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TRR Welcomes Appsolute Applications (AppsApps) to our Family of Advertisers

AppsApps has been involved in website development and the marketing of FEC’s for more than 20 years. AppsApps is owned by Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky. The industry will love AppsApps because it works on a ‘flat rate’ and these rates are very reasonable. There are no additional charges for adding content to your website and we will also teach you how easy it is to add and change your own content to the sections that are already in place. For more information call Frank at 732 616 5345 or email [email protected] 

WEB DEVELOPMENT. From conception and strategy to design and implementation, Appsolute Applications builds websites for businesses.

DIGITAL MARKETING. Our digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of driving measurable results for you to reach, connect, and build relationships with your customers across digital channels.

MODERN DESIGN. Designs that create powerful and lasting impressions is what you do.

CONTENT CREATION. Appsolute Applications create engaging content solutions for your business.



Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Will be at Amusement Expo 2018-February 25-26 (Sunday-Monday)

Foundations Entertainment University2018 will be the 16th consecutive year for Foundations Entertainment University, the industry’s #1 Ranked Educational Seminar Program.  With more than 1350 graduates and more than 250 FEC’s that got their start with Foundations, the NEW Deluxe Foundations University 2.0 is for new bees, FEC industry veterans, and service providers who want to learn how to be a part of the #3 growth industry in the U.S.

2.0 Features: More Topics, More Networking, More ‘What Works & What Doesn’t’, More Site Visits, Guest Speakers, Social Media Marketing, P&L’s for small, medium & large centers, webinars, new interactive website ….and so much more!!!  The 2018 Foundations Schedule for 4 additional sessions will be finalized in December. Hint: Big Thrill Factory (Minnetonka, Minnesota), The Funplex (Mt. Laurel, NJ), and Chicago are being planned.

Read more about Big Thrill in ‘AEM/Alpha News’.

big thrill factory


Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.


AllKidsPlay_bannerad (1)

Quotes from FEU #43 Chicago: All Ranking Foundations a ‘10’ on a 0-10 Scale when asked:  ‘How likely is it that you would recommend a future Foundations University to a friend or colleague?’

  • Yvonne Muhammad (Fun Town, Chicago, IL) – ‘Once again, I want to thank you for this class/workshop/seminar/educational series/etc. I was left speechless and now that I had a moment to reflect, now I have words to add to my survey and questions. As for my words of gratitude:
    The love that you have for this industry was very well demonstrated over the course of these 3 days. Your level of energies went unwaived. From beginning to the very end and we’ve had some long days; yet, your days were even longer.
    The tools that you’ve left for us is a true testament to the words that I Each presentation – WOW! I am overwhelmed. Thank you. A thousand times more thank you. You’ve placed in our hands, invaluable information that if we follow correctly would make it next to impossible for us to fail. Another testament to that fact that you want us to be successful.
    The bond and the respect that you have amongst your team speaks volumes. The wealth of wisdom, information, and experience contained within each one of you; yet, all of you walk with great humility. I can’t wait until I grow up and become just like you. Don’t ever stop doing what you do.
    I’m stopping now because here comes the waterworks.
    Until we meet again. At my site. :)”
  • Maggie Kapinos (AMOA Staff, Elk Grove Village, IL) taking the full Foundations course – ‘I think you have an amazing thing going. So very enlightening and educations.  Appreciated the knowledge base. Fantastic work.  Keep the breakouts (those are great).  I was one person and I wanted to attend all of them!  I’d like to see a next step—the FEU 2.0 you guys talked about.’
  • Dave Wilson (All Kids Play Designs, Whippany, NJ-industry veteran) – ‘Most outstanding educational seminar series in the industry – bar none!’
  • Marilyn Webber (Blane Entertainment Partners, Blane, MN) – ‘Everyone thinking about FEC/Bowling/Trampoline Park. should take this course. The amount of knowledge (tried & true) is second to none.  It is a must!  I wanted more time at Punch Bowl Social – Foosball was so fun!!’
  • Jim Webber (Blane Entertainment Partners, Blane, MN) – ‘A great seminar to attend. You will learn a lot.
  • The attendee did not sign name – ‘Best learning and networking opportunities for newbies and experienced professionals. I am extremely happy to have the chance to learn from the best.  It was awesome.  Great learning and networking.’
  • George Green (Playground Surf, Lighthouse Point, FL) – Best seminar that I have ever attended in 35 years.  Top quality speakers that were lively and knowledgeable.  What did I like least about Foundations?  Absolutely nothing; everything was great and worth all the money spent on travel, lodging & food.  Thank you so much!!!’
  • Bill Snoberger (US Bowling, Chino, CA-industry veteran) – ‘I think any potential entrepreneur should attend. One can never be educated enough.  Listening is key.  I think you nailed all factors of importance.
  • Tom Hamilton (Rush VR, London, UK) – ‘Thank you for an incredibly valuable and thought-provoking few days. I have re-assessed my business model and feel confident I have saved potentially TONS of money!!’

