As reported by RePlay, “The creator of the Chaos Jump VR platform – Minority Media – has teamed up with their Latin American distributor Gaming Partners and a fun center in Mexico to launch Arena Open, a nationwide gaming tournament reported to be the first of its kind in the region to feature virtual reality eSports competition.

Called Arena (, the host venues are located in Cinemex theater locations in six Mexico cities (with 13 total locations).

“We are proud to be selected by Gaming Partners and Arena for this incredibly successful initiative,” said Michael Zaidan, VP of business development and global sales for Minority Media. “Players are entering and learning to play with our Chaos Jump game and will then battle it out in our Reclaim! Game, which is more competitive and involves the kind of strategy needed for esports.”

In the first four weeks of initial play, which began in August, more than 2,000 players had already registered. About 10,000 are now expected before the conclusion of the Arena Open tournament, which goes through Nov. 9.

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What this could mean?

FCDN has been covering Minority Media and their Chaos Jump VR and watching it expand in Mexico as well as the US. With the previously reported 2000 players registered (I do not know how many are registered currently) for the Arena Open Tournament finals next month, this is quite an accomplishment.  Yes, players are practicing and that is the main draw for the 12 Cinemex Theater locations.

Playing VR attractions at out of home leisure entertainment centers is good but also having an eSports component combined is an added dimension that makes VR attractions an even better investment.


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