“Funovation is proud to announce the achievement of a company milestone: an industry leader in developing small footprint attractions, Funovation, has now installed its attractions in 30 different countries as of May 2019.”  There are now more than 400 Funovation attractions in operation.

The latest installation of the Laser Maze Challenge in Mallorca, Spain at Katmandu Park

With a lineup of the Laser Maze Challenge and RAID and the addition of [Virturix] Omniverse VR Arena, their portfolio of attractions offers excitement to the family entertainment industry all around the globe while always reminding the world to play.

“It’s so rewarding to see our products bring smiles to players all around the world,” says Funovation CTO, John Bonvallet; “It just goes to show that laughter and fun are universal.” The longevity of the attractions is impressive, too; “In the family entertainment world constantly seeing overturn on attractions, Funovation’s offerings have proven their unique staying power in the industry.

Since it opened its doors in 2007, Funovation has installed attractions in countries all over the world – most recently adding Katmandu Park in Mallorca, Spain.

The very first commercial Laser Maze Challenge was installed in California in 2008!

We have attractions in the market that are over 10 years old, still making large amounts of money for our operators,” says Ryan Borton, Funovation CEO. Of the 456 attractions, Funovation has installed to date, an impressive 80% are still in operation.

For more information about Funovation Laser Maze Challenge locations, go to www.funovation.com/where.

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What this could mean? Market penetration is always a critical measure of a company’s success, but installing more than 400 Laser Maze Challenges in 30 countries in 11 years is quite impressive. I decided to purchase a Laser Maze Challenge and operate it on a revenue-share basis with an expanded entertainment center. It is quite easy to find 120 sq. ft. located at the edge of the Game Zone and in view of the Redemption Prize Center.  Note that the Laser Maze Challenge does not require an attendant.

After going through the installation process with Ryan Borton CEO and learning about all of the different challenges and difficulty level settings there are, all I can say is: “Laser Maze Challenge is one of my top considerations when choosing a small footprint, high throughput, reasonably priced attraction that I believe will generate long term high revenue/sq.-ft. Laser Maze Challenge is now a part of every one of my birthday party/group packages with the exception of the Arcade Only Party.

Funovation is a Gold Elite Sponsor of Foundations Entertainment University.