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TRR Welcomes 4 New Advertisers

Cheer Amusements – Designers/Manufacturers of high-quality high capacity indoor/outdoor modular soft play playgrounds, toddler attractions, ninja warrior courses, trampoline attractions, small footprint high revenue-producing FEC attractions, inflatables, theming. Nanjing, China. www.china-cheer.comContact Dave Wilson, US Representative, [email protected], Cell 973 769 2083.

Adrenaline Amusements – Manufacturers of top earning redemption, video-redemption, and merchandise dispensing games. Terrebonne, QC Canada aagames.comContact Mehdi Eghbal, [email protected]  PH 450 824 1671.

Studio41b – Immersive Experiences – Designers/Manufacturers of Escape Rooms, Scenic Designs, Architectural Elements & Signage, Laser Tag Arena, small footprint FEC attractions. Lake Wales, FL. Contact Doug Wilkerson, Principal [email protected] PH 863 676 8000. Toll Free-844 740 3427.

Facilities Concepts – Designers/Manufacturers of high quality commercial indoor/outdoor furniture, fixtures, millwork and décor solutions for entertainment centers and retail establishments. Indianapolis, IN. www.facility-concepts.comContact Ken Weaver, President/CEO, [email protected] PH 800 915 8890.


Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales Sets Up Big Thrills 2 (Oakdale, MN) and Jump N Play (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Quick Time Lapse Motion Installation Video by Johnny Pokrajic (Production Manager, Alpha-Omega Amusements).  Amusement Entertainment Management was the lead consultant on both Facilities


Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

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Big Thrills 2 Fox News Video Clip

BUZZ BOYZ February 2017 – Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine

By Scott Borowsky, Editor and Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky, President/CEO Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM)

1st Quarter 2017.  Now that the Inauguration is over and the protesting has calmed down somewhat, the large majority of our population have gone back to work, some with euphoria, some with cautious optimism, and some with a different outlook.  But the one thing that everyone seems to have in common is an enhanced need to socialize and have fun.  And that is what all of the ‘buzz’ is about up and down the leisure out-of-home entertainment industry, our industry!

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Take a look at President Trump on the cover of The New Yorker on a coin-operated kiddie ride.  The point here is that our industry is in the forefront, even if the press decided that a politically correct kiddie ride can be used as political satire. Ha Ha. Something is always better than nothing!




Test Games Update for WE 3-1-17 Raw Date Just Came In

Check It Out in the Introduction to Test Games Spreadsheet Section

  • Let’s Bounce (LAI)
  • Jersey Wheels (Jennison Entertainment/Bob’s Space Racers)
  • DC Comics Super Heroes (Namco)
  • Crazy Claw Jr. (Rocket Amusements) – Come and see the NEW Model at Amusement Expo



GSG Banner Ad

Foundations Entertainment University Announces its Pre-Amusement Expo (Dallas, TX) Seminar Program + 2 Additional Dates for 2017 – its 15th Year as the #1 Ranked Industry Educational Program!

March 12-13 Dallas TX Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Sunday/Monday-2 Days/2 Evenings.  Foundations Attendees Receive FREE Amusement Expo Pass to Tuesday Seminars & Trade Show ($175 Value) and also includes Laser Tag Convention Trade Show.  We are working on also providing a Free Pass to the Laser Tag Convention Tuesday Seminars that would be an additional $225 Value.

Early Bird Registration for Foundations University/Amusement Expo is $395 and for you procrastinators, regular registration is $495.  Registration will soon be up on www.foundationsuniversity.com

Frank ‘the Crank’ has dozens of FREE Scholarships available.  Email [email protected] if interested.

Two Additional Foundations University 2017 Programs

May 10-12 at the FunPlex FEC in East Hanover, NJ – In conjunction with Montclair State University.  This will be the start of the Foundations ‘On-Line’ Program for college credits.

August 8-11, Chicago, IL (hotel TBD)

Attend Birthday University on Frank ‘the Crank’ in April

April 4-6, Chicago, IL.  Frank ‘ the Crank’ will be doing a special seminar on Wednesday morning, April 5 from 8:00 am – 9:00 am titled:  “Financially, What is a Family Entertainment Center All About?  How Can the Staff Be Involved and Help the FEC Make More Money?”

Frank ‘the Crank’ has several scholarships available for Birthday University.  Up to 3 people/company.  A $399 to $799 VALUE!!!  Email [email protected] if you are interested.  Go to www.birthdayuniversity.com for more info.



New Products & Technologies

Resilient Tech is developing tires that will outlast your car/truck

No more flats, no more air compressors, no more spare tires, no more auto jacks, no more tools rattling in the trunk.  Will it reduce the price of cars?  Will it reduce the cost of roadside service?  Will some businesses go out of business?

They have been testing these for several years now.
Resilient Tech was developing them for the military.

These tires are airless and are scheduled to be out on the market this August through Michelin…

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These are actual pictures taken at the South Carolina plant of Michelin.

