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Cranes: How to Maximize Game Play and Revenues

The win percentage should be based on the business philosophy of fair play. CRANES AND MERCHANDISERS currently make up, on average, 20% of total game revenues in the family entertainment center industry. (Redemption accounts for 65% and video/novelty 15%). But cranes...

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Trends Report: The Good and the Bad

By Scott Borowsky and Frank Seninsky As we now enter the fourth quarter of 2018,  it has been a good year overall for our industry and our outlook for the rest of the year looks positive. Here are some of the trends, both good and bad, that we have witnessed over...

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What’s Hot…And What’s Not –– Part Five

Bowling Centers and Bowl Expo – Trends & Takeaways By Frank Seninsky - President/CEO Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM) & Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales There was a lot to learn by attending the Bowl Expo. Bowling Centers are taking a leading...

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Reality Check

A comprehensive look at today's virtual reality attractions and their revenue-generating potential for the future. By Frank 'The Crank' Seninsky THE BUZZ AT International Bowl Expo 2018 was about ways to increase the bottom line through a combina­tion of reducing...

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What’s Hot…And What’s Not –– Part Four

The Buzz of Virtual Reality and the Fun Center/LBE Business After attending the Amusement Expo earlier this year, it was very apparent that this industry has a keen interest in all things VR. Half the seminars were on the subject and drew a solid number of attendees....

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What’s possible with feasibility studies?

[Frank's original draft is included below.] WHAT IS A FEASIBILITY STUDY? Feasibility is a funny word, often quite misunderstood.  The definition according to the Business Directory (www.businessdictionary.com/definition/feasibility-study.html): “An analysis and...

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