As reported by AmusementRC, “Following the success of its debut location in Orlando, FL, Nomadic today announced plans to open a brand new location-based VR entertainment center in Las Vegas, NV. The new location will be located in the 200,000 square foot AREA51 complex. Nomadic’s installation will take up 6,000 square feet with two full play-spaces.

“Out of all the location-based VR experiences we have tried over the years, Nomadic’s Arizona Sunshine VR game ranks very highly on the list. The immersive environment, reactive props, and sheer quality of the production values put it right alongside premium experiences like The Void without question.

“Nomadic is creating a new medium of immersive entertainment. Bringing this to market with a partner like AREA15, which is committed to achieving that same high level of innovation and entertainment as us, is a perfect match for us,” said Nomadic founder Doug Griffin. “To be paired with other ground-breaking activations is exactly why we chose Las Vegas as our next location and we know the residents and guests of this city will enjoy getting lost in these incredible adventures.”

“It’s unclear what experiences will be available at the Las Vegas location, but since it is planned to open later this year we won’t have to wait too long to find out. Fingers crossed for more zombie-killing fun with Arizona Sunshine Contagion Z.

About Nomadic – Make Believers (San Rafael, CA)

The Nomadic team brings decades of experience from leading film, gaming, and retail brands. Their specialties include game development and animation, motion tracking technology, physical design and manufacturing, retail operations, and strategy.

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CEO Doug Griffin – Doug has a wide range of M&E technology and business expertise. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s launched multiple successful start-ups resulting in exits to Disney and Apple. He focuses on product and company strategy, business development and technical development. His patents in motion tracking have been used in innovative products for the professional market. His work at ILM, Disney, and EA can be enjoyed in some of the largest grossing projects in history, including Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Need For Speed, and Madden.

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What this could mean?  Check out the short video and you will see that Nomadic has something special. Some of the experiences are just like an escape room but without the physical room and of course with much more reality and virtual challenges. I get what Nomadic means when they say ‘great storytelling’.