Hologate’s Blitz is the latest product from the virtual reality company, [was debuted] at IAAPA Expo Europe Paris and will be fully revealed at the Orlando IAAPA trade show in November 2019.

As reported by RePlay, “Following the Hologate Arena, the Blitz is a premium motion simulator platform that’s “fully optimized from the ground up to be the gateway to a new VR experience,” the company says. It’s a 2- to 8-player game – a flying and racing platform that allows players to immerse themselves in worlds filled with fire-breathing dragons, epic space battles, futuristic racers and more.

About Hologate Arena

Creative Works is partnered with Hologate from Germany to bring this virtual reality attraction exclusively to North America. Hologate Arena brings advanced graphic technology and immersion with a small footprint that will fit just about anywhere. This high-end turnkey system is easy to operate and perfectly complements laser tag, bowling, trampolines, or any other anchor attraction.

To learn more visit www.hologate.com.

What this could mean?  I attended the AAMA Gala Preview presentation by Creative Works last week in Chicago and learned a little bit about ‘Blitz’, the Hologate VR Tower (can add a 2nd level Hologate VR on top to make use of free space), and the three new software experiences that are in development (Holoslam, Captain Cook, & Das Boot) that will be added to the current 7 in Hologate VR library.

It is reported that there are currently 200 Hologate VR units in operation with 2,000,000 plays. I wanted to do the math and see if this makes sense. I always do this as this is how my brain operates.

Assumptions: These figures are pretty close to one full year.  Operators have reported average revenues of $2000/week or $100,000/year.  Averages are just averages. It takes highs and lows to create an average.

2,000,000 plays / 200 units = 10,000 average plays/unit

To gross $100,000 per year the average price/play would need to be $10.

This seems reasonable for a stand-alone attraction, but perhaps a little high for an FEC that must discount average price/play to attract repeat play packages and remain within the average per capita spending range.

Creative Works has done a great job of getting Hologate VR out there in a very short time period. Hologate Germany has done a great job of creating new games to the library and continues to add to that content.  Both companies are to be congratulated.


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