The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report – June 2018 Section 1

The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report – June 2018 Section 1

June 2018

In This Section

Breaking News

Redemption & FEC Report Advertiser Renewals for 2018 Hit 97%

We must be doing something right!!!

I want to personally thank our current family of 85 Advertisers in TRR-FEC for their continued support (more than double since 2015). The renewal rate for 2018 is 97%.  I also try my best to include as many of the linked advertiser banners in my Frank ‘the Crank’ Blog articles and to keep the banners, skyscrapers, and buttons updated.

Andamiro Testimonial  

“Inclusion in the Redemption & FEC Report has had a positive impact on Andamiro products and has helped strengthen the Andamiro brand in the redemption category. In particular, the newsletter’s reporting on Andamiro’s SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade — both praise and honest criticism — has elevated awareness of the company’s first pusher and card attraction. In general, the Redemption Report is professionally edited and illustrated, and comprehensive in its coverage. Its grassroots content and presentation of data are unique to the amusements industry. We look forward to the next editions.”

—Nick Montano, Marketing Director, Andamiro USA Corp.

Bowl Expo 2018 Las Vegas – Big Success

Bowl Expo 2018 saw more exhibitors and more attendees and more importantly, more 1st time attendees. I am not exactly sure how the BPAA attracted more than 400 new attendees – was it having Lou Holtz as the Keynote or the 16 hot topic seminars or the awesome marketing done by BPAA on the networking advantages or the rollout of QubicaAMF’s new game changer ‘Hyper Bowling’?  Perhaps all of the above and the fact that bowling centers nationwide and worldwide are upgrading their offerings (especially food) to keep up with the out-of-home leisure competition. BPAA President Nancy Schenk tells it better than I can write it:

Bowl Expo 2018 Video Compilation – Las Vegas, NV

Nancy Schenk – BPAA President – Bowl Expo 2018

Jeff Boje – BPAA President (2004-2006) – Bowl Expo 2018

Michael Ducat – BPAA President (2000-2002) – Bowl Expo 2018

Peter Gustafson – American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) – Bowl Expo 2018

Lori Schneider – Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA) – Bowl Expo 2018

Meg Bonnichsen – SureShot Redemption – Bowl Expo 2018

Emanuele Govoni, Jay Buhl – QubicaAMF, ‘Hyper Bowling’ – Bowl Expo 2018

Bryan Severance – SpringboardVR – Bowl Expo 2018

Bryan Azorsky – Modal VR – Bowl Expo 2018

Steven Wheeler – ‘Kid Cannon’ – Bowl Expo 2018

Ken Paton – Paton Financial Group – Bowl Expo 2018

Mark Johnson – Bay Tek Games – ‘Connect 4 Hoops’ – Bowl Expo 2018

Wayne Snihur – American Changer – ‘Debit Card Dispenser’ – Bowl Expo 2018

Rand Wright – SafePark USA – Bowl Expo 2018


Best Seminar I have Attended in a Decade!

’51 Ways to Improve F&B Operations in 90 Minutes’ by Mike Holtzman (President) – Profitable Food Facilities Worldwide

We learned how to buy quality chicken, beef, and fish and save money, improve food quality, improve food physical presentations, raise prices, improve menus, make more bottom line dollars…and get rave customer reviews!!!  And all in 90 minutes!!!!

‘Connect 4 Hoops’ (Bay-Tek) the Hit Game of Bowl Expo 2018

Editor’s Note:

This is a great example of how our industry can use existing technology to combine two competitive games into a great new game!!!  The first player to align four balls either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the augmented reality vertical LED projected grid wins!!!  They say that one or two players can play, but we all know that the more hands a team has the better.  Teamwork pays off!  This is a game where a player can be ahead and lose at the last second.  It looks easier than it really is…and that is what repeat play is all about!!!!  Way to go Bay-Tek!!!!




Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Minneapolis MN at the Big Thrill Factory (Oakdale & Minnetonka)

Foundations Entertainment University #45 Deemed a Success

(As printed in AMOA’s Off the Top e-Newsletter July 2, 2018)

2018 is the 16th consecutive year for Foundations Entertainment University (FEU), the industry’s #1 ranked educational seminar program for family entertainment centers (FECs). FEU Class #45 concluded in Minneapolis, MN last month and the recent graduates will join the esteemed group of more than 1,410 alumni and more than 275 FECs that got their start with Foundations.  A total of 50 attendees were present (24 attendees from 12 states, 19 sponsors, 6 speakers).  The group visited three FECs for hands-on learning – Big Thrill Factory in Minnetonka and Oakdale, MN and Punch Bowl Social.  To get a sense of what all the fun was about, click here to view a brief video compilation of the three-day event.

The third, and final, 2018 FEU workshop will be held on October 16-18, 2018 – Houston TX at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport.  Early Bird Registration is available until October 1, 2018, for $395, after which the price goes up to $495. Two or more people from the same company: first person at regular rate; 50% discount for each additional person.

