


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