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Announcing Foundations Entertainment University 2.0 Deluxe Package for 2018

2018 will be the 16th year for Foundations Entertainment University, the industry’s #1 Ranked Educational Seminar Program.  With more than 1300 graduates and more than 250 FEC’s that got their start with Foundations, the NEW Deluxe Foundations University 2.0 is for new bees, FEC industry veterans, and for service providers who want to learn how to be a part of the #3 growth industry in the U.S.

2.0 Features: More Topics, More Networking, Guest Speakers, Social Media Marketing, More ‘What Works and What Doesn’t, webinars, new interactive website ….and so much more!!!  The 2018 Foundations Schedule will be announced in October.

Foundations Entertainment University Class #43 took place August 8-12 in Chicago, IL


Face Place


Foundations Entertainment University closed out its 15th consecutive year program sessions with Class #43 that took place in Chicago August 8-10.  Total attendance registered 56 (32 attendees, 17 sponsors, 6 speakers with more than 150 years of industry experience plus Linda Beckring) which was the largest class of the year outside of the one preceding Amusement Expo in March.  20 states were represented (diversity) with 2 attendees flying across the Pond from the UK to get a college education on the family entertainment center industry in 3 days/2evenings.

Foundations was honored to have 5 very special industry association attendees:  AAMA – Pete Gustafson, Tina Schwartz and Ashley Davis who came to evaluate AAMA becoming a Foundations sponsor , AMOA Maggie Kapinos who came to learn the finer details of the family entertainment center industry, including everything you need to know about Redemption and Merchandiser games from Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky, and Barbara Peltz, Bowling Center Management Magazine.



Quotes:  All Ranking Foundations a ‘10’ on a 0-10 Scale when asked:  ‘How likely is it that you would recommend a future Foundations University to a friend or colleague?’

  • Tom Hamilton (Rush VR, London, UK) – ‘Thank you an incredibly valuable and thought provoking few days. I have re-assessed my business model and feel confident I have saved potentially TONS of money!!’
  • Yvonne Muhammad (Fun Town, Chicago, IL) – ‘Once again, I want to thank you for this class/workshop/seminar/educational series/etc. I was left speechless and
    now that I had a moment to reflect, now I have words to add to my survey
    and questions. As for my words of gratitude:The love that you have for this industry was very well demonstrated over
    the course of these 3 days. Your level of energies went unwaived. From
    beginning to the very end and we’ve had some long days; yet, your days
    were even longer.The tools that you’ve left for us is a true testament to the words that I
    Each presentation – WOW! I am overwhelmed. Thank you. A thousand
    times more thank you. You’ve placed in our hands, invaluable information
    that if we follow correctly would make it next to impossible for us to
    fail. Another testament to that fact that you want us to be successful.The bond and the respect that you have amongst your team speaks volumes.
    The wealth of wisdom, information and experience contained within each one
    of you; yet, all of you walk with great humility. I can’t wait until I
    grow up and become just like you. Don’t ever stop doing what you do.I’m stopping now because here comes the waterworks.
    Until we meet again. At my site. :)”
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  • Maggie Kapinos (AMOA Staff, Elk Grove Village, IL) taking the full Foundations course – ‘I think you have an amazing thing going. So very enlightening and educations.  Appreciated the knowledge base. Fantastic work.  Keep the breakouts (those are great).  I was one person and I wanted to attend all of them!  I’d like to see a next step—the FEU  0 you guys talked about.’
  • Dave Wilson (All Kids Play Designs, Whippany, NJ-industry veteran) – ‘Most outstanding educational seminar series in the industry – bar none!’
  • Marilyn Webber (Blane Entertainment Partners, Blane, MN) – ‘Everyone thinking about FEC/Bowling/Trampoline Park.. should take this course. The amount of knowledge (tried & true) is second to none.  It is a must!  I wanted more time at Punch Bowl Social – Foosball was so fun!!’
  • Jim Webber (Blane Entertainment Partners, Blane, MN) – ‘A great seminar to attend. You will learn a lot.
  • Attendee did not sign name – ‘Best learning and networking opportunities for newbies and experienced professionals. I am extremely happy to have the chance to learn from the best.  It was awesome.  Great learning and networking.’
  • George Green (Playground Surf, Lighthouse Point, FL) – Best seminar that I have ever attended in 35 years.  Top quality speakers that were lively and knowledgeable.  What did I like least about Foundations?  Absolutely nothing; everything was great and worth all the money spent on travel, lodging & food.  Thank you so much!!!’
  • Bill Snoberger (US Bowling, Chino, CA-industry veteran) – ‘I think any potential entrepreneur should attend. One can never be educated enough.  Listening is key.  I think you nailed all factors of importance.




