As reported in RePlay, “The 2019 Golden Tee World Championship, to be held June 21-23 at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, will have an even bigger audience come August, as event organizers have teamed with ESPN on a television special. A 30-minute program showcasing the weekend’s most impactful moments will be aired on the sports network, including the crowning of a new Golden Tee champion in the game’s 30th anniversary year.”

Incredible Technologies Golden Tee Golf celebrates its 30th Anniversary with its World Championship event to be showcased on ESPN

“The [World Championship] event will feature 74 of the best video golfers in the world, and will be live-streamed on the Golden Tee Facebook page, and YouTube and Twitch channels. But the joint venture with ESPN will surely bring new eyeballs to the tournament and video games in general.

“We pride ourselves as one of the original eSports, and our collaboration with ESPN speaks volumes to the longevity and competitive nature of our game that has been the driving force for decades,” said Don Pesceone, Vice President of Amusements with game maker Incredible Technologies.

“We believe the expanded audience through ESPN will enjoy a gaming experience unlike any they have ever seen,” added Adam Kramer, Golden Tee’s project director.

More information on the championship and the product itself is available at

What this could mean? Adam Kramer pretty much stated how much more exposure our industry will receive when the ESPN audience watches the highlights of the Golden Tee World Championships and sees the winner being crowned. E-sports will soon be taking over the sports world and perhaps ESPN’s coverage will showcase our industry as not only playing a major role in the history of e-Sports but encourage players and fans to follow the out-of-home leisure entertainment industry as that is where the new e-Sports technologies are being introduced. Hopefully, more and more FEC’s and industry sectors will be installing e-Sports attractions, including VR attractions. We are the place where the casual player will start with e-Sports, have fun, and practice, practice, practice.

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