As reported in RePlay, “The hit VR attraction from LAI Games, Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, recently hit 500 sales, according to the company. The [500th] unit was sold to Pizza Ranch in Casper, Wyoming. It’s the second Virtual Rabbids install at a Fun Zone Arcade for the regional restaurant chain.

Lon Lack (General Manager) and Suzy Lack (Fun Zone Manager) for the Casper Pizza Ranch location

“After the success we experienced with Virtual Rabbids in our Billings, Montana location – earning $50,000 in 10 weeks, adding one to our Casper location was really a no-brainer,” said Tim Mazzafero, director of operations for multiple Pizza Ranch franchises. “It’s a great experience for our guests and really sets us apart.”

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What this could mean? 500 units in so short a time is a great accomplishment. I was actually hoping to somehow order the 500th Virtual Rabbids but my shipment order got delayed and should go out today and with the original 3 software titles.

On another note, I just left the Bowl Expo this morning and wanted to experience the new 3 Virtual Rabbids software experiences but did not get that opportunity so I have nothing new to report.  I did get to discuss with LAI the best way to test the 3 new titles to be able to accurately compare revenues versus the original 3 software titles. My take is you need to test the new software titles in a local FEC where the Rabbids revenues have shown a steep decline and then track revenues to see the initial spike in revenues and then for how long the higher revenue trend lasts. If there is another way, please let me know.

The Redemption FEC Report has been tracking Virtual Rabbids revenues and its top Rankings (#1 video game on the planet) since we received the original prototype game. Over this time period (the May/June Report will be out next week) I do not see any trend showing a drop off in revenue, but note that these reports are from a very high trafficked location with lots of repeat customers as well as new ones.

The situation is a little different for FEC’s that are supported by only local customers.  It makes sense that over time, the same players would tire and await new software titles. However, I do not see that occurring as a noticeable trend.  Here I admit I do not have enough data such as all of the 500 Virtual Rabbids revenues to put into one tracking program, so it is up to you Virtual Rabbids owners out there to let me know how each of your Virtual Rabbids is doing from week to week since set up.  Please email me at [email protected] and any quotes you would also like me to compile about Rabbids.

The Redemption & Family Entertainment Center Report – October 2018 Section 1

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