When is a game more than a game? When that game is Fortnite.  Fortnite has been dubbed “the most important (consumer) video game of the past decade and may continue through the 2020’s” (Business Insider)

Fortnite is completely free to play but its revenue exceeds 2 billion dollars! How is this possible?  Easy, Fortnite invites players to purchase “add-ons”, such as V-Bucks or Founder Packs that unlock limited loot or new characters.

Transcending the industry, Twitch and Fortnite star, Tyler Blevins, was the first e-Sports player on the cover of ESPN Magazine.

What does this mean for the FEC industry?

We must take e-Sports seriously and try to cash-in on this growing market. When it is becoming harder and harder to get people off their couches and phones, e-Sport competitions are hosting thousands of players and guests.

For locations that have space, or locations in design theory, it is time to think about adding an e-Sports venue.

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