Ticket vs. Ticketless: AEM has conducted a 2-month Test with Amazing Results!!!!

I have been racking my brain to conduct a simple test to show one way or the other that customers really like tickets or could care less and enjoy the experience of ticketless.  This debate has been going on for the past 15 years.

A perfect opportunity arose where AEM/Alpha had an opportunity to test a Ticket Time Crane 1 Pl with physical ticket rolls against the new Ticket Time Crane 2 Pl with RFID.  To have a valid test, both games need to be placed in the top-earning locations within the same Test Location and the Ticket Payout %’s had to be very close each week so as not to give an advantage to one of the games that might have the higher payout %.

Background:  The Ticket Time Crane 2 Player is actually two games and the cost of the 2 Player is almost double that of the 1 Player.  We put the RFID option on the 2 Player which means that the customers do not get to touch the ticket rolls they win but the points are automatically put onto their debit card.  The 1 Play awards the customer an actual roll of tickets each time the player wins that roll and the player gets to physically touch and handle that roll and take it to the redemption prize center to have it converted into points that are put onto that customer’s debit card.

Results: (We all expected the more impressive 2 Player crane to out-earn the 1 player crane as 2 independent player games almost always out-earn the same model of a 1 player game.).  Note:  Each game was set on $1/play.  Our goal was to have a ticket payout % of 25% for each crane.

Two Month Test-Sept-Oct. 2017
Ticket Time Crane 2 Player – Gross $12,633.00 with 26.75% ticket payout.
Ticket Time Crane 1 Player –  Gross $12,554.00 with 25.76% ticket payout.

Conclusion:  Yes, the 2 Player grossed more than the 1 Player but only $79 more over 8 weeks or by about $10/week more.

The revenues for each Ticket Time Crane were excellent with each crane averaging $1,570/week with both ranking in the Top 10 Combined Rankings for each of the weeks during the test period.

It should be safe to conclude that at least one third or 33% of the total plays were preferred by customers who liked to physically win the tickets.  That is still a significant percentage.  I would also state that the 2 Player presents a larger footprint and greater attraction than the smaller 1 player and therefore should have done much better.  Note also that the 2-player had a 1% higher ticket payout %, which should have been a positive for the 2-player, but really had no significant impact on its revenues.

If anyone can come with up with a more valid test, please try it and let me know so I can try to duplicate it.


Frank ‘the Crank’ attended these 4 industry trade events during Sept-Oct: AMOA Mid-Year Board Meeting, IATP National Convention, AAMA Gala, and East Coast Bowling Center Convention

Here are some quick take-a-ways from each:

AMOA Mid-Year Board Meeting:  September 8-10, Destin, FL.  This event took place while Hurricane Irma was hitting south Florida and heading up the state to Destin.  The actual Board meeting took place impromptu on Saturday evening, as the hotel was planning to evacuate everyone on Sunday.  Even though several board members did not make it to Destin, there was a quorum and many exciting motions and policy decisions were passed.

The 2018 AMOA State Council Meeting will take place in San Diego CA January 25-27. This is one of the most important and informative industry meetings and there is a lot to learn from each of the different States about legislative issues that affect each segment of our industry.




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IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks): September 19-21, Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort, Rancho Mirage, CA. 

Read more  The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report - April 2018 Section 1

There are currently approximately 600 trampoline parks in the U.S. and another 400 worldwide. AEM has projected that over the next 5 years another 400 tramp parks will be built in the U.S. before market saturation puts up the warning sign that says, ‘Proceed with Extreme Caution’.  There is not enough information to accurately project how many more tramp parks there will be worldwide, but the number will surely be more than 1000.

Many of the current trampoline parks are now seriously looking at expanding their family attractions, games operations, and food service to increase the length of stay, which for the large majority of U.S. tramp parks is 1.5 hours or less.