AMOA is a proud sponsor of FEU!  Please be our guest and take advantage of a limited number of scholarships available to AMOA members. If interested or you have questions, please call the AMOA Office at (815) 893-6010 or call Frank ‘the Crank’ at 732-616-5345 ([email protected]).

For program details and a list of topics, please visit Don’t hesitate and get in on the fun.

New Mascot for Foundations University – ‘Rooney’ (Golden Retriever)

FETCHREV Wants to Increase Your Business

[And they are doing just that with their automated software platform!!!]

FetchRev Launching Self-Signup Platform

“One of the biggest challenges for family entertainment centers today is standing out amongst the competition. You can have the cleanest, fanciest center around, but the reality is that your customers are bombarded with options – and the more options they have, the less likely they are to choose your business. So how do you break through the noise and stop losing customers to countless competitors? With an automated marketing solution like FetchRev, that not only collects customer information, including emails and birthdays, but also monetizes that data to drive more foot traffic and revenue to your door.

Until now, family entertainment centers looking to adopt FetchRev had to schedule a demo and go through manual onboarding. This is no longer, thanks to their new self-signup platform. Available to the public late-July or early-August, new customers will not only be able to get their account setup and launch their first offer in less than 10 minutes from their own laptop, but also start seeing results on their first day using FetchRev. Learn more here.


Capitalize on your customer database, as well as in-store kiosks, to sell more parties.

Turn one-time guests into regulars by creating offers that inspire them to come back.

Names, emails, birthdays – collect everything you need to retarget and engage your customers.

With an automated marketing machine filled with actionable customer data, your business is headed for the stars.




Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.

What Happens In An Internet Minute – Look at the Differences from 2017 to 2018!!!

[It should be obvious that it is getting harder and harder for a business to penetrate its target market through the Internet.  That is why VIP Programs are so important so each of your current customers becomes a part of your marketing department. This is where AppsApps can help.]

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

Spoofing – Big Time Phone Scam

This is something you and your family-friends should beware of!

Technical Tips – For Games & For Life in General

Http and Https

What is the difference between http and https?

Time to know this with 32 mil debit cards compromised in India.

The main difference between http:// and https:// is all about keeping your information secure.

If you want to be as smart as Norm on Cheers:

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

The S (big surprise) stands for “Secure”…..

Face Place

If you visit a Website or web page and look at the address in the web browser it is likely to begin with the following: http://.

This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular ‘unsecured’ language.

In other words, it is possible for someone to “eavesdrop” on your computer’s conversation with the Website. This is not good.

If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site.

This is why you must ‘never’ ever enter your credit card number in an Http website! 

However, if the web address begins with https://, that means your computer is directly talking to the website in a Secure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

If a website ever asks you to enter your Credit/Debit card Information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with *https://*.

If it doesn’t, You should *NEVER* enter sensitive Information….such as a credit/debit card number.

Other Important Related Tips

While checking the name of any website, first look for the domain extension (.com or .org,, .net,  etc.).

The name just before this is the domain name of the website. Example:  The word before .com is “diwali-festivals” (and NOT “amazon”).

So, this webpage does not belong to but belongs to ““,  which we all haven’t heard of before.  Tricky, huh?

You can similarly check for bank fraud websites that are not your bank even though they look just like your bank.

Before your e-banking logins, make sure that the name just before “.com” is the name of your bank.” belongs to icici, but belongs to “some1else”.

Lastly, but very importantly, use a TRUSTED wifi network. *DO NOT USE FREE PUBLIC WIFI*. They are NOT Secure. If in doubt, DON’T! – is the best advice. 

Better still, use your own wifi – Your cell phone has a ‘Personal Hotspot’ in Settings – if you can. Hotels, Airports, and ANY public wifi is a NO! NO! – where you intend disclosing your financial info.

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade – Solving 3 Error Codes

(Ray Dachik, Regional Manager/Tech, Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales) – (Err-7, Err-9, and Err-10) & Update to Token Chute Modification

Err-7 – Rear Elevator Hopper Error

This problem is caused by a serious lack of sufficient coin medals in the rear hopper. I have temporarily reduced the frequency of that error by adding more coins to both of the rear hoppers. The game manual indicates that you need only a handful of coins in each of the rear hoppers and the game will monitor and add more coins as needed.  HaHa. This is not happening here and from the grapevine, it appears that this issue is common at each our other sites as well. Anyway, by keeping about 500+ coins in the rear hopper you will get much fewer “Err-7” messages. Hopefully, in the near future, Andomiro will change the programming chip to be a little more generous in automatically adding coins to the rear hopper.

SpongeBob Tilt Bridge Stabilization Modification

I have attached some pictures of the arrangement I used to stabilize the tilt bridge on my Sponge Bob Pineapple Arcade game, which turns out to be infinitely better than the spot-welded steel pin that Andomiro uses.

Elaut Top Quality Entertaining The World AMUSEMENT & GAMING

(Err-9 and Err-10) – Medal Out Bridge Error – front or rear microswitch problem

Problem:  The tilt sensors attached to the bridge plate assembly frequently require an adjustment so the metal bridge would trip the sensor lever.

