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Transforming the business of fun since 2007, Embed, a worldwide leader of cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, has recently partnered with Player One Amusement Group (“PlAG”) to operate the Energi Game Center [with] Baytek’s PrizeHub at Maya Cinemas in Fresno, California.

Embed’s self-service em One kiosk enables staff to spend their time focused on guests, and with 25 award­ winning smartTOUCH swipe readers installed at Energi Game Center, customers visiting the cinema can expect to receive a seamless guest experience. Embed’s integrated business platform allows business owners to achieve greater operational efficiency while reducing costs and increasing their profitability. In addition, Embed has integrated PRIZES software with Baytek’s Prize Hub- a sleek modem approach to the prize redemption market.

“PlAG has partnered with Embed for over 200 installations and we are pleased to continue working with a company who shares our commitment to providing exceptional gaming, amusement and entertainment experiences to operators and their guests,” said John Kolliniatis, Vice President and General Manager, PlAG.

“We are completely focused on providing tailored solutions to help our customers drive more profits for their business by increasing their revenue, reducing their costs and achieving their business goals. Our ‘customer first’ approach focuses on solutions that enable the optimum guest experience and it’s the driver behind our development efforts because when the customer thrives the operators thrives1” said Renee Welsh, [Embed’s] CEO Solutions Group.

About Embed:

Embed is a worldwide leader of cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries. Designed to deliver a superior guest experience, the platform is a complete integrated cashless solution for business owners to maximize revenue and operational efficiency while reducing costs.

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With Embed’s platform, a business (single or multi-location) has real-time visibility and control across the entire operation from guest party-planning and bookings via mobile to integrated point-of-sales, including bundles and upsell packages, a full range of games management, real-time prize inventory, game card kiosks and so much more. All integrated and accessible via mobile. With over 7,000 customers and more than 3,000 installations around the world, Embed is equipped and ready to empower FEC businesses with direct sales, services and support anytime, anywhere.

For more information, please visit www.embedcard.com.

About Player One Amusement Group:

Player One Amusement Group, a division of Cineplex, employs over 550 people in 25 offices throughout Canada and the United States. One of North America’s leading providers of interactive video, redemption, amusement gaming and vending equipment, it specializes in solution servicing and design for a wide range of customers in the theatrical exhibition vertical as well as community-based entertainment destinations such as bowling centers, restaurants, arcades, shopping centers and water parks. To learn more visit WinWithPlAG.com.

What this could mean?

The key take-a-way here is that a movie theater is using a revenue-share game operator to operate a small number of games [my guess is around a dozen or slightly more] using EMBED and its em One Kiosk along with a fully integrated BayTek Prize Hub. This is a big win for all of the companies involved, including redemption game manufacturers and prize suppliers plus a seamless experience for the customers. Note that I am not commenting on the profitability for each of the parties as none of this information is known to me, but assuming that the location is high-trafficked and the games are placed in a good location for customers to play both before they see the movie and then again after  they see the movie, this  model works well.