Passengers on the Carnival Horizon have been enjoying Ropes Courses Inc.’s thrilling 24 element Sky Trail course since 2018 (RCI has Sky Trail’s on Norwegian Cruise Line and Costa Cruises). Carnival Sunrise will soon set sail with a new 20 element Sky Trail attraction as will the MSC Gradiosa with 24 elements.

Yes, Ropes Courses Inc.’s Sky Trail is a perfect match for cruise operators and passengers. So much so that RCI will be exhibiting and presenting its adventure products including ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ interactive climbing walls at the Seatrade Cruise Global Show April 9-11th at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Florida.

As reported by Blueloop, “Over 900 exhibitors are scheduled to take part, with expected visitor numbers of 12,000. RCI is currently in 33 countries, as well as on popular cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Costa Cruises.”

“RCI will be present throughout the exhibition. The company is looking forward to talking to developers and highlighting their adventure attractions. Benefits such as minimal maintenance, low operating costs and high throughputs make products like Sky Trail a good choice for cruise operators. They also provide an exciting and memorable experience for cruise guests and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Sky Trail is made from marine-grade materials. This ensures increased strength, durability and longevity, even at sea.”

“We want to showcase to the maritime industry how our adventure products can be valuable assets and drive sustainable growth on both cruise ships as well as at ports of call locations” explains Jon Weston, chief sales officer for RCI. “For any moment in the itinerary, RCI attractions are there to further extend the cruise experience for families of all ages.”

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What this could mean? Over the past several years AEM has worked closely with Ropes Curses Inc. to design indoor and outdoor ropes courses and Clip ‘n Climb attractions for FEC’s. In one case we loaded a 2 level ropes course from the 2nd Floor and it worked out fantastic! In another RCI helped me pass the electric and CAT5e data lines from the ceiling through their Poles and end up cutting out round holes for the 20-amp electrical outlets so we could place games around each of the front Poles.

Regarding the latest Sky Trail design, I especially like the Carnival Sunrise seafaring element “Walk the Plank” attraction, that extends out over the water 22 feet above the top deck. Wow! What an experience this will be!  BTW, on my last cruise, my grandchildren and Cranksters (Pendry and Royce) loved the ropes course and went on it several times, each time showing off their ‘fearless skills’ and challenging all the adults with statements like, ‘Try to move faster and not hold up the line, Grandpa!  You always talk about how important throughput is!”