Solution:  On one of my routine ‘Err-10’ visits a few days ago I again readjusted the position of the sensor, and then went into test mode and ran a test of the bridge.  That is when I discovered that the welded steel pin axle broke off!  I initially thought about re-welding the axle pin to the plate but was convinced that was not a great permanent solution. From Day 1 of this game’s arrival, the axle pins for the tilt bridge on each side have been “tilted”. They don’t remain horizontal to the floor. Instead, there is a noticeable downward lean at the tip of the axle of about 15-20 degrees. As a result, there is a similar tilt to the bridge itself.

Initially, I tried straightening the axle pin on both sides, which was easily done, but the adjustment immediately was undone by just a few turns of the bridge motor.


Staring down at the broken axle pin in my hand, I knew that any arrangement that connected this axle at just one point at the top of the plate would not be an improvement.

Idea: A U-bolt might do the job. I used a 1/4” dia. threaded steel rod and bent it in a square U-bolt pattern with a 2.5” middle and a 2” top leg/axle and a ¾” bottom leg. The long leg serves as the axle of tilt bridge and the short leg is bolted to the vertical plate and keeps the axle steady with absolutely no wiggle.

I re-drilled the hole left by the broken steel pin and drilled another hole for the bottom leg and attached the U-bolt through the plate and secured the bottom leg with a nut.

The top leg, which would serve as the axle, was considerably stiffer than the original pin and could not be deflected downward. This I hoped would be a long-term solution to the ever-shifting positional changes of the tilt sensors. I also discovered that the position of the lower hole I had drilled put the backside of the U-bolt right on top of the mounting screw holes for one of the position sensors. I drilled a second hole so as not to interfere with anything!

That’s it in nutshell. This repair was done yesterday, so the jury is still out as to the longevity and success of this repair. If it goes for several weeks with no problems and an improvement in Err messages involving the tilt bridge, then I will let you know and will probably make the same change on the other side.

Total cost for the repair is $2 tops or less (although I did destroy a couple of drill bits –that plate is mighty hard on bits!) as compared to an OEM replacement plate for $195 which comes with a steel axle pin guaranteed to droop.

ITC_WEB AD_Horizontal_2016-01 (1)

Update to Last TRR-FEC (April 2018) SpongeBob Coin Chute Modification

I am in the midst of replacing the count hopper motor on 1 side of SpongeBob and decided to use the dismantling opportunity to add a support strap to the PVC pipe I used to replace Andamiro’s OEM metal chute. Below are pictures of the top side and bottom side of the $3 PVC pipe replacement, which also shows the $90 OEM metal chute hovering menacingly nearby –just for comparison.  I originally had the PVC pipe resting on the edge of the token count hopper. Now with the addition of this lower strap, the pipe floats above the hopper and makes servicing the hopper easier.  It does add about 25 cents to the cost of the repair, but don’t worry I covered it. – Ray

Andamiro Service Bulletin – Upgrade resolves SpongeBob Soccer Stars ‘goal post’ sensor issue.

This service bulletin to Andamiro USA’s distributors relates to an upgrade kit now available for SpongeBob Soccer Stars amusement devices. Andamiro USA has begun shipping the upgrade this week to current owners of this Andamiro amusement device. The upgrade resolves a “goal post” sensor issue that may have occurred on games shipped before May 5, 2018. Andamiro USA recommends the installation of this upgrade on SpongeBob Soccer games shipped before this date.

The kit contains the necessary components and instructions for updating SpongeBob Soccer Stars. It includes:

  • A program update that modifies sensor and microswitch functions to prevent ball-counting errors.
  • Goalpost acrylic and tension spring/washer assemblies. Installation of these parts effectively reduces the impact of the game’s soccer balls.
  • A receiving sensor.
  • Instructions (four pages) to guide you through the installation. A PDF copy of this document is available upon request.

Please contact our service or parts departments if you have any questions about this upgrade. You can contact us by emailing or calling:

[email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x2

[email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x3

The estimated time required to complete the upgrade installation is between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Top Redemption & Merchandiser Prizes

Sureshot Redemption – You can learn some great tips from Meg

Check out Meg’s Bowl Expo 2018 YouTube Video!!!!

Meg Bonnichsen, Sales

[email protected]

A & A Global Banner

A&A Global Industries completes asset purchase of Store on Wheels (SOW)

Erin E. Roach, Marketing Coordinator

A&A Global Industries | Koko’s Confectionery & Novelty

(o) 800-638-6000, ext. 322 | (m)  724-331-9243 | (e) [email protected]

17 Stenersen Lane, Cockeysville, MD  21030-2113

Store on Wheels SOW employees join the A&A Global team effective immediately.

“Joining a company, like A&A Global, has been a part of my long-term strategy,” said Marty Bisk, founder of SOW.  “They share the same drive to grow this business and the same love that I have for this industry.”

“A&A Global has a massive facility [Baltimore, MD] with equipment and technology to match the demands of our mutual customers. Then, we’ll open an office and showroom in New Jersey, where we can focus on our customers,” Bisk added.