On the other hand, many FEC’s are now adding small footprint trampoline attractions that include jump pads, ninja warrior courses, dunk basketball courts, foam pits, etc. in order to better compete with the tramp parks in their market.

One tramp park is going to include indoor ‘pickleball’ courts’.  Pickleball is fast becoming a major sport for outdoor courts, so our tramp and FEC industry might have a huge opportunity to take advantage of indoor pickleball, which could even be a profit center for 2nd level space.







AAMA Gala: October 2-6, Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel, Northbrook, IL

  • Holly Hampton (Bay-Tek) becomes new AAMA President (2 Year Term).
  • David Cohn (Firestone) receives the Lifetime Achievement Award. The journal that Allen Weisberg (Apple Industries) was in charge of brought in $93,000 in ads.  Allen did a great job but the main reason was because David Cohn 100% deserves this award for all of the tireless charitable work he has and does for our industry.  Congrats David!!
  • CEC Entertainment’s Mahesh Sadarangani, Sr. VP of Strategic Initiatives, gave an informative Keynote, that was standing room only, as he kept everyone glued in place. Very informative. I, for one, learned many things about our industry that only a person that has access to data from 1000 locations every day could possibly know. What I really got to understand, is that Mahesh is a fast reader!!!!
  • Todd Louthain (Bay-Tek) won the raffle and everyone was so happy because Todd’s family home recently burned down. Yes, there must be a God out there who assists in which ticket is drawn!!!
  • AAMA has a new program, ‘AAMA Benefits Program’ that offers discounts on commonly used products and services that every company in the industry can use. There is little doubt that my company will save thousands of dollars every year. Here are some of the items AAMA member companies and their employees can save money on:
    • Chefs Works – Pre-printed corporate shirts
    • Credit Cards – World Pay
    • Payroll Services
    • Dunbar Armored Car
    • Granger
    • Lowes for Pros Savings on lighting.
    • Sherwin Williams
    • Office Max, Staples, Office Depot
    • Fed’X
    • National and Enterprise Rental Cars
    • Non-Slip Shoes, Safety Shoes for Cruise
    • Trash Removal
    • Best Buy for Business – Technology, discounts for laptops, monitors, cell phones.
    • Employee Benefits
    • Sprint, Verizon, and ATT&T. Also discounts for employees.
    • Best Buy, Lowes. Also discounts for your employees.
    • Debt Reduction for Student Loans.





ECBCC East Coast Bowling Centers Convention – October 23-25, Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, Pocono Manner, PA.

  • More than 500 Bowling Center Proprietors/Managers from PA, NJ, NY, CT, MD came to learn ways to improve their centers, many considering removing lanes and putting in full redemption games zones and other family attractions.
  • Frank ‘the Crank’ gave a seminar titled, ’Maximize Your Redemption Revenue – 13 Key Things You Need to Know to Maximize Redemption & Merchandise Revenues and Increase Your Bowling Center’s Bottom Line.” The approx. 25 attendees were very interested in finding the correct space within their bowling center to expand to a full redemption games zone.  This is certainly the ‘buzz’ of the bowling industry.
  • Speed painter Tim Decker thrilled the attendees painting 4 pictures that were auctioned off by BPAA Executive Director Frank DeSocio. The paintings brought more than $20,000 that will be donated to BVL (Bowling Veterans Link).  BVL has raised more than $50 Million since their inception 75 years ago.






To learn more about BVL watch this YouTube Video




Ask ‘Frank the Crank’ Technical Tips

Quick Drop – Balls Breaking and Jamming Game (Dave Forlano, Sr. Technician, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

Solution:  Take a few random balls and drop them on a hard surface (from 6 feet or more).  If any of the balls crack, it is because they have become ‘brittle’ from excessive heat from the vacuum pump motor. This is essentially turning the recirculatory agitator into a giant hot air popcorn machine.

Inspect the pump motor area and see if there is any dust build up.  Next check the rest of the air flows throughout the cabinet.  If you have a new ball available, compare its tensile strength to an aged one. I like to crunch the balls with my channel locks, just for some fun!

There is an agitator up top that churns the balls to queue them into the solenoid funneling area.  The agitator is the only component strong enough and in contact with the balls to actually crunch them.  Ensure that this unit is tight and secure, even a little gap could be enough to mess with the tolerances.