Birthday University – a Major Success in August 23-24 Atlanta, GA

This final session for 2018 was the largest with 58 attending the BU Program and 29 also attending the Maximizing Profits 1-D session on August 22.  15 States and Canada were represented.  15 Sponsors were also in attendance lending their support and their expertise.





Department of Justice Announces End to ‘Operation Choke Point’ Program

Hats off to AMOA (and Emily Dunn, Chair of AMOA Government Relation Committee) and our industry’s lobbyist Dentons for their fabulous advocacy efforts in playing a huge role in the coalition against Operation Choke Point. The Department of Justice (D.O.J.) officially announced that it is ending to Operation Choke Point. AMOA reported, “Earlier last week, a letter was sent by U.S. Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-03), along with House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05), House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA-06), and Judiciary Subcommittee Chairmen Tom Marino (PA-10) and Darrell Issa (CA-49), to multiple federal agencies encouraging them to end the program.”  Then the DOJ announced, “All of the department’s bank investigations conducted as part of Operation Chokepoint are now over, the initiative is no longer in effect, and it will not be undertaken again.”

AMOA and its members are now calling upon bank regulators, across the country, to heed the D.O.J.’s guidance and work with legitimate cash businesses to ensure access to banking services.



For further information contact AMOA Executive VP Lori Schneider at [email protected]

What this Could Mean?  It took 18 months of hard work to bring this overreach program and its devastating effects to small businesses that handle coins/cash as a normal part of their business transactions to the attention of those people who make/change the laws.  For the time being all is well in coin-op land but let’s not take our eyes off the road.  It costs money for banks to handle cash and many made it clear that they will use any loophole or overreach to end this practice.  Let’s face it, the country is heading to cashless.  There is even talk of eliminating the $100, $50, and perhaps even the $20 bill.  My believe is that this would cause mayhem in the economy as perhaps 1/3rd of the money transactions in the US involve cash.  Perhaps the push to cashless will take some more time, but even today, for our industry, most of our customers carry very little cash. That additional steps to go and find an ATM machine, get cash, and then go find one of our bill changers or kiosks to get coins, tokens, or a debit card is a lot of wasted time and energy.  Paying with your cell phone is much easier and looks like the way almost all transactions out of home will take place in the very near future.  Is our industry ready?


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AAMA Fair Play Pledge Will Begin Enforcement September 2018

AAMA has released its 4-page Fair Play Pledge (FFP) whereby all AMOA members will pledge that all games they manufacturer, distribute, sell directly or operate in the U.S. ‘allows a fair chance of winning with every game played.’

The criteria:

  • An opportunity exists that allows for players to win by the application of skill such that the player will have sufficient time to identify, recognize and react with every game play.
  • A player can improve with practice and experience.
  • The player’s input controls the outcome of the game.

What this Could Mean? Note that TRR is making the assumption that the FFP applies to redemption and merchandiser games and not video games. We could be in error here as the FFP does say ‘all games’].  This is a good step for our industry as it puts the responsibility on the manufacturers and distributors, and the manufacturers and distributors that operate to produce games that comply with the FFP.  To date, TRR has not come across any official comments from AMOA, or any of their member game operators, many of whom are not AAMA members.  Perhaps this will be forthcoming as there is still more than one year before the FFP begins AAMA enforcement. Besides potential issues with the binding results of the independent testing laboratory and the appeal process, TRR questions what is currently being done with the so called ‘inventory of FPP non-compliant games’?  Are they being sold to game operators who do not yet know if the game is non-compliant or are they being sold outside of the U.S?  Hummm???




New Jersey Passes Law Permitting Bowling Alleys with a Liquor License with 16 Lanes or More to Have 40 or More Licensed Redemption & Merchandise Games (A621/S-2328)

First came the Dave & Busters new regulation that permitted locations that had a liquor license and a minimum of 20,000 sq. ft. to have a minimum of 100 licensed redemption and merchandisers.  Second came the uproar from bowling centers that had a liquor license and lanes but did not have space or need for a minimum of 100 games…

And now on July 21, 2018 Governor Christie signs this new law that includes more locations.