“The synergies between our companies is outstanding,” explained Brian Kovens, A&A Global’s executive vice president. “The SOW’s sale team and support staff are excited to learn about new technology—but most importantly, this will give Marty the opportunity to focus on bringing hot and trendy products to our redemption line.”

The assimilation of SOW into the A&A Global family offers amazing benefits.  They now offer over 5,000 items that include exclusive items, fantastic licenses, and time-honored products.  All SOW products will be available on A&A Global’s award-winning e-commerce site.  The website, specially design for the redemption industry, offers monetization, search by custom ticket value, price and more.  A&A Global also features an EPL that is compatible with all major POS software.

“We, and our customers are poised for growth,” said Kovens.  “Aside from a greater opportunity for all, it’s all business as usual with SOW and A&A Global.”



HMS Monaco – Control Your Home Any Time, Anywhere with 3 Easy to Use Electronic Security Devices

Steve Schulman PH 800-777-0901


Fun Express has Updated their Plush Line



Rhode Island Novelty  – Top Selling Prizes June 2018

DELCY  GAUTHIER, Corporate Sales


800-435-3456 extension 379

[email protected]

350 Commerce Drive

Fall River, MA  02720




Industry Events July-October 2018

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
11 – 13 BCA  / Billiard & Home Leisure Expo 2018 New Orleans, LA
21 Michigan Coin Machine Operators Association Annual Meeting Frankenmuth, MI  
22 – 23 Birthday University Atlanta, GA ➡ &  💡
12 – 14 GTI Asia China Expo 2018 Guangzhou, China  
13 Georgia Amusement & Music Operators Association Annual Meeting Atlanta, GA  
16 – 18 IATP Conference & Trade Show Ft. Lauderdale, FL
23 – 27 EAS 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands  
16 – 18 Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Houston, TX ➡ &  💡
26 – 28 AMOA On the Road Program Rosemont, IL
27 – 29 AMOA On Campus Rosemont, IL


The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report – June 2018 Section 2

The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report – June 2018 Section 2

June 2018

In This Section


Introduction to ‘Frank’s Ranks’ – Test Games 4 Spreadsheets & Top 76 Games Rankings

redemption tickets

Here’s the Ticket!

The Top 76 Redemption, Merchandiser, Video, & Novelty Combined List and Test Games Spreadsheets are put together from actual collections from games owned and operated by Alpha-Omega Amusements at FOUR of our contracted revenue-share centers in different areas of the U.S. The data is exactly as it is recorded by our staff and the FEC’s together, so I know that the data is correct and is not changed in any way.

The purpose of the Lists and Spreadsheets is for you to see where your current games place or rank, divide the game revenues to those of your own games to determine the ratio to your game revenues and check out where other games that you do not have might rank in your facility. It is also easy to pick out trends and stay on top of your ‘game’.

Update:  On 6-27-18 Test Location #1 received an E-Claw 900 2 Pl (Elaut), Funzone Crane (Elaut), and an Elaut Card Kiosk. Games that were removed to make space:  Mega Double Crane & Monster Crane. Connect 4 Hoops (Bay-Tek) is expected to be installed mid-July.  Connect4Hoops was the hit of Bowl Expo. TRR is looking forward to tracking the revenues of these new cranes for in our August edition.

UNIS Bandit Express

For this Report – Six (6) New Test Games were Installed that now have at least one complete week:

  • Dragon Hunter – Rank #21
  • SpongeBob Soccer Star (Updated) – Rank #43
  • Squiggle (Updated) – Rank #26
  • Crossy Road (Updated) – Rank #45
  • Cruis’n Blast SD #3 & #4 – Rank #64 & #76

Revenue Update – As TRR-FEC goes out, WE 6-22-18 shows Virtual Rabbids taking over the #1 Ranking.  Knock it Off Rotary moved up to the #8 Ranking from #33 because the Alpha Team found some new sweep motors.  Note that for the past 3 years Knock It Off Rotary has been in the Top 5 until 1 or 2 of its 4 player positions were out of order for the past two months.

June Observations

Virtual Rabbids Virtual Reality Sit Down 2 Pl (LAI) continues to be the hottest new game in the industry and is receiving lots of Buzz. Ranking at #2 overall for its initial 12 weeks is just amazing for a new game!  When you consider that Rabbids is the first ‘unattended virtual reality game’, that it doesn’t have any cost of sales, and it is an attraction grabber, Virtual Rabbids is now the focal point of the game zone.  In our real world, that would rank it as the #1 Game.

July Update: Virtual Rabbids grossed $5,500 WE 7-6-18 and Ranked #1 by far.  

OK. With that said I feel that I should also let you know the other side. Yes, this game is very pricey (like $50,000). Yes, it has a very low throughput per hour.  But when you look at its revenues and the people that are waiting in line to play at $5 a pop, the high price tag should not be a concern to the FEC’s that have the game space and traffic to support this game.