Keep All Plush Prizes in Cranes Dry (Paul Sawinski, FEC Manager, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

Collect all of the Desiccant packs that suppliers send with food, candy, or other items instead of throwing them out.  Place several at the bottom of the playfield (hidden) on all plush cranes.  These packs keep the plush dry and looking better.  I have discovered that plush removed from a storage area or even out of the box when delivered can be a little moist.

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

Ramon Vivar Retirement-Sr. Master Technician, Alpha-Omega Amusements

Ramon Viva has officially announced his retirement starting on November 2nd:

“Frank and Joe,

It will be a bittersweet moment for me when I step out of the Alpha-Omega Amusmeents building on at the end of the day on 11-2-17. After all, it’s only been 28 years! (If I remember it right, Ronald Reagan was at the end of his presidential term when I started at Alpha).  On the other hand, I’m all excited to begin my next life chapter.

Allow me to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for the chance to serve and be part of this wonderful Alpha-Omega family. I am out of words to describe it, but let me just say that the Vivar family, first generation immigrants, have achieved the “American Dream”, largely made possible by help from the both of you. We will forever be grateful.

I wish Alpha another fifty years of business success!





Joe Camarota to Ramon:

Dear Ramon:

Yes, it has been a wonderful and tremendous journey over the last 28 years. Likewise, we are saddened by your retirement since you have been such an Integral part of Alpha-Omega and our success thereof. Nevertheless, we share in your excitement as you enter this next stage of your life. Wherever that may lead you, we pray and wish you the complete fulfillment of all your dreams-which are well deserved. If there’s anything we can ever do to assist you along this path, never hesitate in asking us.

Frank and I are very grateful for your kind wishes regarding Alpha-Omega and our future.

You will truly be missed!!! God bless you and your family.

With extreme gratitude,

The Alpha-Omega Family



Interview of Ramon Vivar by Joseph Camarota – October 2, 2017

In a recent interview, I sat down with Ramon Vivar, whom I have worked with for 19 years.  Ramon was born on August 31st, 1950, in Manila, Philippines.  Ramon lived with his Mother and Father and was the eldest of 5 brothers.  Although his family was poor by American standards, they lived a comfortable life in Manila.  Ramon eventually moved to American in 1987, although not without some creative posturing.  Throughout this paper, we will recap our interview and review Ramon’s past, present, and future.  Additionally, we will learn about Ramon’s background, education, employment, friendships, marriage, parenthood, significant life events and transitions, memorable experiences, retirement, and other important notables.

Family Background

As the eldest of 5 brothers, Ramon was always looked up to.  His father worked at the local factory while his mother stayed at home and cared for the family.  Ramon was a constant in his brothers’ lives and always tried to show a good example.  His father passed away in 1982, and his mother and brothers currently reside in the Philippines.  Ramon recently visited his family two years ago, during a two-week vacation to the Philippines.


Ramon attended and graduated grade school through high school in the Philippines.  During grade school, Ramon was taught English, although, according to Ramon, they taught English in a Philippine “style,” and were more concerned about English grammar than pronunciation.  Due to this, Ramon still carries a thick accent.  Additionally, Ramon graduated from Feati University in the Philippines, which he paid for himself.  He graduated from Feati in 1974.

Employee History

During his college years, Ramon worked at the same factory as his father.  After graduation, Ramon worked for Sylvania, as an electrical engineer, and moonlighted as a University Professor.  In 1982, Ramon moved to Nigeria to continue his work as a Professor, using a 2-year immigration contract.  During his second 2-year commitment, Ramon was granted the opportunity to move to America, which he did in 1987.  When Ramon arrived in the United States, Ramon worked odd jobs until he found an advertisement for a job in New Jersey, looking for a master technician.  Ramon was offered and accepted the job and started his career with Alpha-Omega Amusements in 1989.


During Ramon’s years of travel, he has gained many friendships; however, there are two families he considers his closest friends.  Ramon met both families when living in Nigeria and has continued to stay close for 30 years.  These families were so close, when Ramon was preparing to leave Nigeria and come to the United States, one family brokered an apartment deal for him and had a job set up for when he arrived.  In addition, the other family did the same for him when he decided to move from Orlando to New Jersey.  Ramon continues to stay in contact with both families and plans to stay close with them through retirement.  During the interview, discussing the families, Ramon expressed some of his strongest responses.