An Act permitting bowling alleys, including alleys licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, to conduct amusement games and supplementing P.L.1959, c.108 (C.5:8-78 et seq.).

Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

  1. The operator of a bowling alley 1located anywhere in this State1, including a bowling alley for which a plenary retail consumption license as defined in R.S.33:1-12 has been issued 1, whose premises include no less than 16 United States Bowling Congress (USBS) sanctioned bowling lanes and no less than 40 amusement games,1 shall be eligible to be issued for that premises an amusement game license 1[,]1 pursuant to P.L.1959, c.109 (C.5:8-100 et seq.), provided that 1[the premises includes at least 10 United States Bowling Congress (USBC) sanctioned bowling lanes, at least 40 amusement games, and meets]1 all other requirements for licensure to conduct amusement games 1are met1.
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1In any bowling alley that has been issued an amusement game license: not more than 50 percent of the amusement games shall be games that allow a player to attempt to win merchandise by manipulating a mechanical claw or crane; and a redemption center at which players may exchange tickets they have won for prizes shall be open at all times that the facility is open to the public.1




Perspectives – An Amazing Video We Should All See


The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living
by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman





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A&A Global Special ‘Bland Bags & Boxes’

Kara Kokoruda <[email protected]>

“With the ongoing popularity of blind bags and boxes, we now offer a larger variety of these merchandiser kits for our customers,” said Kara Kokoruda, crane division manager. “Each of these kits have several characters in the assortment promoting repeat plays and collectability.”

A&A Global offers 150+ crane and merchandiser kits. A&A Global Industries is expanding their high-end redemption products section.  “Our product line has evolved based on market demand,” said Redemption Manager Barb Suter. “With our newly designed website, it’s our goal to provide our customers with the very best user experience in the industry, as well as the very best products.”

For more information, visit the e-commerce website


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Sureshot Redemption Has New and Trendy Items

Jennifer Young <[email protected]>

At Sureshot, we like to add new items all throughout the year to keep things fresh, trendy and appealing to everyone. We strive to have a good mix of licensed, novelty items, generic toys and high end electronic and gift items for teens and adults. See our full line of products and our current catalog at



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HMS Monaco Has Great Retail Plush Closeouts for September 2017

Steve Schulman <[email protected]>



Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.


All Kids Play/Cheer Amusement – manufacturers of quality, high capacity/high throughput and reasonably priced softplay/toddler, ninja warrior courses, trampoline jump pads, trampoline attractions, climbing walls, and ropes courses…

Dave Wilson [email protected] CELL 973-769-2083.


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FetchRev is ‘bringing in more business’ for Dallas Karting Complex and Shenaniganz!!!

Just some of the many examples.

“The quality of customers I’m bringing in with FetchRev are noticeably better than those I get from daily deal sites, and the ‘Buy Now’ button in the offers is a game-changer.” Kevin, Owner DALLAS KARTING COMPLEX

“FetchRev is a must-have partner for any bowling-based entertainment center or bowling alley. They are a ‘point & go’ hands-off marketing platform that increases online sales, birthday party bookings, reviews and more. The best part is that, unlike a lot of marketing, it provides measurable results, is affordable, and the ROI is incredible.”  Parker Coddington PARTNER SHENANIGANZ

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Industry Events September-November 2017

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’ Attending/Speaking
8-11 AMOA Mid-Year Board Meeting Destin, FL ➡ ATTENDING
13-15 GTI Asia China Expo 2017 Guangzhou, China
13-14 Future Of Immersive Leisure 2017 Las Vegas, NV
19-21 IATP 5th Annual Conference & Trade Show  Palm Springs, CA ➡ ATTENDING
24-28 EAS 2017 Berlin, Germany
2-6 AAMA Annual Meeting & Gala Northbrook, IL ➡ ATTENDING
3-5 G2E 2017 Las Vegas, NV
16-19 WWA Show 2017 West Palm Beach, FL
20-22 China Shanghai Attractions Expo 2017 Shanghai, China
28-29 AMOA On the Road Education Program Denver, CO
13-17 IAAPA Expo 2017 Orlando, FL  ➡ ATTENDING & EXHIBITING