The Alpha/AEM Team believes that Virtual Rabbids can be improved with the following constructive criticism:

  • New players do not realize that they need to first select which ride they want and that involves using their Headset. Ride selection could be made much easier and faster if there were large buttons near each seat that could be pressed to select their ride.
  • The head straps on the VR headsets are too big! The headsets are adjustable with Velcro straps, but even when adjusted to the smallest setting the headsets are still too big for most players.  The players are actually tying knots into the straps to make the strap length smaller.
  • After the 3rd week we moved the game a little bit more away from the wall and thus were able to install the decorative ‘clouds’ on the sides. Perhaps this will attract more players???? [Yes it did!].


Hottest New Games – Thumbs Up

The AEM/Alpha/AlphaBET Teams Gives a Thumbs Up to the following New Test Games and Old Work Horses (Must Have’s) based on their revenues during the months of May/June 2018

  • DC Comics Super Heroes 4 Pl at #1 is a must-have game.
  • Virtual Rabbids 2 Pl ranking #2 is the hottest new game. LAI says they are making them as fast as they can to keep up with demand. (See YouTube Video featuring Malcolm Steinberg, Chairman LAI).
  • SpongeBob at #4 is a ‘must have’ – ‘must have’ game.
  • Mega Triple Crane, Mega Stacker, and Big Choice Crane 2 Pl, all old games, keep surprising us all by ranking in the Top 13 overall.
  • Ticket Cranes Rank #8 & #14 (Update WE 6-22-18 Ranked #7 & #9): – Any Games Zone that has 30 games or more needs at least TWO Ticket Cranes, almost all large games zones with 50 or more games should have at least THREE says ‘Frank the Crank’.
  • Space Invader Frenzy Ranking #11 is another Top 15 Game that large games zones should have.
  • Ring Toss (Coastal) Ranking #9 has shown that it has ‘legs’ as well as great sounds.
  • Lane Master 2 Pl – Ranks #17 and has been a steady Top 20 earner since it was installed.

Advice:  If you are considering buying a new game and you have waited 12 months now to make a decision (and you do not have a lot of space) and you do not have a Sponge Bob Pineapple Arcade, you should label yourself as a ‘Primo/Prima Procrastinator’.  If you are waiting to get one at a low ‘used’ price, you may have to wait another 12 months as I do not see any sane person trading one in any time soon!!!


Coastal Amusements

Top 76 Ranked Revenue Generating Games Combined List June 2018

Special Games to Keep Track Of
Newest Games are Highlighted in Yellow
Frank ‘the Crank’ Designed Games

Rank # Top 76 Combined  ALL Games Merchandise Dispensing Rank Video & Novelty Rankings 
Linked Game Rank As a Pair Combined 
1 DC Superheroes 4 Pl
2 Virtual Rabbids VR 2 Pl #1 VIDEO
3 Monster Drop Extreme
4 SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade 2 Pl
5 Wizard of Oz 6 Pl
6 Big Choice Crane 2 Pl Big Choice Crane 2 Pl 1
7 Willy Wonka 2 Pl
8 Ticket Time Double Crane – RFID Ticket Time Crane 2 Pl 2
9 Ring Toss
10 Mega Triple Crane-1 Bay Ticket Bundles Mega Triple Crane-1 Bay Tickets 3
11 SpaceInvader Frenzy 2 Pl
12 Big Bass Wheel #2 Linked #1
13 Mega Stacker Mega Stacker 4
14 Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl 5
15 Ticket Monster
16 Big Bass Wheel #1 Linked
17 Lane Master
18 Wheel Of Fortune
19 Bean Bag Toss
20 Down the Clown #2 #2
21 Dragon Hunter
22 NFLPA Superstar 2 Pl
23 Down the Clown #1
24 Whack N Win 11 Ft.
25 Pirates Hook 4 Pl
26 Squiggle
27 Lets Bounce
28 Scooby Doo
29 Ice Man 2 Pl
30 Pop The Lock
31 Fishbowl Frenzy A Linked #3
32 Mega Double Crane Mega Double Crane 6
33 Knock it Off Rotary 4 Pl w/Ticket Rolls Knock it Off Rotary w/Ticket Rolls 7
34 Gum Drop
35 Mighty Mini Rotary Mighty Mini Rotary 8
36 Monster Crane Monster Crane 9
37 Spinner Frenzy
38 Fishbowl Frenzy B Linked
39 Color Match Color Match 10
40 Typhoon Lagoon 2 Pl #2 VIDEO
41 Grand Piano Keys 2 Pl
42 Jersey Wheels
43 SpongeBob Soccer Star 2 Pl
44 Magic Shot (Replaced iCube) Magic Shot (Replaced iCube) 11
45 Crossy Road (Updated)
46 Spin N Win 6′ Dia.
47 Key Catcher #2 w/Ticket Strips Key Catcher 2 Pl w/Ticket Strips 12
48 Angry Birds
49 Air Hockey Firestorm
50 Snow Down 2 Pl
51 Photo Booth Sapphire Photo Booth Sapphire 13
52 Gold Fishing
53 Ocean Pearl 1 Pl
54 Crank It  Revolution 2Pl
55 Giga Crane 1 Pl Giga Crane 1 Pl 14
56 Ghostbusters
57 Black Hole Merchandiser Black Hole Merchandiser 15
58 Cruis’n Blast #2 #3
59 Pacman DLX 2 Pl #4
60 Hoop Fever #2
61 Flying Tickets
62 Cruis’n Blast #1 #5
63 Hoop Fever #1
64 Cruis’n Blast #3 #6
65 Hoop Fever #3
66 Moto Cross GP #2 #7
67 Snowboarders #1 #8
68 Launch Code
69 Skeeball #1
70 Skeeball #2
71 Snowboarders #2 #9
72 Moto Cross GP #1 #10
73 Skeeball #3
74 Minion Whacker
75 Skeeball #4
76 Cruis’n Blast #4 #11
77 Skeeball #3
**** This Location chooses not to have a Jurassic Park or Walking Dead.