Read more  Breaking News - The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report - Feb 2016

Marriage and Parenthood

Ramon met his wife in Manilla, the year 1976.  They were introduced by her brother, who Ramon was very close friends.  From 1976 to 1979 Ramon and his wife were inseparable.  They decided to marry in 1979 and have been together ever since; 38 years!  In 1980, Ramon and his wife gave birth to their first of two boys, and in 1982 their second son was welcomed.  Carl, 37, currently resides in Virginia and is married with one child.  Raymond, 35, lives in Palm Beach, FL and is unmarried with no children.  Ramon continues to have a strong relationship with both his children and plans on moving to Virginia to be closer to his grandchild.

Change with Parenthood

Before their children, Ramon and his wife Ada enjoyed spending time together, going out on dates, staying up late with friends, and the only responsibility being their job and rent.  When their first child was born, their “party atmosphere” came to an end.  Ramon immediately starting a plan to leave the Philippines and start a new life elsewhere.  Unfortunately, at the time of Carl’s birth, the Philippines were a “mess.”  Ramon’s biggest concern was the economy.  The nation was amid a recession and headed toward depression.  He feared his job was no longer secure and wanted to ensure a stable life for his family; so much so that during a two-year contract in Nigeria, Ramon could not come home to see the birth of his second child, for fear he would lose his contract.  According to Ramon, parenthood made him realize how to be an adult and a responsible, contributing factor to society.


Ramon’s one granddaughter is three years old, with Carl and his wife planning a second.  Ramon loves spending time with his granddaughter.  Although she lives in Virginia, and Ramon New Jersey, Ramon, and his wife travel to see her twice a month.  When asked how his grandchild changes his life, he thought a moment, and then responded, “lots of traveling.”  After a short laugh, he went on to explain becoming a grandfather has made him a softer and more relaxed person.

Significant Life Events and Transitions

When questions on his significant life events and transitions, Ramon took some time determining what were most important.  Firstly, he mentioned the positive life events; becoming a father, then a grandfather, moving from Nigeria to Orlando, and then moving from Orlando to New Jersey.   Conversely, and the strongest response to the interview, Ramon reflected on the passing of his father in 1982.  At the time, Ramon was living in Nigeria, and just like the birth of his son, he feared leaving Nigeria would abolish his work visa.  Unfortunately, his father passed away during this time, and he was unable to attend the funeral.  It is of my opinion, seeing how Ramon responded to this physically and emotionally, it is something that still affects him today.  As for Ramon’s life transitions, his immediate response was parenthood.  As previously discussed, when Carl was born his entire life changed in an instance.  His priorities moved from what bar should we go to tonight but to finding a way to the United States.  Ramon is also looking forward to his next life transition, retirement.  When asked his feelings, he is concerned and excited, mostly both emotions at the same time.


Ramon is currently semi-retired and works two days a week.  Ramon’s emotions toward retirement vary, from nervousness to excitement, to curiosity.  When asked his decision on retiring, Ramon said it was simple; he was ready and the right age; 67.  His wife is retired, both receive social security, and both are enrolled in Medicare.  Additionally, Ramon enrolled in a second health insurance policy, which he pays $36 per month, for anything Medicare does not cover and it includes a gym membership.

Retirement Expectation

A study suggests people with an extensive social network tend to show fewer symptoms of retirement depression (Carr & Kail, 2016).  When mentioned to Ramon, he smiled and said “Good.  I am all set then”.  Ramon continues to have his close friends from Nigeria and has strong ties to his community in Edison, NJ.  He plans to keep in touch with most, if not all when he moves to Virginia.  For the present time, Ramon plans to play tennis twice a week, continue going to the gym once a day, work around the house, and to spend quality time with his wife.  Ramon mentioned the biggest difference in semi-retirement versus full-time employment, he stays up later and sleeps in.  Ramon seemed very pleased with this.

Favorite Age

As we discussed his childhood through adulthood, I asked Ramon if he had a favorite age.  The question took him by surprise and, in addition, some time to ponder.  Ramon’s answer was two-fold; if he had to choose, he would pick his 50’s.  During his 50’s, Ramon felt his healthiest, kids were raised and graduated college, he was more relaxed, and work kept him engaged.  However, Ramon does hope his 70’s will be his most promising.  At 67, he feels healthy, looks forward to retirement, freedom, time with his grandchild(s), new house, and new experiences in Virginia.  If everything stays the course in his retirement plan, Ramon hopes to have this same interview at 77, so he can say his better years will be the 80’s.

