Those in the entertainment center industry who want to check out Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) and their schedule for 2016. Entering its 14th year, FEU has scheduled three class dates with plenty of new techniques, plans and networking opportunities included.

Foundations Entertainment University – Family Entertainment Center Focused Education Program Looks to New Strategies & Markets

Foundations Entertainment University is a three-day intensive and intimate educational workshop focused on covering all aspects of market feasibility, planning, design, development, marketing and managing a location-based entertainment business. FEU will host three different classes during 2016, the first in Chicago from June 14-16, the second in Atlanta from August 22-23 and the final class in Phoenix from October 18-20. These classes offer the normal benefits of trade events and educational seminars, condensed into an intimate, accelerated setting that has been proven effective.

Foundations Entertainment University

Foundations #37’s class picture: In the front row are presenters Jerry Merola, Frank Price, Frank Seninsky, Kevin Williams and Randy White.

Foundations Entertainment University

Presenter Frank Seninksy of Amusement Entertainment Management, and Jerry Johnston, AMOA President, during
the one-on-one sessions. Jerry is planning to provide 30
games to a FEC in Oregon that will be redemption anchored
using the Prize Hub from BayTek. Frank is reviewing the
game mix and best layout for Jerry showing him how these
games can gross $250,000 per year or higher depending on
how they are programmed and marketed.

“This year we have more sponsors than we’ve ever had before, plus more associations and more people are talking about us,” said Foundations presenter (and program co-founder), Frank Seninsky. “We feel more needed than ever, and that’s exciting. Everyone goes to trade shows, and that’s great networking, but you certainly can’t get the same perspective doing that as coming to Foundations. In our program, attendees are learning from seven people with 250 years of combined experience in the industry.”

He continued, “When someone is skeptical about the program, I tell them to go to our website. We have over 1,100 graduates that have opened up over 250 different FECs and entertainment centers.

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This year, Foundations Entertainment University organizers expect that food will be a big focus. There has been rising interest in the workshop from the restaurant and leisure markets, as well as an increased focus on FECs providing high-quality food that drives customer interest and repeat attendance. Seninsky said there has also been more interest from bowling centers, water parks and casinos, which encourages FEU organizers to up their social media outreach and potentially reach a wider audience.

“We want to do more one-on-ones with people. We’re introducing 12 half- hour seminars for one of the days, so attendees will be able to choose what they want to learn about,” said Seninsky. “After three days, people get a great sense about this business which can also raise red flags and help them avoid big problems.”

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