Original Centipede

It took 3 companies working together (Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills/ICE) to bring ‘Centipede Chaos’ to market. Many of us in the industry and the general public fondly remember the 1980’s Atari classic ‘Centipede’.

As reported in InterGame, “Centipede Chaos [with many new flashy features] is a three-player video redemption game where players have to blast their way through 10 waves of insects to take on wasp, firefly and beetle bosses before facing a Mega Spider Boss. Scatter, shock, blaster and beam power-ups assist players throughout the game.

The cabinet boasts a huge 75-inch display with a LED-lit marquee above it, while three mushroom-shaped seats employ a rumble feature. Controls are via over-sized, ball-top joysticks and single fire buttons.

Centipede Chaos’s high entertainment value makes it a viable choice to be operated in many types of street locations without a ticket-dispenser for amusement-only purposes.

Here is a link to a video of Centipede Chaos

What this could mean? Once again, we have had the opportunity to test ‘Centipede Chaos’ and will soon be releasing the June 2019 game rankings in The Redemption & FEC Report.  ‘Centipede Chaos’ placed in the Top 20 for Redemption Games with revenues (WE 6-7-19 $486 at 23% point payout) slightly above top games Willy Crash, Fishbowl Frenzy, Down the Clown, and Ice Man. This shows that this new game is not a fluke and may very well be one of those long-term excellent games that week to week have good revenue generation plus have the capacity to draw crowds due to name recognition and flash appearance. We commend the 3 great companies for bringing this game to market and especially for making it a 3-player, so it is a special FEC piece and can generate more money during peak days/weeks due to its higher throughput.