Memorable Experiences and Other Notables

Nearing the end of the interview, I asked Ramon to summarize his memorable experiences and if there was anything else he wished to add.  As noted above, he continued to mention his most memorable experiences were parenthood, becoming a grandfather and looking forward to retirement.  In addition, he wanted to recognize his 28-year career at Alpha-Omega Amusements.  After a deep breath, he acknowledged his gratefulness to the company and its owners for hiring an immigrant in Orlando with no prior experiences, but taking a chance and beginning a relationship that has lasted nearly three decades.

Most Notable and What I Learned

Ramon and I have worked together for nineteen years.  We have shared many experiences through a work environment and outside.  At the start of the interview, I was pessimistic on learning anything new or becoming surprised.  However, this could not be further from the truth.  I always knew Ramon was born in the Philippines and assumed he came to the United States from there.  I was unaware the length he went to become a Citizen; leaving the Philippines, moving to Nigeria, and then finding his way to Orlando.  Additionally, I did not know Ramon found an advertisement for Alpha Omega when living in Orlando and, upon acceptance, decided to pack up his family and move away from his close friends.  Lastly, I was taken back to find he once was a teacher.  I always knew Ramon as our “Master Technician,” little did I know he became so good at his job because he used to teach it.  If asked what I learned from this interview, it would be simple; the resilience of Ramon is staggering.  From what he went through to make it to America, to the long-standing relationships he has with friends from Nigeria, to traveling twice a month to Virginia, there is nothing Ramon will not do if it concerns something he loves.


“Wisdom is the procurement of knowledge over time and having the ability to call upon the knowledge to enhance one’s life” (Berk, 2014).  Through Ramon’s life transitions, he has secured a vast amount of wisdom, which he continues to use as he heads toward retirement.  Additionally, according to Bowling and Dieppe (2005), successful aging is defined by life satisfaction, social networks, psychological resources, and personal growth.  After interviewing Ramon, we can say for certain he has aged successfully.  




Alpha-Omega Sales November Parts & Merchandise Flyers




Two Industry Opportunities:  FEC Sale in Saginaw MI and an Operations Manager Job in Redmond WA

Seeking Operations Manager – Vertex Arena Trampoline Park, Redmond, WA – Salary: $50,000-$80,000- Depending on experience

Seeking Operations Manager – Vertex Arena is a trampoline, sports and social hub for all ages and abilities offering a unique and exhilarating way to connect with friends and family. Guests can experience the thrill of five different trampoline court areas; unleash their inner Ninja on the 6-lane obstacle course; or “Battle On!” in a game of Archery or Nerf tag in the multi-sports field. A full-service fast-casual restaurant and bar complete the experience.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum 3 years managing a trampoline park, entertainment business, or recreation facility.
  • Demonstrated cash management experience.
  • Aptitude in financial management, financial reports, and analysis.
  • Event management experience.
  • College degree preferred. Commensurate work experience considered.

Send Resume to Kathryn ‘Kat’ Garrison at [email protected]

As our Operations Manager, you will be in charge of all daily operations, staffing needs, fiscal management, and facility maintenance of this amazing new entertainment venue. The successful candidate will manage 30-40 part-time staff in a fast-paced, action-packed environment!

If you are a positive, outgoing, highly energetic, organized, and personable manager with outstanding customer service skills, then we want you to apply.

In addition, submit a PDF of your resume and a cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for our team. Please highlight how your prior management experience will guarantee fiscal responsibility, superior customer satisfaction, and the most responsible staff for this unique business.


Face Place



Staff Management

  • Interview and select qualified candidates to hire.
  • Promote, counsel, discipline and terminate staff.
  • Maintain accurate up-to-date personnel records.
  • Provide training, instruction, and guidance to all department staff: Reservations, Amusement, Party and Event, and Maintenance.
  • Hire, train and manage shift supervisors.
  • Perform staff evaluations and recognition program.
  • Recommend wage rate promotion of hourly employees.
  • Develop long and short-term staffing strategy to achieve established payroll goals.
  • Ensure workplace is free from discrimination and harassment.

Staff Scheduling

  • Establish weekly work schedules in an online scheduling system.
  • Monitor punctuality, attendance, and performance of staff.
  • Conduct departmental staff meetings.


  • Ensure staff is enforcing customer safety rules.
  • Ensure safety of all employees and treatment for any injuries sustained while on the job.
  • Develop and lead safety committee.
  • Ensure 100% compliance with procedures for incident reporting.
  • Prepare monthly incident reports.
  • Plan and schedule CPR/First Aid training for staff.
  • Assist Fire Marshal with inspections and complies with fire safety requirements.
  • Develop and train staff in EMS response procedures.
  • Conducts safety and fire drills.

