SegaCapcom has announced a four-player LBVR title based on its hugely popular Resident Evil games series.

As reported by InterGame, “Biohazard ‘Valiant Raid’ (Biohazard being the title by which the franchise is known in Japan) is set to feature in the VR-X section of the Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro Store in Tokyo, Japan, due to open on July 19.

“A four-player co-operative action/horror game, Valiant Raid is the second Resident Evil VR title that Capcom has released, following the home release of Resident Evil 7 on Playstation VR. However, there is no word on whether this new LBVR game is an arcade exclusive.

The title will only be available in this one location, to begin with, but given the massive popularity of the franchise, it is likely that the game will enjoy a worldwide release if the numbers support it.

Biohazard Valiant Raid features an original story, starring Umbrella Special Forces sent to a laboratory building to investigate a contaminated facility. Capcom promises a “whirlpool of chaos.”

What this could mean? We will have to wait until next week to hear from friends in Tokyo more about Valiant Raid but you can expect the lines to be long. Capcom is a well-known name in the amusement game industry with us old-timers. Capcom was founded in 1979 and formally known as Capsule Computing. We well remember some of their great titles:  Street Fighter series, Marvel vs Capcom, Mega Man, and yes, Resident Evil. There has long been a theory that Japanese companies wait their turn to be at the top then go into hibernation and then wake up and again rise to the top.  Perhaps our new generations will get the opportunity to know Capcom as a household name as they know SEGA and Namco. Theory or no theory, the VR sector marches forward.

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