The largest bowling products company in the world, QubicaAMF Worldwide, has announced the launch of EDGE String – the simple way to offer bowling.

As reported by Global Amusements & Play, “The EDGE String is the next generation of string pinspotter technology, packaging revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinspotter that makes it possible for any center to deliver the fun of bowling, with peace of mind and at a very low operating cost. The simple and robust design means any member of staff can operate it. Operation is made even easier with the innovative Tech Wizard App, which proactively notifies and guides staff.

“With EDGE String in your center, you will be blown away with how easy and low cost delivering the fun of bowling can be,” says Neil Pennington, Director, Performance Equipment for QubicaAMF.  “In about an hour your staff will learn to use EDGE String and they will receive guidance from Tech Wizard, making operation even easier.”

“One of the first EDGE String Pinspotter installations belongs to Darrin Skinner, Owner of Lake Wylie Bowl N’ Bounce near Charlotte, North Carolina. He shared that while bowling represented just 30% of his revenue, over 50% of his facility maintenance cost was from his old pinspotters and a source of personal frustration. Darrin is now happy to share that replacing his old pinspotters with EDGE String has given him peace of mind, and transformed a major source of heartburn, his pinspotters, into something that is no longer an issue.

“I am now saving around $45,000 per year in spare parts and labor across 16 lanes,” shares Darrin Skinner. “That equates to $2,800 per lane [savings] per year, and our former room full of spare parts has now been reduced to one small shelf.”

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“New investors installing bowling into their entertainment center or boutique concept can benefit from EDGE String’s easy to use design and authentic experience that their customers will love,” says Wendy Smith, Director Business Development for QubicaAMF.

What this could mean? At Bowl Expo I attended the QubicaAMF New Product seminar and learned several additional things about EDGE String: a) 24 volts DC is the low voltage; b) all service and adjustments are made from the rear; c) There are only 3 adjustments; d) Only 4 simple tools are needed; e) It is one year before 1st service is recommended; f) pin bushing eliminates string tangles; g) bowlers cannot see strings, even during pin reset cycles due to black strings and black background.

For years our game technicians have easily been servicing our Highway 66 Mini Bowling and even QubicaAMF string pin regulation bowling pin spotters. Now QubicaAMF has made it so simple, that our game technicians will most likely never be asked to repair the EDGE String pin spotters as they are way overqualified!!!!