GRIP on to MORE OF YOUR CASH! – Realize Your Game Revenue Potential

Alpha-Omega Amusements and AEM have been maximizing game revenues consistently for the past 45 years within our own revenue-share operations and for our consulting clients. (We have the highest revenue/game average in the U.S.)
Now you can join this exclusive group that have highest average weekly game revenues!

“We are in the trenches every day servicing and maintaining thousands of games. THIS IS WHAT WE DO! We’ve got an efficient operating model and we call it the GRIP.”

— Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky



» Get the most efficient games layout
» Get the proper game mix and number for your space
» Get the specific formula to properly program each game
» Get a quarterly game rotation plan that keeps customers coming back
» Get training for your technicians
» Get a marketing program to drive revenues
» Get a redemption prize center that excites


» Avoid costly game buying mistakes
» Close loopholes to reduce theft of inventory and cash
» Manage game assets to prevent excessive loss of value
» Reduce labor costs for operation and game maintenance with service tips
» Instantly reduce costs associated with purchasing parts and board repairs
» Minimize downtime
» Efficiently manage games technician’s and General Manager’s workload


We know the challenges that face every games operation to maximize profits. Know which games to trade-in, which ones to buy, and how to preserve the asset value of your portfolio. Get a GRIP to help you overcome these challenges!
The Alpha/AEM Team can manage your games like your financial expert manages your financial portfolio for a great return. For a small monthly fee, you get a Team of hands-on-experts to assist you with the daily technical aspects of your operation, a weekly collections report analysis (Collection Worksheet, Collection Summary Report, Crane Reports), ongoing marketing program ideas and birthday party/group package analysis. We can even help make your technicians job easier and more rewarding by assisting him directly with just a phone call to our technical experts. By anticipating issues that affect game revenue and implementing programs to lessen their impact, you can maximize your potential earnings in just a few months.

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Here is what MUBIG (Multi-Unit Bowling Information Group) member Glenn Gable thinks about his GRIP…

“I was really impressed by AEM’s GRIP. Two weeks into the program our game revenues increased by 15% and after two months we were up by almost 25%. With just 4 months remaining, my ‘Solon Team’ (GM, part time game tech, collection/redemption prize center supervisor are on the same page and fully trained. For the first time in our history the theft loop has been closed and all cash, tokens, tickets, front desk tokens, birthday party tokens and redemption prizes are all accounted for on a weekly basis. That alone has saved us more than $15,000 in the past 9 months. GRIP is one of the best value programs in the industry. The strong revenue winter season is approaching and there is little doubt that Solon’s game revenues will be up over 50% by March 31, 2016, upon our 1st GRIP anniversary. We are not letting ‘the Crank’ go!” He weekly fee is easily covered by just the revenues from our Ticket Crane that Frank has taught our Team how to operate. The Ticket Crane has consistently been our #2 game and I bought it from Frank reconditioned for under $1000. It earns that much money every month!!!”

— Glenn Gable, Managing Partner, Game Entertainment Management and Owner, Freeway Lanes of Solon, Solon, OH

Even General Managers like GRIP…

“Frank Seninsky and his AEM/Alpha management and technical staff are available to us 20/7/365.  Each week Frank personally reviews all seven of our reports that he created for Solon and provides us with his operational analysis including games that are not in line with his strict programming guidelines. His mentoring and coaching has helped make my job less stressful. I am now more organized, more efficient, and a happier general manager.”

–Heather Spear, General Manager, Solon Freeway Lanes, Solon, OH

Contact Frank directly [email protected] to get your FREE analysis*

  • estimate your potential annual game revenue and operating cost savings
  • this is a FREE educational service with no obligation on your end
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* The ‘Crank’ is unselfishly interested and internally motivated to helping leisure entertainment center owners/general managers (like you) bring more money to their bottom line! That is what a cartoon character does.