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Fine Tuning Your Arcade Game Room

Following three basic concepts of arcade game room layout and design can give your customers the best-perceived value and maximize your profits.  In a well-balanced game room, coin-operated games contribute the largest share of revenue per square foot of the entire...

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The Optimum Times To Switch Out Games & Attractions

Determining when to switch out or upgrade games and/or family entertainment center attractions, and then actually following through, can have a great positive effect on the both the short term and long term profitability of your bowling anchored facility. Ignoring...

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Foundations Entertainment University Enters 14th Year

Those in the entertainment center industry who want to check out Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) and their schedule for 2016. Entering its 14th year, FEU has scheduled three class dates with plenty of new techniques, plans and networking opportunities...

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Maximizing Game Room Revenue – Part 1

In the many classes I teach on family entertainment center design and game and attractions layout, clear direction is given on the reasons why following a dozen critical steps always translates into making more money. Yet, time and time again, I see game rooms in...

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Relationship Marketing – an Old Model is Now New Again

Relationship marketing builds a loyal customer base, through personal greeting cards and gifts. It is widely accepted in the business world that it is easier and far less costly to retain your current customer base than it is to go out and get new ones. Simple...

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