Emily Dunn is New AMOA President

Emily Dunn (Tom’s Amusement Co. Marietta GA) with Immediate Past President Jim Marsh (Hart Novelty Bellingham WA) Emily Dunn officially became the 2019-2020 President of AMOA at the close of the Amusement Expo International Las Vegas on March 28, 2019.  Jim Marsh...

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Amusement Exceeds all Projections – Best in a Decade

TouchTunes CEO Ross Honey shows off his company’s Fusion Music System, which received one of two Innovator Awards this year from AMOA. As reported by RePlay, “The growth of Amusement Expo International, which concluded its 2019 go-round March 28, was a surprise to no...

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Slither.Io By Raw Thrills Hits the Market

The hit title Slither.io video redemption game is ready to the arcade and FEC market. Created by independent Lowtech Studios. Slither.io comes with a 55” display and three player positions in a compact cabinet to maximize revenue and location appeal. As reported by...

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Virtuix’s 1st Omni VR Arena Earns $10,000+ In 10 Days

The first VR ARENA eSports system has been installed at Pinballz, a family entertainment center in Austin, Texas. The news comes from Omni VR treadmill developer Virtuix, the creator/developer of “VR ARENA” eSports attraction with Funovation, an industry leader in...

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