Customer Relations

  • Train staff to a level of exemplary customer service.
  • Resolve all customer relations issues according to company policy.
  • Maintain a positive experience for all guests.


  • Ensure the safety and cleanliness of the entire facility and parking areas.
  • Oversee maintenance work; including facility cleaning and scheduling; trampoline and equipment inspections; work orders; and repairs.
  • Manage all garbage and recycling removal.
Read more  The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report - October 2017 Section 2

Daily Operations

  • Establish and enforce operational processes and procedures.
  • Perform opening and closing shifts. Works days, nights, and/or weekends as required.
  • Oversee bookings for parties and events.
  • Oversee inventory of all operational supplies, equipment, merchandise, and marketing materials; make purchases as necessary to maintain inventory levels.
  • Conduct random open and closing walk-through for staff compliance on checklists.
  • Master the point-of-sale, online booking and event scheduling software.
  • Oversee operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of point of sales stations, security cameras, A/V equipment, phones, Internet, WiFi, servers and email.
  • Report to management team on a weekly basis.

Sales and Profitability

  • Create and maintain the annual operating budget.
  • Recommend strategies to grow revenue and control expenses to meet or exceed annual budgets.
  • Analyze financial data and present monthly financial reports.
  • Ensure overall fiscal responsibility for inventory.





  • Control key distribution and usage, safety and security alarm codes, and safe combinations.
  • Implement procedures for locking of safe and security doors, and arming security alarms at the close of day.

Payroll/Cash Control/Inventory

  • Prepare and submit payroll.
  • Oversee internal cash controls and daily till management.
  • Oversee and monitor outside vendors contracts and invoices.
  • Complete random cash verifications.
  • Reviews cashier till reports.

Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to enthusiastically interact with others and inspire team members.
  • Adaptable, flexible, able to make changes to meet business and team needs.
  • Team leader and the team player.
  • High paced and energetic, self-motivated.
  • Excellent teaching and coaching skills.
  • Advocate for diversity in hiring and customer interactions.
  • Advanced communication skills, leadership and supervision skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to deal appropriately with customers in stressful situations.
  • Able to analyze, work precisely and problem solve.
  • Ability to maintain and project professionalism at all times.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent basic math skills and basic computer skills (Excel and Word and a POS system.)
  • Understanding of marketing strategies; including social media marketing.

Mental and Physical Abilities

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools or controls; reach with hands and arms; climb stairs; balance; stoop; kneel, crouch or crawl; talk or hear; taste or smell. The employee may occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by the job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, depth perception and the ability to focus.

These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the described essential functions.

Work Environment

The noise level in this work environment is usually moderate to loud.

Work Schedule

Must have a flexible schedule as our facility is open daily, which requires early morning, afternoon, night, weekend and holiday availability.

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Kokomos FEC for Sale Saginaw MI – An Excellent Opportunity!

Sales Memorandum.  Kokomo’s Family Fun Center, Inc. Proprietor’s name(s) Harold A. Shilling, Jr. Contact details – cell 989-714-5222, email [email protected]

Introduction. Saginaw, Michigan United States. Kokomos is in the entertainment business. We provide a recreational setting that allows individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to have fun.

Our attractions include Go-Karts, Miniature Golf, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag, EuroBungy, Roller Coaster, Batting Cages and an outdoor Golf Driving Range. We specialize in birthday parties and group outings.   www.kokomos.com

Year established & ownership details. Our business was built in 1996. Hal Shilling and Bud Umbach are the original creators and owners.

Improvement made in the last few years

  • New roadside sign
  • New metal roof for arcade building
  • New heating and air conditioning units
  • New go-karts
  • New Player Card system
  • New video games added yearly
  • Added Eurobungy trampolines
  • Converted indoor dome to outdoor driving range
  • Obtained Tavern license to sell beer and wine
  • Complete redesign of the business website.

Why the business is an attractive proposition to a buyer. This business has operated successfully for 21 years. There is virtually no similar competition within a 50-mile radius. Local competition includes Chuck E Cheese, Sky Zone, a bowling alley and movie theaters, but nothing on the scale of our complete family entertainment center. The facility is clean and well maintained. Sales have exceeded $1 million per year since inception. We believe, in conjunction with AEM, that there is a lot of potential revenues to be realized with a minimum of investment.