They had a pair at the Philadelphia car show.

What this Could Mean? Just think of all of the businesses that may be put out of business or forced to develop other products:  No more air valves; no more air compressor stations at gas stations (bad for coin op business category); No more tire repair kits and air cans; no more road service for flat tires; no more spike strips to keep cars/trucks inside or outside of a parameter.

Positives:  Go karts with real old time tires may be an even bigger draw but where will the tires come from for the tire barriers?; Amusement park car and buggie rides with real tires could become even more popular; kiddie rides should not be affected; the Michelin mascot may need to be changed.

Face Place

Israel Develops New Airport Security Screening Device


What this Could Mean? When I first read about this I thought it was a joke and very well may be as I have not yet seen a device like this. The tag line on the right bottom line of the picture says ‘VIA9GAG.com’ so this is not real.  All I can tell you is that if I ever do need to go into one of these full-body scanners, I will certainly make sure that I do not have my cell phone in my pocket and will hope and pray that the device does not malfunction when I am in it.

For more information –  I do not have any. Ha Ha.


‘Flyboard Air’ – Franky Zapata breaks world record for distance traveled

‘This 5-minute video was filmed in Naples, Florida (home of Frank ‘the Crank’). Franky Zapata, riding the “Flyboard Air” recently set a world record for distance traveled of 7,388 ft.  The Flyboard has 4 small turbojet engines (used in RC model aircraft) for lift, and 2 smaller engines with one on the side for stabilization.  The backpack is really a fuel pack and not meant for flotation.  There is a remote control to regulate the vertical thrust, and the control of the craft is through the shifting of the person’s balance.  Can you imagine the military’s interest and possibilities?



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Holographic Projection Photographic Process

 This video below shows a holographic projection of a breaching whale. It is a photographic process that produces images by using the differences between 2 laser beams.

The images are projected into a gym using a special camera that combines the images to produce a realistic 3-dimensional image. There is not a drop of water in this room, let alone a whale. Watch the kids’ reactions!

What this Could Mean? This is an amazing technology that if embraced properly could be a real boon for the leisure entertainment center industry. All the ‘buzz’ is currently about VR and AR (augmented reality) but without any glasses it should be obvious that this technology could be called RVR (Real Virtual Reality).

TRR Laser-Blast Button Logo + Text in another document 1-23-16

laser blast text


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Ask Frank the Crank –  Technical Tips

Key Catcher Claw Gears – Finally Found a Source (Ray Dachik, Alpha-Omega Amusements Mid-West Regional Manager)

A few months ago, I found a surplus gears website online that had some 1’’ diameter round gears, the right size with the right # of teeth, as needed on my Key Catcher Game. At 50 cents each, I ordered 30 of them. [Note that Key Catcher is one of our top earning games but challenging as the claw motor gears break frequently and there are no parts available.

Next, I cut out a duplicate of the claw hand using some spare plexiglass scrap.  Then I attached the gear to the plexiglass using a few mini 3mm bolts and nuts.

To my surprise and relief, the pieces fit perfectly into the claw arm. So claw-wise, I think this contraption will work well for many more years as the teeth on these new gears are much stronger than the homemade ones I made with the resins in the past.

I will, of course, let you know in the next TRR- FEC if this turns out to be a great solution or wishful thinking.


What game technicians do when all of their games are working

What this could mean? Who knows, maybe someone will invent a redemption game where players can pay to design their own magnets and marbles course and then play their game to with a chance to compete against other courses and win redemption tickets.  And they can learn geometry, physics, and other mathematical skills while having a lot of fun!!



Industry Events March-May 2017

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
8-11 AAA Expo 2017 Guangzhou, China
12-13 Foundations Entertainment University at Amusement Expo Dallas, TX ➡ ATTENDING


14-16 Amusement Expo 2017 Dallas, TX ➡ ATTENDING
14-16 Laser Tag Convention Dallas, TX ➡ ATTENDING
27-29 DEAL 2017 Dubai, UAE
27-27 NCB Show 2017 Las Vegas, NV
27-30 CinemaCon 2017 Las Vegas, NV
27-30 Pizza Expo 2017 Las Vegas, NV
27-29 NCB Show 2017 Las Vegas, NV
29-31 Silicon Valley VR Expo 2017 San Jose, CA
3-4 VR Arcade Conference 2017 San Jose, CA
4-6 Birthday University Chicago, IL ➡ ATTENDING


14-15 VLRA Expo 2017 Los Angeles, CA
26-28 GAGA 2017 Chengdu, China
7-11 Roller Skating Association Show 2017 Orlando, FL
10-12 Foundations Entertainment University East Hanover, NJ ➡ ATTENDING


11-13 GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2017 Taipei, Taiwan
 11-13 US Indoor’s Annual Conference & Tradeshow  Baltimore, MD
15-18 AALARA Trade Expo & Conference 2017 Queensland, Australia
22-23 IATP Conference and Trade Show London, UK ➡ ATTENDING