As reported by RePlay, “A card redemption game from Bandai Namco Amusement, the NFLPA-licensed Red Zone Rush, was officially released at Bowl Expo [June 26-27, 2019].”

“It’s simple: Choose your NFL player, get your timing right and push the button. Your player will push forward through dozens of mini footballs on a rotating playfield. It’s a 4-player game, so you might have a few opponents on the gridiron.

“If you push the ball into the end zone, you win. Score with a lettered ball? Win immediate ticket value. Spell “TOUCHDOWN” and you win a “super bonus.” Then there’s a “CARD” ball where players can win a collectible trading card.

“The NFL Players Association license is a big deal for us, giving guests the opportunity to collect cards with the top stars of the NFL,” said Steve Ignarski, national sales manager.

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James Anderson and Steve Ignarski of Bandai Namco Amusement at Bowl Expo with their latest game, Red Zone Rush.

What this could mean? This 4 Player card collecting game offers a lot of challenges. TRR-FEC will begin testing Red Zone Rush in October. We are already determining which middle of the floor game(s) will need to be rotated out in order to create the space.  

At Bowl Expo, I was looking to get the Aaron Rogers card (he was the featured speaker) but still enjoyed getting a JJ Watts card. Collecting card sets are gaining popularity and certainly adds another dimension to redemption games in particular. The concept is also being tried with video games but the special cards are issued on a random basis, so not that exciting as to encourage repeat play. However, the way to make this a winning concept for the video is to require a player to unlock a special skill task to get a special card dispensed. Oh, and then that game would fall into the videmption category.

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