Belgium’s Elaut, the major cranes, pushers and ticket redemption producer, is to move its US subsidiaries into one consolidated headquarters in Florida, it was announced exclusively to InterGame this week.

As reported, “The company’s three American subsidiaries will, this summer, move into a 72,000 sq. ft. facility at Lakeworth, Florida, a short distance from its current Florida home for subsidiary Benchmark Games.”

The other two Elaut companies, Coast to Coast Enterprises and Elaut USA, are moving from Lakewood, New Jersey, into the new factory building. Group CEO Eric Verstraeten told InterGame: “We were coming to the end of our lease in New Jersey and it made sense to us to consolidate all of our North American interests into one unit. Lakeworth is an ideal position for its communications facilities such as airports. We will be adding more sales, service and production staff at the new factory.”

Benchmark Games, currently at Hypoluxo, Florida, will have the shortest distance to relocate.

The move will take place this summer, said Verstraeten, who was keen to emphasize that the consolidation would not change the characteristics of the three individual companies.

“Their DNA will not change. This move was a very logical one for us; it was difficult to control three separate entities from across the Atlantic. This is much more logical for us.”

To learn more about Elaut, below check out the YouTube Interview with Eric Verstraeten (Elaut CEO) that is still the #1 most viewed on the Frank Seninsky YouTube Channel.

What this could mean? Every company has to find ways to reduce operating costs and become more efficient, so the consolidation of the 3 Elaut US companies makes business sense. My companies, the Alpha Group, are all headquartered in East Brunswick, NJ and I live in Naples Florida. Our NJ employees often traveled the short distance to Elaut USA and Coast to Coast and I often stoped off at Benchmark on my visits to my parents who lived in Lakeworth. There are many special friendships that have been developed over the years. I am looking forward to meeting Eric in Lakeworth this summer to see and tour the new Facility, meet several of the new employees, raise a glass to the future success of Elaut, and of course, get a glimpse of some new game ideas. As with any long-distance move, some of the staff are not able to make the move from NJ to FL; the same occurred when IAAPA moved its headquarters from Washington DC to Orlando.


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