Dave & Busters is unique in that it is sometimes the first to introduce and promote new amusement games to our industry. The way it has worked in the past is Dave & Busters places a huge order with a game manufacturer to get exclusivity for 90-days for the first 130 something games made. Then they let the public know this game can be played at D&B, sometimes even for free. By the time that same game is available to game operators/FEC’s that own their own games, players already know about the game or have previously played the game and seek it out and it is a win-win for all. This is great for the industry but it should be noted that D&B is taking a huge risk by launching a new game title, as the game could be a ‘dud’.

As reported by Arcade Heroes, “They [D&B] tend to do so at the beginning of the year; last year was when we saw Tomb Raider Arcade. Thanks to a photo posted on Reddit, we now have an idea of what is coming to Dave & Busters next, but we don’t know much more than that as Dave & Busters does not comment on titles that have not been officially announced. There is no information on where this image came from either, but it does look legitimate. Here’s the photo and a tiny bit more information:”

“While we have no idea what this will entail, who is making it, how soon it will appear, etc., there is a mobile (iOS/Android) app of the same name that you can download right now. This promo has a focus on Captain Marvel however, so perhaps she’ll be headlining it. As Captain Marvel is a comic book fighter, everyone will assume that this could be just like the game Injustice, but without confirmation or details, all we can do is wait and see.”

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What this could mean? Word on the ‘street’ is these games have been seen at D&B, but of course, it is still unconfirmed.  If true, the rollout has been done in relative secrecy and this could indicate that perhaps the past 90-Day exclusivity period may much longer but for reasons unknown at this time. As an operator, my instincts tell me that I should not count on being able to purchase this game at a price that I will be happy with but will probably have a choice of paying ‘more’.  This is a ‘sign of the times’ as prices are increasing all around us.  Hey, whoever said running a business would be easy or even fair?

Below is a link to a trailer of the mobile version with highlights of some of that version’s features: