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Here’s the Ticket!

The Top Redemption, Merchandiser, Video, & Novelty lists and spreadsheets are put together from games owned and operated by Alpha-Omega Amusements.  The data is reported and verified by Alpha-Omega’s staff and clients, confirming its accuracy.
The purpose of the Lists and Spreadsheets is to see where your current games place or rank, divide the game revenues to determine the ratio to your game revenues and see where new games may rank in your facility.  The rankings will also help you decide which games to double up on and pick out trends to stay on top of your “game”.

December Observations:

  • Ticket Ring Jumbo 45” Rank #1 is by far the Top-Earning Game
  • Treasure Dome 4 Pl (UNIS) continues to be the biggest new surprise Ranking #2 
  • Power Roll is a great game and is showing consistent Top 10 Revenues
  • Virtual Rabbids Ranked #8 overall and is the #1 video game
  • Storm – You should note rank #17 is overall, and I believe it ranked #2 in video.
  • There are 2 Merchandisers (includes plush, cards, tokens, or ticket awards) rank in the Overall Top 10.  This shows that players want to win more than just a single prize from a crane or points from a redemption game. COLLECTING IS NOW KING


Hottest New Games – Thumbs Up

The AEM/Alpha Teams Gives a Thumbs Up to the following New Test Games and Old Work Horses (Must Have’s) based on their revenues during the months of January/February 2019

  • Ticket Ring Jumbo 45” at #1 and a cost of less than $5,000 is a ‘no brainer’.
  • Connect 4 Hoops stays in the Top 12 for all 2019. My take is that this game will be a Work Horse for years to come!!! Another ‘no-brainer’ if you have the ceiling height.
  • Treasure Dome 4 Pl is a special game that all FEC’s should take note of.
  • Virtual Rabbids 2 Pl remains at Rank #5. Virtual Rabbids is still by far the best video game on the Planet. (See YouTube Video featuring Malcolm Steinberg, Chairman LAI). Virtual Rabbids now has 3 new software games.
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AdviceIf you are considering buying a new game and you have waited 12 months to make a decision (and you do not have a lot of space) and you do not have a Ticket Ring Jumbo 45”, you should label yourself as a ‘Primo/Prima Procrastinator’.  If you are waiting to get one at a low ‘used’ price, you may have to wait another 100 months as I do not see any sane person trading one in any time soon!!!

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