As reported by Laserforce, “Laserforce, the manufacturer of high-quality commercial laser tag systems has again broken its own record by providing another IAAPA Award-winning Laserforce Gen 8 system to a location [Laser Zone] in Mainz, Germany.

Laserforce Gen 8 Infinity was the system of choice for LaserZone owner Steffan Appel who has roots tracing back as a large paintball distributor in the region.

LaserZone is an empire of fun with multiple locations across Germany, and we’re proud to be a part of their success. The experienced LaserZone team built their brand from a literal basement which eventually led to the first Frankfurt location. LaserZone, which is powered by Laserforce Gen8, prides itself in its exciting, dynamic and sophisticated laser tag arenas.

In addition to the new location, Appel decided to upgrade their Frankfurt location, as one of their larger arenas featuring up to 55 laser tag players at once to a Laserforce Gen 8 system. Laserforce provides hundreds of game scenarios and a unique feature known as continuous play which improves the throughput of players by 20%, which leads to an obvious positive impact on ROI.

The LaserZone team was excited to announce the Gen8 system would be launching with the opening of their Mainz location. “A great reason for players to call LaserZone Mainz their home for fun.” According to Appel. Featuring multiple languages and what is considered to be the most photogenic laser tag system on the market, Laserforce was an easy decision.

With seven locations across Germany and attractions ranging from mini-golf, bowling to escape rooms and Laserforce laser tag, LaserZone continues to offer high-quality fun to the region. We’re excited to welcome them to our family of successful operators around the world.

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About Laserforce

Laserforce has been operating, developing and manufacturing laser tag equipment since 1988. They are a trusted name in the laser tag industry and a global leader in the industry with over 350 sites operating in Australia, America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

For additional information regarding Laserforce and their state of the art, technology visit their website at

What this could mean? Laserforce’s Gen 8 Infinity System going into two of the LazerZone’s facilities is a big deal and adds to the more than 350 Laserforce’s in operation worldwide. I have covered Laserforce over the past ten years and witnessed first hand their many new innovations for the laser tag industry.  They have played a huge role in how laser tag has morphed and changed, making it the #1 attraction for FEC’s when it comes to my annual revenue vs cost ratio,  where laser tag usually comes up at 2:1 or sometimes even 3:1, where the benchmark for measuring attractions is closer to 1:1. Note that this benchmark does not apply to some of the expensive anchor attractions that cost a lot more and take up a lot more space.

We can all thank leading companies like Laserforce for providing our out-of-home (OOH) leisure entertainment industry with a multi-player revenue-generating attraction (24 vests or more) that one cannot do at home!!!!