Test Games Spreadsheets Covering 4 Alpha-Omega Amusements Test Locations in 4 Sections of the U.S.

OTHER WORKHORSE GAMES 76 Games Low Week 76 Games Low Week
1st Test Location-High Volume Wk Ending Rev/Game Payout % Wk Ending Rev/Game Payout %
Air Hockey Firestorm 6-15-18 $288 6-8-18 $306
Angry Birds 6-15-18 $292 30% 6-8-18 $322 22%
Bean Bag Toss (New Test Game) 6-15-18 $656 27% 6-8-18 $648 31%
Black Hole Merchandiser (Set 6-7-17) 6-15-18 $219 11% 6-8-18 $220 13%
Big Bass Wheel A Linked 6-15-18 $710 26% 6-8-18 $686 35%
Big Bass Wheel B Linked 6-15-18 $788 23% 6-8-18 $806 22%
Big Choice Crane 2 Pl 6-15-18 $1,348 25% 6-8-18 $1,114 29%
Candy Crush Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Circus Ball Drop Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Ring Toss (Set Up 4-4-18) 6-15-18 $881 31% 6-8-18 $890 22%
Color Match 6-15-18 $383 46% 6-8-18 $334 3%
Crank It Revolution 2 Pl 6-15-18 $274 20% 6-8-18 $377 32%
Crazy Claw 2Pl-Will Return Updated
Crazy Tower 4 Pl-Small Unit Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Crossy Road Updated (Set Up 5-2-18) 6-15-18 $306 31% 6-8-18 $402 33%
Disney Crossy Road (Set up 2-8-17) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
DC Super Heros 4 Pl (Set up 1-4-17) 6-15-18 $4,094 26% 6-8-18 $1,386 32%
Down the Clown A 6-15-18 $582 18% 6-8-18 $750 21%
Down the Clown B 6-15-18 $654 19% 6-8-18 $756 27%
Dragon Hunter (Set Up 5-23-18) 6-15-18 $630 20% 6-8-18 $559 8%
Fishbowl Frenzy A Linked 6-15-18 $466 18% 6-8-18 $778 44%
Fishbowl Frenzy B Linked 6-15-18 $390 34% 6-8-18 $548 14%
Flying Tickets 6-15-18 $181 30% 6-8-18 $232 16%
Gear It Up 1 Pl Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Ghostbusters 2 Pl 6-15-18 $243 7% 6-8-18 $286 21%
Gold Fishing 6-15-18 $276 25% 6-8-18 $332 21%
Grand Piano Keys 2 Pl 6-15-18 $354 26% 6-8-18 $331 26%
Gum Drop (Set Up 1-24-18) 6-15-18 $462 31% 6-8-18 $430 25%
Hoop Fever Basketball A 6-15-18 $169 18% 6-8-18 $195 18%
Hoopla (Set Up 12-20-17) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out 13%
Ice Man 2 Pl (Set up 6-7-17) 6-15-18 $496 14% 6-8-18 $674 16%
Jelly Labs Minions (Set up 7-28-17) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Jersey Wheels 6-15-18 $346 24% 6-8-18 $474 23%
Jewel Mine (Set Up 5-3-17) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Knock It Off Rotary 4 Pl w/Ticket Rolls 6-15-18 $463 28% 6-8-18 $544 21%
Kung Fu Panda Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Lane Master (Set Up 9-13-17) 6-15-18 $699 29% 6-8-18 $840 27%
Launch Code 6-15-18 $148 26% 6-8-18 $170 30%
Lets Bounce (New Test Game) 6-15-18 $508 21% 6-8-18 $549 20%
Magic Shot (I-Cube Conversion) 6-15-18 $322 16% 6-8-18 $305 30%
Milk Jug A Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Milk Jug B Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Minion Whacker 6-15-18 $114 9% 6-8-18 $140 12%
Monster Drop Extreme 6-15-18 $1,940 20% 6-8-18 $1,824 44%
NFLPA Superstar (Set Up 11-29-17) 6-15-18 $584 32% 6-8-18 $262 29%
Ocean Pearl 1 Pl 6-15-18 $276 33% 6-8-18 $210 29%
Pacman Dlx 2 Pl 6-15-18 $201 6-8-18 $240
Perfection (Set Up 12-13-17) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Pharaoh’s Treasure 4 Pl Pusher Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Pirates Hook 4 Pl 6-15-18 $525 29% 6-8-18 $346 22%
Pop the Lock 6-15-18 $476 16% 6-8-18 $465 48%
Quik Drop New Model Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Rockin & Rollin (New Test Game) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Scooby Doo (Set Up 12-13-17) 6-15-18 $500 31% 6-8-18 $652 32%
Screwball Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Snow Down 2 Pl 6-15-18 $284 14% 6-8-18 $279 9%
Space Ballz 2 Pl Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Space Invader Frenzy (Set up 1-4-17) 6-15-18 $810 26% 6-8-18 $936 18%
Spinner Frenzy (Set Up 9-7-17) 6-15-18 $402 18% 6-8-18 $392 19%
Sponge Bob Soccer Star (Set Up 5-23-18) 6-15-18 $327 21% 6-8-18 $354 20%
Squiggle Updated (Set Up 5-23-18) 6-15-18 $515 18% 6-8-18 $268 22%
Photo Booth Face Place Sapphire (New) 6-15-18 $280 25% 6-8-18 $355 25%
