Another Myth About Redemption Games – Myth #4 Can Be Dispelled

In the February 1996 issue of Fun Extra (IALEI) we “dispelled” the first 3 myths of redemption. These ‘myths’ are still being ‘concocted’ by those with ‘evil’ agendas and ‘cast’ about the FEC industry.  FEC owners let themselves be put under these horrible ‘spells’...

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The 3 Myths of Redemption Games. Nothing Lasts Forever.

Redemption games are a very important part of any FEC and should be earning a significant portion of the total revenues in some cases as much as 70-75% of total game revenues.  If your redemption games are not one of your highest sources of revenue, perhaps you are...

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Analysis of the Latest Amusement Industry Trends and Events

We both really liked the Amusement Expo 2016. Amusement Industry seminars at Amusement Expo 2016 were well attended.  Perhaps Aristotle’s view on education has hit home:  ‘Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are to the dead.’ That pretty...

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Going Ape Over Go ‘N Bananas Family Fun Center

Residents of Lancaster, Pa., are going bananas over Go 'N Bananas Family Fun Park. The jungle-themed, 22,000 square-foot indoor facility introduces guests to a large purple ape named Nano. He and his family of eight live on the isolated island of Ke-Laah, far removed...

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Lazy Springs an Outdoor Recreation Park on Steroids

Three-year-old Lazy Springs Recreational Park is just the opposite of lazy. It is more like a small amusement park on steroids. Its core financial model ($20 per capita with less than a five percent labor cost) and attractions operational philosophy are completely...

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