As reported by Arcade Heroes, “Universal Space has released a video [trailer] for a new ride-sharing themed driving game called Crazy Ride.

“The game sees players picking up various passengers on a brightly-colored city map and delivering them to their destination before the timer runs out. Several vehicles and drivers [player can custom] are available to choose from, which the player can use to hit ramps and use nitro boosts to achieve ‘big air’.

A 43-inch monitor features on the cabinet that has a motion platform and a built-in fan that blows air at players as they drive. Interestingly, the dashboard of the cabinet has a 7-inch touch-screen ‘satnav’, which further lends an Uber-feel to the gameplay. Up to eight players can compete together in online [competition] play.

There’s has been no official announcement of the game on UNIS’ website, so the features and gameplay could well change in due course, but the game looks to be in the latter stages of development. The IAAPA Expo in November will no doubt reveal more.”

UNIS Bandit Express

What this could mean?  UNIS is flexing its muscles and should be proud as it seems the company is coming out with top-earning games for each of our industry’s several category sectors – Treasure Dome & Lane Master to name two that I have covered. A ride-sharing competitive driving game is a unique idea, giving the player a chance to be an Uber or Lift driver. For sure the Alpha Team will be looking to play this game at IAAPA but perhaps we will get to see Crazy Ride at next weeks AAMA Gala Preview Evening.

I am looking forward to seeing how up to 8 players can compete online, how much time it takes for all players to get ready, get set, Go!

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