Spin N Win 6 Foot Dia  Wheel 6-15-18 $298 19% 6-8-18 $476 29%
Sponge Bob Pinapple Arcade 2 Pl 6-15-18 $1,908 27% 6-8-18 $1,060 47%
Stacker Mega 6-15-18 $766 11% 6-8-18 $900 11%
Ticket Monster 6-15-18 $724 25% 6-8-18 $840 27%
Ticket Time Crane 2 Pl w/ticke rolls RFID 6-15-18 $899 29% 6-8-18 $735 21%
Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl – Alpha Ticket Rolls 6-15-18 $758 23% 6-8-18 $1,093 26%
Treasure Quest Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Virtual Rabbids VR (Set Up 4-4-18) $2,185 Video 6-8-18 $1,820 Video
Waterfall Ring Toss (Set Up 4-4-18) Rotated Out/Needed Space Rotated Out
Whack N Win 11 Ft. 6-15-18 $551 26% 6-8-18 $762 33%
Willy Wonka 2 Pl (Set Up 1-24-18) 6-15-18 $1,258 32% 6-8-18 $1,806 30%
Wizard of Oz 6 Pl 6-15-18 $1,406 17% 6-8-18 $1,900 17%
Typhoon Lagoon2 Pl Video 6-15-18 $362 6-8-18 $422
Crusin Blast SD A of 4 Linked 6-15-18 $171 6-8-18 $207
Crusin Blast SD B of 4 Linked 6-15-18 $203 6-8-18 $214
Snowboarders #1 Linked (Set Up 4-4-18) 6-15-18 $159 6-8-18 $151
Snowboarders #2 Linked (Set Up 4-4-18) 6-15-18 $131 6-8-18 $134
Moto Cross GP #1 of 2 Linked SD 6-15-18 $128 6-8-18 $140
* Calculation Error
**Game Down 1 or more days
*** Many Card Sets Redeemed
2nd Test Location-West Coast 50 Games Rev/Game Payout % 50 Games Rev/Game Payout %
DC Super Heros 4 Pl 6-15-18 Not Collected This Week 6-8-18 $1,806 23%
Fishbowl Frenzy 6-15-18 6-8-18 $470 36%
Air Hockey Shelti (Set Up 5-14-18) 6-15-18 6-8-18 $109
Gold Fishin 6-15-18 6-8-18 $234 28%
Jewel Mine Rotated Out
Monster Drop 1 Pl 6-15-18 6-8-18 $530 26%
Pacman Smash 6-15-18 6-8-18 $184 23%
Pharoahs Treasure 4 Pl A 6-15-18 6-8-18 **123 7%
Pharoahs Treasure 4 Pl B w/Hopper 6-15-18 6-8-18 $441 25%
Quick Drop 6-15-18 6-8-18 $444 27%
Space Ballz 6-15-18 6-8-18 $264 35%
Super Big Rig 6-15-18 6-8-18 $222 19%
Super Star (Set Up 11-9-16) 6-15-18 6-8-18 $222
Tickets-Tickets-Tickets Crane (AOS) 6-15-18 6-8-18 $397 19%
Ticket Monster 6-15-18 6-8-18 $1,134 24%
3rd Test Location-Summer Season 50 Games Slow Week – Seasonal 50 Games Slow Week – Seasonal
Baseball Pro Junior (Set up 1-31-17) 6-15-18 $226 16% 6-8-18 $195 16%
Bean Bag Toss (Set up 12-5-17) 6-15-18 $346 25% 6-8-18 $354 28%
Big Bass Wheel Dlx 6-15-18 $1,132 32% 6-8-18 $718 26%
Big Wave Air Hockey (Set Up 6-10-16) 6-15-18 $114 6-8-18 $99
Crusin Blast A 6-15-18 $118 6-8-18 $128
Crusin Blast B 6-15-18 $137 6-8-18 $142
Spin Zone Bumper Cars (6 Cars) 6-15-18 $720 6-8-18 $760
Fishbowl Frenzy 6-15-18 $752 25% 6-8-18 $328 36%
Ghostbusters (Set up 7-12-16) 6-15-18 $119 25% 6-8-18 $124 25%
Highway 66 Mini-Bowling A Lane 6-15-18 $313 6-8-18 $243
Highway 66 Mini-Bowling B Lane 6-15-18 $508 6-8-18 $400
Hop Star 6-15-18 $206 19% 6-8-18 $119 36%
Lane Master (Set Up 5-8-18) 6-15-18 $436 29% 6-8-18 $353 26%
Lazer Frenzy Maze Attraction Rotating to New Location Rotated Out
Prize Arrow (Set Up 4-1-18) 6-15-18 $604 41% 6-8-18 $292 38%
Superstar 6-15-18 $219 49% 6-8-18 $273 16%
Target Bravo Operation Ghost 3-31-18 6-15-18 $156 6-8-18 $138
Tickets-Tickets-Tickets Crane (AOS) 6-15-18 $554 32% 6-8-18 $319 20%
Ticket Candy Crane OLD Converted 6-15-18 $352 31% 6-8-18 $285 33%
Walking Dead AMC Video 6-15-18 $271 6-8-18 $216
Water Gun Fun 5 Pl (Set Up 11-23-16) 6-15-18 $804 27% 6-8-18 $684 27%
Whack N Win 11′ 6-15-18 $623 31% 6-8-18 $438 24%
Wizard of Oz 3 Pl 6-15-18 $884 18% 6-8-18 $1,144 21%
Jurassic Park Dlx. Video 6-15-18 $383 6-8-18 $287
Slow Week Slow Week
4th Test Location-South Central US 60 Games Rev/Game Pay % 60 Games Rev/Game Pay %
Angry Birds 6-15-18 $317 26% 6-8-18 $317 26%
Circus Ball Drop 6-15-18 $406 23% 6-8-18 $406 23%
Golden Empire 6-15-18 $326 23% 6-8-18 $326 23%
Pirates Hook 2 Pl 6-15-18 $499 13% 6-8-18 $254 11%
Prize Party (Set up 6-6-17) 6-15-18 $345 11% 6-8-18 $345 11%
Super Star (Set Up 11-9-16) 6-15-18 $360 16% 6-8-18 $255 16%
Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl 6-15-18 $1,038 15% 6-8-18 $1,038 15%
Tickets Tickets Tickets Crane 6-15-18 $310 34% 6-8-18 $554 26%
Ticket Crane-Old Candy Crane Converted 6-15-18 $392 20% 6-8-18 $367 37%


