Cinemark Holdings, one of the world’s largest motion picture companies has announced that a new futuristic multi-sensory VR attraction experience from SPACES is coming to Century 20 Oakridge and XD Theater in San Jose CA at the Westfield Oakridge Shopping Center.

This newest SPACES location raises the bar with the latest VR technology that blends the XD effect and includes face scanning, all aimed to increase player physical interaction and the social experience.

“Cinemark is constantly innovating and providing new experiences for our guests; we love taking entertainment and moviegoing to the next level,” said Mark Zoradi, Cinemark’s CEO. “Cinemark is excited to partner with SPACES to provide our Bay area guests with a fun, immersive, mixed-reality adventure.”

Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality 2As reported by Global Amusements & Play – ‘Thrill-seekers can gear up and join the resistance in the fight against Skynet in a heart-pounding, untethered, adventure that takes place in the Terminator universe. The first Cinemark SPACES experience will be “Fight for the Future” based on “Terminator Salvation.” Upon entering Cinemark SPACES, guests will register and scan their faces using SPACES’ unique, proprietary face scanning technology. Fans will then be immersed in a free-roam, virtual reality battle with up to four people in a group.’

‘Transforming locations into digital playgrounds, SPACES invites guests to engage their senses through virtual reality, haptic feedback and environmental effects that guests can reach out and touch. The moment they take off their headsets, guests will immediately receive a cinematic video of their experience that they can take home and share on social media.’

“At SPACES, we say ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything,’ where guests are the stars of the experiences,” said Shiraz Akmal, SPACES CEO. “We provide consumers an incredible, virtual reality adventure where they can suit up and escape with their friends. Guests depart from SPACES and are transported into the action. We especially love that our experiences are meant to be shared; people repeat the experiences with friends and family again and again.”

What this could mean? The movie industry and the amusement game industry have been tracking the others sector gross revenues for decades. Both industries sometimes feed off each other and together give the leisure out-of-home guest a better experience.  Here is a great example of a leading movie theater company testing the waters with a leading VR company. The result is hopefully that more people with leave their home cocoons more frequently and spend their hard-earned leisure dollars in movie theaters (with amusement games), virtual reality attractions, family entertainment centers (with amusement games & VR), bowling centers (with amusement games & VR), sports parks, ….  Well, I think you get the big positive picture! – Frank ‘the Crank’


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