Developed in collaboration with Alterface, Madgix has announced the worldwide launch of its new interactive Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit.

As reported by Global Amusements & Play, “Designed to transform existing non-interactive screens and spaces into vibrant play and gaming arenas, the hardware is compact and easy to implement. The Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit introduces a new level of interaction to cinemas and attraction venues. It will be shown at the yearly South by SouthWest (SXWX) Festival, which gathers all creative professionals in film, music and interactivity from March 8th to 17th Austin, Texas. The Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit will also be demonstrated at CinemaCon in Las Vegas (April 1-4) and at CAE (same dates) in Bejing, China.”

Madgix uses a smart camera-based wireless detection technology (developed by Alterface called NOMAD – New Optimized Mobile Action Device) that simply plugs into the existing hardware/software of any 4D projection and motion systems without screen modifications. The Madgix kit easily handles a large number of shooting players at the same time with wireless shooting & pointing technology that allows operators to identify their players by linking gun ID with loyalty cards and/or bonus systems.

Thibaut De Lestré, Managing Director of MADGIX explains: “For the first time a multi-user interaction kit is available as an open architecture. The Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit contains parallel independent hardware for playback and shooting detection, designed for seamless integration within existing 4D theatres and cinemas. We offer a flexible licensing system that packages the game license together with the wireless interactive devices, allowing for a broader variety in games and theming. We are very excited about the great potential this new solution offers to the various markets.”

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In addition to its performance, the shooting system is also the most versatile solution currently available. The laser impacts can be detected on any type of surface: projection screen, front and rear, scenery, LED screens, fog screens, physical props, basically any surface that can be seen by a camera with no restriction on motion and location of the players.

Benoit Cornet, Founder & President of Madgix:  “We are thrilled to launch the Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit as it opens such a world of new opportunities for cinema and attraction venue owners. Content, format and gameplay can be adjusted to fit their infrastructure and audiences. It’s fun and engaging, representing the ultimate preshow tool to get the audience attention. Proven installations demonstrate a high throughput with short shows packed with excitement. As interactivity raises emotion levels, it is also ideally suited for brand activation and commercial messages. The future lies in interactive non-linear storytelling-based games and movies, so the Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit is the perfect solution to bring interactivity to everyone, everywhere.”

What this could mean?  The Madgix kit will be quickly tested by movie theaters, an out-of-home leisure entertainment category that could use this new technology to attract players to a really great sensual environment that the movie theaters already have.  I live in Naples Florida and travel throughout the state, often visiting movie theaters during off-peak hours. These venues are primed to take advantage of several new technologies, including VR, AR, Mixed Reality, eSports, VR Escape Rooms, and on and on. FECs can also take advantage of all of these new technologies, including the Madgix ScreenPLAY Kit.