Ranking & Revenues of Top 15 Merchandise Games & Prizes in Each Bay

Game Name Revenue Cost of Prizes Win % Prize Item Ranking Combined
Big Choice Double A $746.00 $188.00 25.20% Figet Squidgets
Big Choice Double B $602.00 $144.00 23.92% Pokemon
Big Choice Double Total $1,348.00 $332.00 24.63% #7
Giga Crane 1 Pl $274.00 $81.00 29.56% DC Big Head #55
Mega Double A $143.00 $27.00 18.88% Bears
Mega Double B $323.00 $98.90 30.62% Pets
Mega Double Total $466.00 $125.90 27.02% #33
Mega Triple A $268.00 $53.44 19.94% DC Small
Mega Triple B $369.00 $70.14 19.01% Treasure Chests
Mega Triple C $239.00 $40.28 16.85% Tickets-100/150’s
Mega Triple Total $876.00 $163.86 18.71% #9
Monster Crane $422.00 $143.00 33.89% Dogs #37
Key Catcher 2 Pl $296.00 $66.12 22.34% Ticket Strips #48
Knock It Off Rotary 4 Pl $462.50 $128.82 27.85% Ticket Rolls #34
Mighty Mini Rotary $429.00 $105.45 24.58% Ticket Cones + Toto Card #36
Color Match $383.00 $176.22 46.01% #40
Mega Stacker $766.00 $85.79 11.20% Ticket Bricks of 2000 Tickets #12
Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl $758.00 $174.80 23.06% Ticket Rolls – Alpha Set #13
Ticket Time Crane 2 Pl RFID $899.00 $260.71 29.00% Ticket Rolls – Smart Set #8
Magic Shot $322.00 $50.00 15.53% #45
DC Super Heros 4 Pl $4,094.00 $1,046.22 25.55% #1
Wizard of Oz 6 Pl $1,406.00 $233.09 16.58% #5
Sponge Bob 2 Pl $1,908.00 $524.55 27.49% #4
Black Hole Merchandiser $219.00 $24.00 10.96% $25, $5 & $2 prizes #58
Willy Wonka 2 Pl $1,258.00 $396.67 31.53% Increasing Set Value – Easier #6
NFLPA Superstar 2 Pl $584.00 $187.19 32.05% Received and installed new Power supply but I don’t see how this will help my problem as there is no control. #23
** Calculation Error


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