The complex is housed mainly on 12 acres with the driving range adding an additional 16 acres. There is plenty of room for expansion. The business is accessed from a main arterial road that has approximately 25,000 cars per day. The foundation for a 34,600 square foot inflatable dome is in place, including blower system and furnace.

Reason for Selling:  I (Hal) have reached retirement age and am currently drawing social security. I would like to fully retire and relocate to Florida.

Brief business highlights – Products and Service. We offer many different attractions. Outside attractions include miniature golf, go-karts, bumper boats, Euro Bungy trampoline, batting cages, roller coaster and golf driving range. Indoors we have video arcade games, laser tag and birthday party rooms.

Main promotional methods.  Most of our promotional dollars are spent on radio advertising between May and September. Approximately $50,000 per year is spent on 5 different stations. Our website kokomos.com is essential to our success with over 10,000 visitors per month. We offer online booking of birthday parties and purchase of gift cards. We are active on Facebook with 5,000 likes. Our roadside digital display message sign is seen by 25,000 cars per day. We have offered Groupon discounts and other 2 for 1 coupon offers in various local marketing campaigns.

Customer profile.  Our core customers are from 8 years old to 21, but all age groups enjoy the facility. Most of the younger customers are brought by mom and dad or grandpa and grandma. Birthday parties are a big part of the business. We also get a ton of school groups, especially in May and June. Company outings are also very popular, especially since we added beer and wine two years ago.

Main advantages over nearest competitors.  We offer a wide variety of things to do. We are not one dimensional. The average stay time is between 1.5 to 2 hours. Our outdoor attractions are unmatched (or do not exist) in our marketing area. We offer a clean, safe environment that is often mentioned by our customers. Our theme has a tropical Caribbean flair which adds to a state of relaxation for our customers. Key market facts prioritizing market size, the trend direction, and market share There are approximately 150,000 people within a 10-mile radius of the business and a total of 350,000 within a 20-mile radius. The average household income in 2010 was $41,000. The population base declined in the previous decade but in the most recent decade has leveled out and has actually shown a slight uptick in the last couple of years.

Staffing. We rely mostly on high school and college students, paying them minimum wage or just slightly higher. We may have as many as 60-70 people on staff from May through September, and only 30, or so, for the remainder of the year. From the ranks, we have developed four or five managers who assist in opening and closing procedures, as well as managing the remaining staff. We use the WhenToWork online app to schedule employees. It is very effective and well received by the employees. We also have a maintenance person responsible for general repairs and lawn maintenance as well as a game-technician who is responsible for arcade game maintenance. We have an overall general manager who is responsible for scheduling and inventory purchasing.

Number of employees: full time: 5; part-time: 50; Sales channels used Due to the service nature of our business all activity happens at our physical location. However, birthday parties and gift cards can be booked or purchased online.

Price and Terms:  Asking Price $3,200,000.

Type of business sale:  This sale is a sale of all business assets.

Required buyer qualifications:  Buyer must possess adequate financial means to finance the business purchase.

Transition of business ownership:  We are flexible on providing assistance on the business transition. Much of the operating procedures have been reduced to checklists or narratives that will assist the new owner in a quick transition, but we are willing to stay on as long as needed to ensure a successful transition.

Future developments:  The main business opportunities: The foundation for an inflatable dome is already in place. The previous dome wore out after 19 years and has not been replaced. The furnace and blower system are also in place. 16 acres of the property is currently being used as an outdoor driving range. This property could easily be converted to a higher use, such as a pitch and putt golf course, or perhaps an RV campground. The additional uses are only limited by your imagination.

The challenges and risks.  We cannot control competition, so this has always been one of our concerns. Over the years we have seen another golf dome come and go and a golf driving range come and go. Two years ago, Sky Zone trampoline park came to town less than a mile from our facility. The nearest bowling alley has also tried to convert over to a fun center in the last 5 years by adding video games and now most recently laser tag. All of this has had minimal impact on our business probably because of our wide diversity. Another area of concern is keeping up with the latest trends. Who knows what the next one will be. For example, two years ago we converted to a player card system that essentially did away with tokens and tickets in the arcade and gave us greater accountability over our attractions. This modernized the facility but at a cost of nearly $100,000. Technology is changing quickly and no one can say what the next big thing will be.

New or emerging competitors.  Nothing in the last 12 months.

Elaut Top Quality Entertaining The World AMUSEMENT & GAMING

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