IAAPA, the global attractions industry association, is now accepting award entries and nominations for its 4 major annual awards categories:  Brass Ring, Service, Hall of Fame and Young Professional of the Year.

As reported by RePlay, “The Brass Ring Awards recognize FECs, amusement parks, waterparks and many more.  Deadlines for each of the categories are August 2 (except for the Young Professional Award – get those in by July 15).  Learn more about them here on the IAAPA website.”

Click here to submit an entry for the Brass Ring Awards; here for the Service Awards; here for the Hall of Fame Awards; and here for the Young Professional of the Year Award.

The awards will be presented at the IAAPA Expo, held in Orlando this November 2019.  More information is available at www.iaapa.org.

What this could mean? IAAPA does a great job at collecting entries and nominations for these 4 major award categories.  The FEC industry, like me, look forward to learning who the nominations for the Brass Ring Awards are and get an opportunity to make sure we get to see these products/services at IAAPA and go visit the top FEC nominees and the winners. Winning a Brass Ring is a big deal!  Each industry organization (AMOA, AAMA, BPAA, WWA, …) has their own special awards for different categories and they are all important. Just know that it takes a lot of work (time and money) to do this professionally and more important, fairly. Thank you IAAPA.

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